Bread Making Lesson 2 ( 25/8 )

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Lesson 2 today, see pork floss? Yes we are doing pork floss bread today man~

Utter chaos yet again >.<

This is the spinach + italian herb dough, with spicy tuna filling.

Close up~

Texture of the bread

The plain bread for pork floss fillings later..abit overbake though~

Texture again..

Overview of the pork floss bread..we made the mayonaise ourselves..hehe~*its alot of bread man*

Our table got chosen to help all 14 pairs to do this bread: Nuts and Raisins Bun. Wow its so much flour and stuff to be churned using a professional machine. K had a hectic time juggling btwn two machines. Luckily, I was not too noob at it >.>'

Washing the mixing bowl after the whole thing was tedious cos its SO BIG and HEAVY. Ok i wanted to wash it and now I am having muscle aches..duno from weight or from the bread making process.zzzz~ My triceps are being exercised again...great~ IF u wanna train ur arms, come bread making course, $300 4 weeks, confirm got results.

Before baking~

After look. It seems dark colored but inside not very well baked, oven temp was too high =.='

And we made donuts too..ours was taken to be an example..wahaha~

K was frying the doughnuts becos Judy said,"If u dun want her arms to become like mine, then u better fry the donuts.." LOL~

Dusted in sugar..~ For the first time i felt my donuts taste so gd ~esp after dusting with sugar..cripsy on the outside..YUMMY~

Coated with chocolate and almonds

Guess whats inside?

Yes your normal sandwich loaf..takes 45mins to actually bake it....omg~

K got cooked by a baking tray today..zzz~ careless chap..But he's gd at memorising all the stuff for making bread so much so Judy asked him wanna work part time anot for In any case, i pei fu his memory for this.

Today was very busy and hectic..such alot of bread and man~ my heels hurt and my triceps hurt. To be honest, I think my muscles are getting more defined..and bread making is a good way to tone ur triceps, trust me~

Croissant Making Course - 22/8

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Went croissant making course after work on a Tuesday , heng not Monday else I would be feeling so blue..
Reached ultra early at 6.15pm..course started at about 7pm..zzzz~

There's no pics on the dough rolling, folding...what not ..BECOS...look at the utter chaos!

Rolling was the hardest part for the last stage before we leave the dough to proof and bake.

Being small sized, I got NO STRENGTH to roll the already frozen Judy taught us to use our forearm (area above elbow to wrist), to press down on the rolling pin and go...centre up~ centre down~so I pressed down and rolled and rolled..*alamak* next day my triceps hurt and the pressed down area on my arm got blue black..*weak* -____-'

The final product..TA DA! Croissants was one bread that K didnt want to attempt, well I am glad we went for this course. Croissants involves alot of freezing time, folding of dough and ROLLING of dough, so next time you pick up a croissant, appreciate the hard work behind it.

Although we were about the last to put our dough in to proof, we were the 1st to bake..strange isn't it? Btw, there was machines to flatten the final dough to 4mm so that we can shape it, but we used HANDS..bare hands..yah yah yah HANDMADE stuff..*handmade until blue black -.-''' *

K's croissants: U can practically count the layers...

This is called pain Au Chocolat, its done with 2 bars of chocolate in between.


Ok, let's now look at my croissants..hey it looks scrawny compared to K's =.=

I asked Judy and she said its prolly due to K having more even strength in rolling the dough and my dough might be too thin to puff up too...zzz~ *the one on top right is K's of the croissants are malnutrition looking..

Here's what K brings home..professional looking eh..*old wong sells cucumber, ownself sell ownself praise again liao lor*

Basil Alcove ( 16/8 )

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Much raving reviews about Basil Alcove, so much so I had to go taste it myself.

Cooking Expedition 3 : Western Food (19/8)

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Cooking Expedition 3:
Cook In Charge : Chef K
Assistant Chef : Assistant YY
Cuisine: Western
Soup - Mushroom soup (brown mushrooms)
Appetitiser - Oven Baked Portobello Mushroom with diced tomato and cheese.
Main Course - Aglio Olio with prawns, and fried chicken thigh in cream sauce .
Dessert - Crepes dipped in Orange Mango sauce dusted with chocolate powder.
Drink - OMGWTFBBQ (thats the name), contents are orange juice, mango pulp, white grape sparkling juice, 1 capful of mandarin vodka.

Total Damage: Estimated about 30bucks in total for the food.

Ingredients before they go down the pan~

Preparing the mushroom soup, stir frying mushroom with onions and adding chicken stock.

Trusty chicken stock, pls rem to check if salt is included already, else stuff maybe too salty for consumption later

After stir frying those mushrooms, now put them into the blender and blend! Cover with cloth else they spurt out, cos its HOT!

Chicken thigh marinated with pepper and salt, deep fried.

Portobello mushrooms after they are washed and stalks removed. *stalk keep and use for topping later*

Tomato and diced mushroom stalks for topping. Lower pic is mushrooms for the soup again.

Top the mushrooms with cheese before sending into oven to bake at 200 Degrees Celsius for 15min or so. Add more cheese if you are using those Kraft ones. Recommend topping is Gloucester cheese though.

Adding chicken stock to the deep fried chicken, onions added. Cream and parsley to be added at later stage.

Mushroom soup completed with cream

Mushrooms outta oven~ *shld have added more cheese*

Cooking Aglio Olio, we managed to get live prawns that were still kicking after we reached the kitchen..o wow~ Add prawns before garlic, else the garlic may get too brown -> bitter after taste.

Adding in spaghetti into the pan, just nice for 2 hungry bears~

Finishing touch, add parsley and red chilli padi in taste. *pls take out the chilli seeds*

Finally DONE! Mushroom soup

Fried Chicken in cream sauce

Aglio Olio with baked mushroom and chicken thigh.

I am in charge of dessert, and dam~ i forgot my chocolate plain crepes Then Chef K came up with the idea of using orange juice + mango pulp + chocolate powder as a dip for the plain crepes.

Guess what's the drink on the right?It comprises of :
- Mango Pulp (1/4 of a mango)
- Orange Juice ( half a orange)
- Top up the rest of the glass with Sparking Juice (white grape flavour)Now you sense the taste is pretty sweet and nothing too fantastic, proceed to add 1/2 to 1 cap full of Mandarin Vodka~ TA DA!

This is the new cocktail OMGWTFBBQ..Why this name?

This is becos no one expected this great drink after adding everything in -.-'

Total Score:

- Mushroom Soup : 8/10
- Baked Mushroom : 7/10
- Chicken Thigh in cream sauce : 8/10
- Aglio Olio with prawns and chilli : 8/10

Overall~ FANTASTIC! Now that the standards is set so high, Chef K start to sweat liao >.>'
must crack brains on what to cook next le..wahahahaha~

Bread Making Stage 1 - Lesson 1 (18/8)

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Started my next baking adventure @ culinaire once again, this time is bread making. Bread making was not my priority list, however I have to learn this eventually.

So with a kaki -> k, we reached so early at 12.30 to choup seats..*learn from aunties must be kiasu*..eeekk everyone was late due to the heavy rain..

There was 3 kinds of dough to be made, however 2 was made by the teacher to be distributed to all. So in the end, only the almond twist, sausage bread 's dough was made ourselves.

Such alot of bread..and to think we ate about 4 each...*PUKE* and this has to go on for 3 more wks -______________-'

Red bean filling inside

Look at the texture..obviously the hands are not mine XDD

This is the twister? Forgot the name..but look at the matt one, it has not been for why..i also duno leh..I tot i glazed all >.>

The ham with herb dough bread, I was wondering why the cheese dun melt one ..hmm~

The dough made by us, used to make sausage wrapped in bread.

The other type is almond, and grain sugar.

Overall the bread was quite gd, and we ate 4 each in total so we dun scare our families with the amount of bread..however, its not good for digestion -.-''

Right now, I don't wanna think about how to dispose of the bread...cos they contain NO PRESERVATIVES therefore cannot last long ...blah~