A last minute cake order..the birth of Banana Chocolate Goodness

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At 8.30am in the morning, YH turned over and said,"Jiejie, you today can help me make a cake for my friend's sister birthday?" What a last minute order and she only got the sms at like 3am lol~

Flipped through my recipes and I guess that Chocolate + Banana should be quite well received.
Left home at 11am+ to get the stuffs and I still think Cold Storage has the best baking corner compared to Shop N Save and NTUC.

I had no time to think of decorations and SKP doesn't sell "Happy Birthday" signs... RAWR!
Started making the order at 1pm++. We are using Vanhouten's Chocolate Buttons for the entire cake, this is expensive at $5.20/pkt.

Clockwise top left: Melting butter with chocolate chips, sifted flour, cut baking paper for baking tin, whisking 3 eggs. The entire process was quite fast and the cake was in the oven within the next 10-15 mins.

The bottom of the cake. I feel that the baking temperature is rather high, or maybe baking time should be shortened to 30mins.

After the cake has started to cool, its time to make the ganache.

K cutting the banana for me. He says his hands looks sexy ~_~

Lesson learnt: Place banana slices from centre first.
Clockwise from top left: Placing banana slices on the 2nd layer of cake; putting the last layer of cake but have not trimmed the sides yet; finally managed to cover the whole cake in chocolate ganache; final product with white chocolate shavings.

What should we name this snow capped banana chocolatey goodness (chocolate banana cake with white chocolate shavings actually -.-') ?


YH's friend reverted with good feedback on the cake and said her sister may want to get a cake for her daughter's birthday =D

BBMM's kitten(s) are 1 month old today

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Bear bear and Puggy have been missing since Tuesday. But we found puggy alone in the drain today with BBMM nearby..where's bear bear?

I hope the someone who took bear bear away from mama will treat it well :'(

Puggy in the drain..too bad we missed the shot of Puggy sleeping on BBMM's tummy >_<

Puggy is fierce..it hissed at us but no sound came out O.o

At around 5pm+, K saw Puggy and BBMM sleeping on their backs with Puggy sleeping on BBMM's tummy *awwwww* but he had no camera -.-'''

In the evening after BBMM came out for food, we saw Puggy sleeping on his back. EXPOSED!

K caught the shot of Puggy yawning hehehe~

Happy 1 month to BearBear and Puggy =(o.o)=

Menya Shinchan *revisited*

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Revisited Menya Shinchan many times but today we had something different.

Spicy pork ramen. This item comes with thin noodles and the soup has a thick layer of chilli oil ~_~ so don't slurp these noodles, else you will choke on the chilli oil => X_x

K's extra hot double tsukemen. Noodles comes with lime, egg, char siew and bamboo shoots.
It's spicy item and I guess HOT stands for high temperature too.

One of the dipping sauce, light bonito flavour. YUM~

This is EXTRA HOT, so much so that it was boiling for 1-2mins after it arrived at the table.
The extra hot dipping sauce is a much heavier flavour of bonito compared to the other.

Both of them gives a fantastic mix to the noodles and lime gives it a refreshing taste.

Kittens are missing =(

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We came on Tuesday and realised that the kittens are missing from the altar :'(

In the evening, we spotted BBMM lurking near the Mama Shop..but we couldn't see anything under the drink machines and BBMM behaves as if she has no kittens -_-

Karma befallen me as I laughed at K some months ago when Black Male sprayed on him. IT'S MY TURN NOW! And guess what..I took a whiff of the tissue that I used to wipe Black Male's ermmm...pre-cum? Can't think of a better word -_______________-

I was exasperated cos I can't and won't do anything to him, so I whipped out my camera and took a picture of him...he seems to be saying,"What? I didn't do anything..I was sleeping all this while" RAWR~

LLMis not as jealous this week and she loves scratch scratch from K. Aww~ she's such a darling, K's favourite meow meow.

And ZZM started coming back during dinner timing this week, we have not seen her since she shifted to the carpark 2 weeks ago =D

SGSB SFIV Tournament

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Melon and S-Unit organised a Street Fighter 4 tournament on PS3 at Melon's place.
It's one of the largest turnout following Bacon Explosion outing with 12 participants and 1 spectator =D

At 3.30pm, everyone drew a lot for their opponent and the tournament starts with Ericonz(Ken) facing Beast(El Fuerte).

The match continues on..its Ratix0(feilong) VS UncleG(Zangief).

Finally both sides produced 6 semi finalists. Meanwhile, Ratix0 became the winner of the losers -_-' through losers match.

One of the matches: Kenneth(balrog) VS UncleG(Zangief)

The prize from Beast: Kino vouchers $30.

Final match result: Melon emerged as the winner~ The host takes the prize.

In between the matches we had some EPIC moments like Double K.O between CJ and S-Unit and the crowd directing Divinesage to use Zangief as its a new char to him.

Till now, everyone is still high from all the violent slamming and fighting lol~
Playing the SF IV is bad for me..its gonna get me real violent cos I love fast flying/slamming chars..but KOF still seems more fun to me.

Kitties Update

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The kittens are supposed to be 3 weeks old by end of this week but we have no pics on them cos their mama, BBMM shifted them under the praying altar =((( But we saw bear bear(whiter kitten) walking inside so we presume they are well and alive.

Here's BBMM with K stroking her.

LLM got very jealous and we noticed her jealous streak more and more often. Like going "MEOW!" then swat BBMM with her paws or passing by BBMM then hissing at her and swatting her. The latest one that K saw was LLM running from behind while BBMM is sitting down, then using her(LLM) paws to swat the back of BBMM's head..what a vengeful kitty!

Well, the "bad blood" did not start without a reason either, cos the other day BBMM chased LLM around angrily as LLM tried to paw her kittens from one side of the altar. Naughty LLM -.-'

Jealous LLM as below:

They kept a safe distance while doing the same activity, bathing.

LLM on her pride rock.

Over the weekend, we visited Crookie as well cos we left early on Friday and she didn't get her dinner. She's so cute and cuddly.

勿洛南(牛记)虾面 (Niu Ji Prawn Noodles)

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I have eaten at Niu Ji for MANY MANY times since I used to work nearby..I brought K once to try their prawn mee too.

Today we are here so that K's sister and parents can try it too. Somehow, Channel 8 recommended this stall like a few days ago and THE QUEUE IS FREAKING LONG NOW!

I always like the "shelling frenzy" on the left side of the pic...this old granny and moustache guy shelling the prawns. They still maintain cheap prices, $2.50 for dry and $2 for soup (regular portions) Let's start timing the queue..its now 12:09 pm

We are finally at the FAN AREA! It's now 12:42pm -_-

Finally, the prawn mee is in front of me at 1:08 pm
OMG~ we queued 1 whole hour for it.

This is the dry version. Nice ketchup with chilli combi, remember to ask them NOT TO ADD those fried lard bits.

The soup version. Regular portion is enough! Do not order the big portion if you are above 23 years old, I bet your metabolism rate has decreased if you are not that young -__-'''

To be honest, I would rate the noodles at 6.5/10 today..they used to be MY FAV PRAWN MEE IN SINGAPORE at 8.5/10! ='(
So~ return on a week day to try their normal standards =D

Meanwhile, you can grab some Orange Banana or Orange Pineapple juice from Cameron Highland Fruit Stall that's opposite before joining the queue. This stall makes fantastic juices(the above recommended flavours) that gives Orange Julius a run for their money.

Marina Barrage on a super rainy day ~_~

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I took a half day leave to attend K's dept gathering at Marina Barrage so we left office at 12noon and took the train to Marina Bay MRT Station.

Camwhoring in the train cos its virtually empty~ There's K with no. 1 expression.

Marina South is "in ruins" with all the IR works in progress. Here lies the piece of land where the steamboat BBQ buffet restaurants used to be =(

We started eating at this eatery as buffet lunch was catered for. Suddenly..a scene from "Pirates of the Carribean" started at the windows nearby >_>''' and the afternoon activity was supposed to be KITE FLYING! Oh noes..


Some viewing platform that I haven stepped on yet.

In the exhibition hall, K with no.1 expression.

I am blue da ber di da ber dia~

He's blue

3P actions transforms Singapore? Over the years, we learnt from experts =D

Some really really crap ePostCard application in the exhibition area. There's K sending the postcard to himself *he's that MONKEY in the postcard*

Why is it crap? Basically, you need to press 'enter' on the machine while standing at the green background area*to take a pic*, its about 1.5m away -.-'' Next, they literally paste your stupid photo over a chosen background and send it to your email(entered).


Huge downpour turned into slight drizzle..but its too late for any group activities so we decided to leave.

Marina Barrage.

We had nothing to do -.-'' so we went to Far East Plaza for shopping. I saw a few stuffs that I liked but they were not worth the price tag on them. At 5pm, we decided we should go queue for Wasabi Tei. Oh wow, at 5.15pm the first 16 seats are filled *phew*

Inside Wasabi Tei finally after half hour of queueing, 5.37pm.

I ordered the Beef Set while K ordered the Sashimi dish, $25 for all these thickly sliced fresh sashimi. There's scallop, salmon, salmon belly, tuna, snapper and swordfish which is really value for money and K says,"YUM YUM!".

Kitties update~

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There is BBMM sitting in the flowerpot and the kittens were kneading her for milk.

Short video..unfortunately, BBMM covered the kittens from the camera zzzzz~

9th March 09: 12 days old. Pugss

11th March 09: 14 days old. Sleepy kittens~

11th March 09: We caught a glimpse of their eyes..they have opened their eyes awww!
This whiter kitten really looks like a bear. <(o.-)> It was lying on its back while its darker fur sibling is sleeping beside it.

Awww too cute!


13th March 09: 16 days old kittens. Finally caught both of their faces on camera! =D

Update on Crookie and LLM:
Both of them returned on 11th March 09 and I managed to see LLM and Crookie on 12th.
They are tipped ear cats now ~_~ finally.
They are still in some pain from the operation and Crookie hurt her nose.

But yes no more harassment from Black Male anymore!