A last minute cake order..the birth of Banana Chocolate Goodness

Saturday, March 28, 2009 Posted by YY on 11:42 PM

At 8.30am in the morning, YH turned over and said,"Jiejie, you today can help me make a cake for my friend's sister birthday?" What a last minute order and she only got the sms at like 3am lol~

Flipped through my recipes and I guess that Chocolate + Banana should be quite well received.
Left home at 11am+ to get the stuffs and I still think Cold Storage has the best baking corner compared to Shop N Save and NTUC.

I had no time to think of decorations and SKP doesn't sell "Happy Birthday" signs... RAWR!
Started making the order at 1pm++. We are using Vanhouten's Chocolate Buttons for the entire cake, this is expensive at $5.20/pkt.

Clockwise top left: Melting butter with chocolate chips, sifted flour, cut baking paper for baking tin, whisking 3 eggs. The entire process was quite fast and the cake was in the oven within the next 10-15 mins.

The bottom of the cake. I feel that the baking temperature is rather high, or maybe baking time should be shortened to 30mins.

After the cake has started to cool, its time to make the ganache.

K cutting the banana for me. He says his hands looks sexy ~_~

Lesson learnt: Place banana slices from centre first.
Clockwise from top left: Placing banana slices on the 2nd layer of cake; putting the last layer of cake but have not trimmed the sides yet; finally managed to cover the whole cake in chocolate ganache; final product with white chocolate shavings.

What should we name this snow capped banana chocolatey goodness (chocolate banana cake with white chocolate shavings actually -.-') ?


YH's friend reverted with good feedback on the cake and said her sister may want to get a cake for her daughter's birthday =D