YY the sacrificial lamb

Sunday, July 16, 2006 Posted by YY on 5:28 PM

This afternoon I was supposed to treat my relatives to dim sum at crystal jade restaurant for graduation celebration when everything possible screwed up and the can of wormies reopened -_-

OK here's backgrd information:
Batch A: 15 relatives incl. me
Batch B: The not-so-welcomed 5 pple + 2 neutral pple
No. of tables booked:2 *it was assumed tt one table housed 10 pple..apparently its not the case here*

11:30am : Arrived at Uncle B hse, met granny and aunt..chat abit here and dere
12.30pm : Uncle B came home. He congratulated me and said: " YY, u know ar..~ Some things is when u say it, means u say it..if u nv, u must deny. And then ar..when treat people ar..must be open..dun be secretive and do funny things like xxx !" I could see he was getting worked up again becos of xxx..I nod my head in agreement and said yah today i treating dim sum..cos dinner i wont be able to afford as yet XD

Sidetrack :

Can A of worms : xxx's daughter was getting married..and she didnt invite ME and all cousins to her customary wedding..and mind u we share the same surname..we aint distant cousins u know~ And well as well as her engagement, no "children" were invited ..only adults :@ U may say our dear cousin x might have had a tight budget all along and due to blah blah blah reasons, she's unable to invite we cousins..but hey..for crying out loud, her husband to be is a PILOT -.-
Wtf? We are same batch cousins..how can she do this to us =.=

Can B of worms : xxx's other daughter just graduated..strange to hear dere's no news of any dinner treats..and when uncle B drove my granny to xxx's hse..he discovered xxx was having a buffet celebration at his hse to celebrate his daughter's graduation. And I thought i was xxx's daughter's best cousin..i wasn't invite..none of the relatives was invited..nobody knew..until Uncle B drove my granny dere..yah my granny was invited only >.>

Now back to track...

1:00 pm : Arrived in restaurant..and shocked! How come we only have 1 table and my mum screwed the booking details up...Apparently she tot that 2 tables booked = can accomodate 20pple min..but one table = 8 pple in crystal jade..so we only had 16 seats but 22 pple coming..
O shit~ But they can't really be bothered abt the missing seats as the not-so-welcomed xxx's family is supposed to sit there..

They simply conveniently assumed they aint coming....*i forgot to confirm the no. of pple as it was a last min thingy, my bad*

So i sat down in our 15 pple table and started to feast on the dim sum while we eyed our neighbouring tables nervously in hope they will mai dan (get the bill) soon...

1.15pm : Finally the couple at the next table left, and the table was supposed to accomodate the extra 7 pple ..Uncle B who forgot to lock his car door came back frm the carpark, and he was seatless...he is to squeeze with the not-so-welcomed pple *oops*

So while Uncle B was darting around the restaurant restlessly, the waitress got the table ready.
Uncle B's wife then said: " YY , y dun u move over to the next table and let my husband sit down here?"

O great, now i am being sacrifice as LAMB to sit in the unwanted table..I had nuttin to say except "MMMAAARRRREeeee~! (in short mare = ok)

1.30pm: xxx and family came, and the 2 neutral pple..xxx's 2 daughters(it excl. the cousin who didnt invite us to her wedding) tapped my shoulder and said..:"Hey later the bill we 3 spilt, cos I haven treat them for graduation and my 1st sis say she hasnt treat them for a long time"

Me : "Eh...no nid la.."
Cousin : "Nah..later u one person pay very chor(chor means expensive)"
Me : "Wont la, it wont exceed 500 bucks one"
Cousin : "Nvm la , we split 3 k?"
Me : " ...."

Lunch went past with the waitress's slow movement...soon bill time came...cousin showed her credit card..

Uncle B turned over : " Hey, have u all paid? Ur dad wants to pay"
Me : "Yah, now the bill become 3 person pay......"
Uncle B: " HUH? i dun understand...."
Me: *explains what cousins proposed above abt treating them and splitting bill*

After all's settled, the bill was $120 x 3 for a 22pple dim sum session..I could have paid it myself. -.-

Uncle B came over and said to cousin," YY wanted to treat relatives on her own..y u wanna chap ji ka and kpo??"

Cousin *impatiently waves her arms* : "Aiyah, u eat full liao got so much to talk eh, got free treat for you to eat then you eat la...." Turns and leaves

Me : -.-

Cousin/family of xxx if you are reading this..you may feel we are biased or smth..but my feelings are based on what i heard and partly saw...you cant really blame us(relatives) for the eh...hostile attitude.

If you feel there's injustice, please feel free to msn me though -.-