My IA student is H1N1 positive...

Monday, July 13, 2009 Posted by YY on 6:24 PM

Sometimes I don't understand people.

I don't know why my IA student is in the office despite having a sore throat, cough and flu symptoms. The next thing I know is that he has got a fever of 38.3 degrees and he's IN OFFICE! So our OPS I/C came along with a N95 mask on her face, and one mask for the student and escorted him out of the office building. This took place on Thurs.

Fast forward to Sunday night, I smsed the student and asked how is he and he said no one called him and he's feeling ok. He told me that the clinic said IF NO ONE CALLED HIM, it means HE'S NEGATIVE for H1N1. Ok fine, so he came back to office on Monday, thinking he's gonna be fine.

Fuck! Then came this phonecall from the clinic saying that his test results are out and he's POSITIVE for H1N1. *@&#*@^#*&@^#@&*^#&@%^!@$!%$@!%$
So now, the people who had first level of contact with him are all under home quarantine for 7 days. Well done.

But you know what's the most stupid thing here? The h1n1 test takes 2 days to show if one is h1n1 positive and my student was only given 1 day mc(for friday) which means he's not covered for monday. I don't blame him for coming to work, if you were a student whose lifeline depended on your IA grades, you wouldn't want to mess up too.

So the 5 of us were gathered and given N95 masks, disinfected with a spray before we got escorted out of the office building. I am amazed that the cab stopped and took us back home *touched*

For now, home quarantine for 7 days..

I want to go for my Japan trip and I think I hate IA students.


Comment by Anonymous on 11:19 PM

Shiok can sleep for 7 day & watch japan hour.... How I wish I got IA student.. hahaha

Comment by Anonymous on 12:42 PM

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