Hooked @ Railway Mall

Friday, June 06, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:38 PM comments (0)

Went to try out this restaurant that K has always wanted to - Hooked @ Railway Mall after a MJ session.

If you ask me, no I wasn't hooked. The prices were simply too high for a seafood meal, but I do agree that the food has got interesting flavours.

K ordered this baked oyster which he said was yummy.

My drink: Malibu Sunset , no mention of alcohol in it but in most online recipes, there's coconut rum used. I suspected there was alcohol after my heart started feeling funny, yea I don't drink partly due to this. Malibu sunset tastes great!

Our dinner was lover's set which came with a poached fish, prawns with cheese, scallops with cheese and calamari. This set alone is $39.90 omg~ In terms of taste, its pretty interesting for the poached fish to go with lemon grass; for prawns/scallops to go with cheese is quite common but Hooked does it pretty well.

My overall rating for Hooked - Doubt I will be back here anytime soon given the price.