HK Day 4 (5th Nov) - VERY LONG day

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Woke up bright and early *see time on menu shown below* its only 9am+ and I am downstairs ordering breakfast liao..

Look closely at this menu, look at the pricing..
Choose anyone of those below:
Part A -
1. Fish porridge
2. Pig blood porridge (those coagulated pig blood cubes that Singapore used to have)
3. Century egg with lean pork porridge
4. Beef with century egg porridge
5. Tang zai chok(urgh i duno the english name lah..Tang pronounced a CK Tang)

Part B -
1. You Tiao
2. Pineapple Bun (Bo Luo Bao)
3. Chicken Thigh Bun
4. Plain Zhu Chang Fen (with some sauces, but no ingredients inside)
5. You Tiao wrapped in Zhu Chang Fen (炸两)
6. Beehoon with Bean sprouts
7. Stir fry Noodles with Soya Sauce

Take one item from A and B each for only HKD18 = SGD3.40 (S$1 = HKD5.3) !! That's freaking cheap compared to Singapore..what's more we are dining in aircon area, just like a cafe..
Forget about those rip offs in Singapore..those silly 茶餐厅 that charges $7++ for a bowl of instant noodles and worse thing doesn't even taste authentic!

Since we didn't know the proportions, we ordered one set of century egg with lean pork porridge with stir fry noodles with soya sauce. The portion given was amazing..two of us finished with bloated bellies..YET we saw..some other hk pple eating one whole set ALONE..and flushed the meal down with soya bean drink..o wow?

Another part of the menu for breakfast only:
I lazy to translate le la..ask me if u want to know..

After this satisfying meal, we took a LONG ride to the other end of HK to get to Tung Chung Station (near DisneyLand). Took a bus to Lantau Island..and AGAIN I am at the Big Buddha..after the long bus ride..over the mountains *haven under the sea*

As mentioned K is 1st timer at HK, so thus the touristy stuff after visiting Big Buddha, we sat down for some vegetarian stuff. However, its much more commercialised as there used to be soya bean curd made with these spring it doesn't taste as good as 10yrs ago >_>'

HKD50 for the fare below..its not say very cheap la..but it tastes not bad. There's the red stuff which is sweet and sour gluten stuff, mango mochi, glutinous dumpling, fried yam dumpling, tou hua.

Asked for directions around Big Buddha and finally found the bus stop to wait for bus to Tai O island. *ok i m an direction idiot..i went Tai O just 3 yrs ago..and i totally forgot how to go*

Tai O scenery once this point it gotten real hot..and I am bushed from the bus rides.

Spotted two FUNNY cats there..there was a few passer bys taking their photos on and off..and they were oblivious..staying in the same position o.0?

He seems to having the face >=p..but he stood this way for real long under the afternoon sun..weird~

Great nap in the shade...

View of the street, market place.

When we walked in...totally different world? All the shops are closed OR if not they are playing 2pm+ Monday many of us can do this? This is an idyllic island..with idyllic cats, islanders -_-'

Walked around the desserted place..filled with shuffling of mahjong tiles..and saw this..TOTALLY OUT OF DA WORLD..i duno what is it doing there..and it doesnt signify anything either..

And u know what..the bus back to Tung Chung MTR station left and will only come in about half hours' time..shiet! And I started going crazy...playing with the phone booth~

I directed this scene..the thoughts in the male lead's brain is supposed to be.."你为什么不听我的电话。。。 为什么? 为什么!!" *Why dun u pick up my calls...WHY WHY???* Then proceeds to slam the phone and bang the "walls"...drama rama~

I gotten so tired waiting for the damn bus..i cldn't be bothered when K took this picture. One picture says a THOUSAND WORDS..T_T

Finally arrived at Tung Chung Station..since we are there, we decided to visit the famed outlet stores..ah **** ..~ so expensive..what kind of outlet man..zzzzzzz~

We went into MacDonald's and ordered 1 set of McWings, 1 Fillet O Fish, 1 small size Strawberry milk shake

=> Total bill = About S$4 ONLY!! Fast food in SG is overpriced as well.

After the satisfying snack, we went to Causeway Bay. Walked around the mall..only to discover, K only loves the supermarket.. >_>

Pic below: Finger is as reference for size of these KING PRAWNS. If u remember my post abt Prime Society's king prawns <- this is in small letters cos the prawns were really SMALL. Japanese supermarket @ causeway bay sells the prawns at HKD98 for 2 prawns...not cheap la i kow..but Prime Society charged S$18= HKD90 for 2 small prawns...ahh u all judge for urself la eh..~

Saw this BBQ sausages..with bones attached to them..wonder how they did it..and what bones are those..Hmmm~though we supposed its for convenience sake??

This is called 巨峰 grapes, from Japan. Tastes like red wine, sweet..yummy juicy grapes tt costs HKD50 per pack 0_0 Look at finger for reference on size per grape.

After a short stopover at Causeway Bay and having some fantastic beef fillet samples @ the supermarket, we rushed over to Yung Kee Restaurant, famous for its goose stuff cos my Aunt made a reservation there @ 7pm -____-

Outside view..look @ the spotlights on the ducks...

The famous century eggs which I dun eat..K said its FANTASTIC..out of da world..and then..

I gave it a try..and become like this (see below):

Roasted Goose ~

Some spicy salty fried..duno wat? Till this day, i still duno what is this..

Went to take a look at Lan Kwai Fong, this is the most significant pic. Fullstop.

I think Boat Quay wins HANDS DOWN! No need to incl. MS at all..

Left for home, but halfway decided to drop at Tsim Sha Tsui to look at night scenery..can't believe I am still energetic at 10+pm after the long day right? I took naps in the horrendous bus rides la..

Skyline @ night...

Junk Boat tt passed by..

So much for night scenery, its incomplete without a we took a walk along the 'Avenue of Stars'..Cool wind was great.

K bought a can of beer from Causeway Bay, so I told him to drink it and I became the director again. This scene, the male lead drinks under the lonely stars alone..* NG several times before this..3rd shot successful! * I feel so drama rama again.. zzz~

After finishing the beer, time to head home, then it was already 11.30pm when we left to take bus back. Omg~

Hk Trip 3rd Day (4th Nov)

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In case you are wondering where's Day2 events..Day 2 was spent on looking for painted figurines in MongKok area like Sino Centre. If you ever played KOF, u will know there's a female called Mai in it...Mai's sexy hand painted figurine was so hard to find..BUT we finally got it for K's fren.

3rd day..finally we can start shopping for ourselves in Fa Yuen Street @ Mong yes back in Mong kok again. Street bazaar pic below, but for some real shopping, please visit the shops behind this bazaar the 2 rows on each side contains all sorts of export goods goodies =)

After lugging all the shopping bags around, PLUS the heavy jackets..we need FOOD~
K wanted to try 臭豆腐 and 牛什 at 路边摊, I pray that we will not LS after tt -_-'

臭豆腐 below:

牛什 ..can u tell which piece of meat belongs to which part? It tastes surprisingly good.

Since dinner was supposed to be at 7pm..we cldn't try everything...but heck care, I had to try the crepes. U can choose 2 flavours from a variety of ingredients to be added into ur crepe, all these for HKD12! I chose crab meat and pork floss.

After food and walking for the whole day, its time to go for home cooked dinner at my 6th Aunt's place. Seriously, I have never eaten anything cooked by her..I dun even remember seeing her in the So it was such a rare occasion that I had to go home and eat, thanks to K for accommodating this.

To ensure we had seats, we decided to try this SPECIAL cabin -> First Class Compartments. You have to tap your Octopus Card (like our EZLINK) first, else you risk getting a BIG FAT FINE when you get out of the station.

Inside the cabin...we got seats..YAY~ and woah its really quiet and crowds..You know why? It costs double compared to normal fare.. >_> Nvm..well worth the cost after one tiring day.

Up the condo to my Aunt's place..can u see what's odd in this picture?

The buttons with 4 in them and no.13 is missing..LOL~ talk abt superstitions

HK Trip ( 2nd Nov to 8th Nov)

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Its my 3rd time in 3 yrs visiting HK, of cos I won't be so eh..excited?

But it has been 10yrs since I last visited HK in winter season, this time its not very cold except at night and on the 1st day I actually shivered even though I wore socks to sleep =.='''

K is first time visitor to HK, so as half a hongkonger(such a word exists mah?) I brought him around to do touristy stuff =>买东西, 吃东西,买东西, 吃东西,买东西, 吃东西

Which was what I did everytime ..>.>'' he ended up with more new clothings than me hor.. >=(

1st day:
UA Flight..woke up @ 4am and receive sms while I was changing..K says he's in airport liao..I am friggin' at home still ~ lololol..its not that I am cool about travelling i.e. not gan cheong but cos my dad refuses to wake up so early hehe =.='

After eating some junk @ the airport departure cafe *obviously I forgot what I ate*, I spotted the OTO BIG FOOT..not bad but not suitable for small feet(size 5) of mine >.<'

Had to go home for dinner, therefore we didn't have much time except to look for Ah Mew Cafe. Walked round and round Harbour City~~~ I was dam irritated...

So we decided to go home for dinner, since its getting late..after walking past this old building, I stepped back a few steps..there it is ..the building we are looking for! Climbed upstairs and there you are, inside the Ah Mew Cafe~

Scenery outside the cafe -.-'

One of the grouchy grey kitty..furry stuff~

Only 5plus..these 2 cats slept like they had sloughed thru the day..which I seriously doubted.2 cats curled up nicely on a cushion, peaceful nap..occasionally awaken by my camera shutter.

So there I was happily sipping my drink while watching the cats~

2 cat lovers @ cat cafe => must take pic >.>

There was this cat which was posing on the sofa..however, it just had this stone expression hoho~ sianed from posing?

Ambience Pics~