Convocation of Computer Engineering 2006

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Today is convocation day meaning wear the rectangular hat day.

Woke up at 7+, changed, put on some powder and changed into my long sleeve shirt and skirt..double checked everything and off we went to Anti U.

It seems to be getting late at 8.15am and i decided to wear my gown in the car >.>
The hat was IRRITATING, 6.5 size was the smallest..and its too small by like 1" for my head zzzz

So my dad started pinning everything on me so it wont fall off/slip off....NEXT thing, the stupid black court shoes...why was it stupid..or maybe i was stupid to buy it in the first place -_-'
It gave my blisters after i started walking around with it..and i LOOKED LIKE A DUCK waddling around.

At ard 10am, finally ceremony started and........

Bibi off the lights, its time to when i get back

kk i m finally back frm trip..update on tt later..

Nothing much abt the ceremony itself, except that there was one guy whose hat fell off on stage...he was doing the balancing act with the hat all the way..lmao and another was the loudest applause..i was falling asleep when suddenly i heard CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP~ ! I woke up and saw..hmm was this guy so popular tt he got so much appaluse???? No it wasnt..he was the LAST guy to be on stage..everyone was so happy they clapped loudly.. -_-''

Post the pics in photo blog later....

Boss stuff again~

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From one of the dua liap here:

"I see quite a fair bit of the team members strolling in past 9.00 am but these same folks are going for long lunches and will leave no later than 6.30 or 7.00 "

LOL, no thats not referring to me..i go for lunch till 1.20pm but i come in at 8.40am and leave at 6 to 6.10pm -_-''

Quiz as demanded by boonie tt i do it too...

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7 things I plan to do before I die:
1. See all my family and frens
2. Be with bibi
3. Eat some good food
4. Go on a tour if can
5. Draw up my will
6. Find a new gf for bibi
7. Wear nice nice

7 things I can do:
1. Do ASP programming
2. Take pics of nice kitties
3. Feed kitties
4. Chat on msn
5. Play maple
6. Roller blade
7. Ice skate

7 things I cannot do:
1. Stay at home and rot
2. Speak to strangers naturally
3. Go jogging
4. Run marathon
5. Play tennis
6. Go shopping now
7. Start tour now

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Humour
2. Filial-ness
3. Smell *I associate some pple with smell like perfume*
4. How he treats me
5. Masculine *i dun like males with a hint of sissy-ness*
6. Pampers me
7. Must be a male la

7 things that I say most often:
1. Eh?
2. wtf
3. lol
4. bah
5. meow
6. kitties
7. damn

7 celebrity crushes: -Nil-

7 people I want to do this: Apparently i cant think of who -.-''

Favourite colour(s): Orange, cream, pink, beige-brown
Favourite food: Durian, mango, rambutan, satay, in food.
Favorite song(s): None at the moment except some dance/techno pop
Favourite movie: Forrest Gump / Da Vinci Code
Favourite sport: Ice skating
Favourite day of the week: Fridays!
Favourite season: Winter and Summer. Summer got sales..winter got snow.
Favourite ice-cream: Peppermint and MANGO

Current mood: happy cos i m gg on leave tmr
Current taste: Nuttin?
Current clothes: Dress and Jacket
Current toenail: Plain
Current time: 1.46pm
Current surroundings: My office
Current annoyances: Lotsa outstanding issues and i have no MOOD to look at them
Current thoughts: I want to lvl my character!

First best friends: i forgot them..=.=i think someone in cantonment road child care
First crush: forgot too -.-
First movie: zzz forgot too
First lie: lost in my brain..cant recall

Last cigarette: no smoking here
Last drink (alcohol): Dun drink tooLast crush: Hmm...secret :X
Last movie: Pirates of the Carribean
Last phone call: Called bibi to wake up
Last CD played: Mp3..

Have you ever dated your best friend(s): Nope
Have you ever broken the law: Nope Have you ever been arrested: Nope
Have you ever skinny dipped: Nope~
Have you ever been on TV: Eh yah audience at GOTCHA/ Pyramid Games
Have you ever kissed someone you don't know: Noppy

5 things you are wearing: Jacket, dress, shoes, under garments x2

4 things you've done today: Chat on msn, call travel agency, submitted my time sheet, fixed RT errors, did some use case updates

3 things you can hear right now: Mp3, someone chatting, the RAIN

1 thing you do when you're bored: SLEEP -.-

SMART system : 赛里死

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Today is the last day of work, no i m not handing in any white envelope, but tmr onwards to 6th Aug i m going on leave *YAY*

Why this title on SMART system... because the project i m working in, pronounce after me: 赛 -里 - 死... Its SHITTY, and we are stuck in this deep shit, doomed forever..This project is overtime, and they are adding NEW stuff to the WORKING code every week..

And boy, the development programming tool is sooo SMART. Whenever we are in a rush to test something, change something, compile something.. IT JAMS and runs out of short this damn tool always knows when to chao keng and act sick when we need it..

Now tt's S M A R T systems for you :)

I m with a BUNCH of idiots!

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Si bey DL at work now...I wonder why Company Irritant No.1 (CI1) cannot coordinate his brains and hands properly to make sure EVERYTHING is done properly before making it accessible for everyone. I wonder why CI2 keep having old errors popping up in her code..

You irritating pieces of SHIT!

I dun really care if YOU IRRITANTS read this anot k.. i m totally PISSED OFF by this fucked up environment..i think i am getting high blood soon frm this crap * no cute kitties to calm me down*

Wasting my OT time yesterday, fiak u ..i did my stuff overtime despite my throbbing headache -_-'

If u feel i am not very friendly towards you as my collegue, yes u HAVE STEPPED on my TAIL!

Damn u irritating pcs of shit, damn the land mine (this proj is a land mine), damn u biatches and bastards laughing in the little small meeting rooms, damn u bloody boss tt sends silly emails to everyone, damn u stupid bloody idiot for installing ba gua jing on me..

Meeting OLD frens twice in a row

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Logs on to friendster to approve a fren, suddenly i receive a msg in my inbox...It read: "Hey rem me? I m RX frm your JJC orientation class" Oh yes of course i rem i added him into msn..and i got another classmate's msn, TM, frm him..
On msn,
RX : "Is your bf MJ??"
Me : "No la..not him"

Saturday midnite..sat down after ordering prata..looks across the tables..There i see a familiar face..O tt's my JJC angel, KY (angel mortal game..he was my angel)..Went over and talked abit...
KY : "Which one is ur bf? He pointed to the table i was sitted at"
Me : "Oh its tt one in blue lor"
KY : "Eh y is it not MJ??"
Me : "No la..its not la -.-"

=.= whats with this MJ being my bf...he wont be..cos its a missed chance on his part
* i bet he doesnt know till now XD* .

If u are mentioned in the above post and u wanna know more, just msn me LOL.

YY the sacrificial lamb

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This afternoon I was supposed to treat my relatives to dim sum at crystal jade restaurant for graduation celebration when everything possible screwed up and the can of wormies reopened -_-

OK here's backgrd information:
Batch A: 15 relatives incl. me
Batch B: The not-so-welcomed 5 pple + 2 neutral pple
No. of tables booked:2 *it was assumed tt one table housed 10 pple..apparently its not the case here*

11:30am : Arrived at Uncle B hse, met granny and abit here and dere
12.30pm : Uncle B came home. He congratulated me and said: " YY, u know ar..~ Some things is when u say it, means u say it..if u nv, u must deny. And then ar..when treat people ar..must be open..dun be secretive and do funny things like xxx !" I could see he was getting worked up again becos of xxx..I nod my head in agreement and said yah today i treating dim sum..cos dinner i wont be able to afford as yet XD

Sidetrack :

Can A of worms : xxx's daughter was getting married..and she didnt invite ME and all cousins to her customary wedding..and mind u we share the same surname..we aint distant cousins u know~ And well as well as her engagement, no "children" were invited ..only adults :@ U may say our dear cousin x might have had a tight budget all along and due to blah blah blah reasons, she's unable to invite we cousins..but hey..for crying out loud, her husband to be is a PILOT -.-
Wtf? We are same batch can she do this to us =.=

Can B of worms : xxx's other daughter just graduated..strange to hear dere's no news of any dinner treats..and when uncle B drove my granny to xxx's hse..he discovered xxx was having a buffet celebration at his hse to celebrate his daughter's graduation. And I thought i was xxx's daughter's best cousin..i wasn't invite..none of the relatives was invited..nobody knew..until Uncle B drove my granny dere..yah my granny was invited only >.>

Now back to track...

1:00 pm : Arrived in restaurant..and shocked! How come we only have 1 table and my mum screwed the booking details up...Apparently she tot that 2 tables booked = can accomodate 20pple min..but one table = 8 pple in crystal we only had 16 seats but 22 pple coming..
O shit~ But they can't really be bothered abt the missing seats as the not-so-welcomed xxx's family is supposed to sit there..

They simply conveniently assumed they aint coming....*i forgot to confirm the no. of pple as it was a last min thingy, my bad*

So i sat down in our 15 pple table and started to feast on the dim sum while we eyed our neighbouring tables nervously in hope they will mai dan (get the bill) soon...

1.15pm : Finally the couple at the next table left, and the table was supposed to accomodate the extra 7 pple ..Uncle B who forgot to lock his car door came back frm the carpark, and he was seatless...he is to squeeze with the not-so-welcomed pple *oops*

So while Uncle B was darting around the restaurant restlessly, the waitress got the table ready.
Uncle B's wife then said: " YY , y dun u move over to the next table and let my husband sit down here?"

O great, now i am being sacrifice as LAMB to sit in the unwanted table..I had nuttin to say except "MMMAAARRRREeeee~! (in short mare = ok)

1.30pm: xxx and family came, and the 2 neutral's 2 daughters(it excl. the cousin who didnt invite us to her wedding) tapped my shoulder and said..:"Hey later the bill we 3 spilt, cos I haven treat them for graduation and my 1st sis say she hasnt treat them for a long time"

Me : " nid la.."
Cousin : "Nah..later u one person pay very chor(chor means expensive)"
Me : "Wont la, it wont exceed 500 bucks one"
Cousin : "Nvm la , we split 3 k?"
Me : " ...."

Lunch went past with the waitress's slow movement...soon bill time came...cousin showed her credit card..

Uncle B turned over : " Hey, have u all paid? Ur dad wants to pay"
Me : "Yah, now the bill become 3 person pay......"
Uncle B: " HUH? i dun understand...."
Me: *explains what cousins proposed above abt treating them and splitting bill*

After all's settled, the bill was $120 x 3 for a 22pple dim sum session..I could have paid it myself. -.-

Uncle B came over and said to cousin," YY wanted to treat relatives on her own..y u wanna chap ji ka and kpo??"

Cousin *impatiently waves her arms* : "Aiyah, u eat full liao got so much to talk eh, got free treat for you to eat then you eat la...." Turns and leaves

Me : -.-

Cousin/family of xxx if you are reading may feel we are biased or smth..but my feelings are based on what i heard and partly cant really blame us(relatives) for the eh...hostile attitude.

If you feel there's injustice, please feel free to msn me though -.-

Is she referring to me??

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An email from BOSS to ALL:

"Also to add on on the use of msn and web surfing. Please keep it to a minimum if it is not work-related.

Your understanding and adherence appreciated."

Opps..was that directed to me for surfing all the maple forums, and blogging in office hrs =.=

Strange things tt pple claim

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Its strange how a guy who "stalked" me ard in JC but nv had the courage to come up to talk to me...when i asked him on ICQ *later on after donkey yrs he added me on icq duno get no. frm who* , he said he scared i wld be angry if he came to talk to me o.0

I wonder what goes on in his mind...and then now he starts talkin to me again via msn *abt 2 yrs frm we talked on icq* , he says he thinks i m a nice person and he wld get along very well with me..

Wtf? I dun even recognise him on the streets *frankly speakin i nv noticed him in JC* ...and he says smth like he knows me so darn well... -_-'' crap

*Reminded of CK incident* This is another stalker story ..shant elaborate here ;p

ok the KITTIES pics...they are missing till now..suspect tt some guy brought them home and robbed us of our only entertainment in office

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It was a fine sunny morning, bibi called me at 6.35am to wake me up for work, thank u bibi~
Got everything done on time, walked to bus stop..then~ wtf 7.30am and the darn 506 is not here yet....

Finally it seats..fine~ Then the driver jammed his brakes causing all of us to fall fwd, cant he decide whether to chiong or brake...idiot! Finally i sat down..took a short nap..and to my horror when i alighted the bus 38 had just left the berth..this 506 driver is not only a indecisive one, but also irritatingly late in arrival..and he keeps using his horn cars *with hazard lights on* in his path. The female driver is much much better, arrives early and drives smoothly..who says females dun drive well


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The 3 adorable kitties are confirmed to be missing..saddening..

This morning when i went to feed them, mama cat was meowing anxiously..before i tore the food packaging..she nearly leaped on me @.@

After finishing 90% of it >.>, she started meowing in a different tone..i guess she was calling for the kitties to come out..but no one responded..

I think they are gone..haven seen them up till now..who kidnapped my cutie pies?!