Misc Food Review

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At AnchorPoint (Opposite IKEA), there's this new dessert shop, near Secret Recipe
We tried peanut paste (left) , and 炖鲜奶 each costs S$2.50.
Hmm i would give the fresh milk dessert, 7.5/10 cos the ones in HK tastes better lol..
Peanut paste..ok la..if its 2bucks it would be better..hehe

Our dessert after main course at Secret Recipe, mango delight cake.
Its not as nice as choco banana, i would give this 6/10 =(. And i think Angie Choice's is MUCH nicer.

One of the farewell lunches this month, we went to IchiBan Sushi at Parkway.
This restaurant, 6/10
1.) Lousy service (slow blur waiter/waitress)
2.) Took donkey yrs to reply
3.) Took the wrong order omg

Food wise, so so~ alot of MSG though. But it looks good eh? ^^

I want my sanity

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I m feeling angry, unhappy, irritated~
I don't want to do this stupid fiaking test specs which is to be submitted to that bloody fiaking bitch . I m almost 99% sure that she's gonna reject it with some dumb bimbotic reasons.

Those bloody QAs are supposed to do it, and they say they cant test properly so they cant write and we PROGRAMMERS, have to
AND NOW, write test specs..

Wtf is this? Why the fiak do they employ QAs for? *** ***

And my module, was done already..only to discover more changes coming up and i have to change change change..FIAK U! How can i ever close case with all the changes? Don't u pple in a MNC PLAN BEFORE doing a project? U DUN plan as U GO ALONG, u know???
And u dare say u are a MNC, ur management SUX, AND u SUX!

I want my sanity over my salary BUT there's still 1 month notice to consider and BONUS..fook~

I wanna die~ :(


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我害怕生离死别, 但我不怕死。

其实, 遁入空门未尝不是件坏事。
没有六亲,没有牵挂, 不会伤心难过。
但人生如此短暂, 难道要如此虚度此生吗?

今天以后,每当过年过节,生日, 聚会, 他都不会在场。
尤其是毕业典礼, 那全家福怎么能少了他呢?

我努力的忍着, 但情绪还是控制不住, 这场面又勾起了我的遗憾。。。。。。

My first bowling competition

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On the same saturday i went to Eski, i had a bowling competition --> *** Company Bowling Tournament. Oh well, i wasnt trained/ liked playing bowling but Junming had not enuff members so i joined. *Chuckles * i was prepared to wash the drains..

Heng i nv get the most SPORTING TEAM --> the lowest score team had a prize at prize presentation. Ok my overall ranking was 50+, over near 60 FEMALE players.
But my team ranked 20th out of 36 , thanks to the 3rd Highest score playing aka our leader -->Junming. No wonder he wanna join, he so pro lol..

But hey, papa taught me, keep ur thumb in front of your nose str8 and throw..then it will be straight line. True enuff when i went there to play bowling ..my first in 2-3 yrs , my first 5 balls was straight..after tt all went hey wire cos my arms HURT and my thumb!

But look , i got a strike too ^^ only 1 in 3 games LMAO~

See the last row, thats my row..see that X ???

When 3rd game (last game), Junming FINALLY got a TURKEY..yippee~ Grats he got some $10 vouchers fron marks and spencer..ETC

Ok fine, i know my score sux at 64pts..but hey~ a 8pounds bowling ball is darn heavy..
and my total in 3 games exceeded 100 ~ wee? Nuttin to be proud of i know....

Saturday Dinner + Eski Bar

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Saturday 23th Sept, me bibi beng and wu met up again to go Eski Bar to finish our unfinished vodka..Before that we went for dinner at Raffles Place, and ended up at Lau Pa Sat.

Upon reaching Raffles Place MRT, my collegue saw and commented me and bibi..lookin like tourists -.-
we hadn't visited Raffles Place in such a long time that we forgot where the escalators were..and looked disorientated *hehe*

Surprisingly Lau Pa Sat had a stretch of road sealed up during the wkend for diners. Do you miss sitting in the open air having hawker food? You can relive that moment now at Lau Pa Sat during wkend / Esplanade hawker area..*but tt's more crowded and dark*

Further surprises were..the stretch of satay stalls, we sat down and they mobbed us. We actually wanted Fatman Satay..but anyway its Stall No.1 too far from us..Beng said he saw the satay stall owners fighting *literally FIGHT* for customers before.

They went around ordering food while i guard the table * read slack* Then we ordered:-
From top left hand : Cheng Teng, Chao Kway Tiao, Dua tao,
Middle: Hokkien Mee, chicken rice.

And next table *table too big to snap at one go*
From top: Kai Lan, dessert, Stingray , honey dew sago and satay~

Overall, the chao kway tiao can make it..satay..i think stall no.6 aint that fantastic.
Sting ray is boring..i think bibi's aunt makes nicer ones

After dinner, we strolled to eski bar got a nice seat. And fiak~ their soccer matches got no commentary again..Last mth they said cos the guy in charge was not here to link up the sound system..u mean 1 mth later its still UNDONE? Dam..

And the waitress came, she one blur *** we asked how much is the mixers..she HUH very long..we tell her mixers cos we have one vodka left here..Finally she understood-ed but duno the price. Run back to counter find mama, and came back with the menu..and forgot about our glasses..overall slow and blur =.= we remembered the guy last mth told us mixer got 30% off at happy hrs..this woman say DUN HAVE...LL we order 11bucks+ mixers x 3

Sry i m a free loader again though i offered to pay for taxi..my offer was rejected ^^ =.=

I had all the 3 mixers..orange is still the best drink around~
Then we watched slient matches while beng's eyeballs fleeted around, w/o much discretion..i cld see his eyeballs shifting left right..following GALS

Ok its nuttin great, guys bio gals..beng called me a bian tai when i bio a girl and saw she was wearing black G String -.-'

We were given a feedback form from the blur waitress, and we filled in DISGREE, BAD
And the music SUX too..i think Holland V eski makes a better place.

Bibi filling up Wu's cup, while we played dai di..*SRY to all i made a blunder while playing cos i discovered i had an extra card when i tot it was last*

As usual, beng/wu got scammed into betting on which team will get yellow card first/no one get card. The one who guess correctly drinks~ Beng tio this time..LOL

At 11.30pm we decided to head home as vodka finished, match is boring..music sux

Irritating Bitch!

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I do not like this irriating fiaking bitch that sent a email to my bosses or rather the entire team to complain about the file we compiled.

Ok this file is supposed to contain the changes we made to the project, be it user requirements or user interface. This bitch emailed us and complained about the quality of the amendments compiled.
She complained that :

1.) Screenshots taken too blur cannot see
Wtf? I can see u cannot, go check ur bloody eyes la!

2.) No explanation on why the fields changed position..
Please lah, how i know? I only follow this dam file sent by X, and make the changes and document it inside the amendments file. U think i know why its changed?

3.) Say we nv explain what fields is changed. Excuse me, i did my best to explain. If u cant read, there's nothing i can do k.

What a bitch, !&#@^#%@^@%~@*#&#!!!!!

Revived interest in mapling- The Zakum Quest

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Last weekend, I spent the saturday night doing Zakum quests 1 , 2 , 3. Stage 1 was a freaking 30 minutes quest whereby you had to find the 7 keys and 30 documents. And we did the quests friggin' 3 times before we managed to meet the deadline.

Next was stage 2, a jumping quest in 2 parts. I thought there was 1 only..when i finally completed it..i was jubilent..and then..there's part 2 which is freakin hard..
I have never focused so much in my life to just jump on rocks and hang on ropes.
Finally i did it, i nearly gave up and told bibi..just get me a godmode + fly hack to get across..but in the end i did it w/o hacking tools ^^ Sense of achievement *hehe*

Stage 3, zombie tooths..ah simple job we had 74 in inventory.

On sunday, i decided to gather my funds and buy pots..BUT FIAK! There's no one selling..finally found one and i bought him out..but i had insufficient pots still..
But i decided to go for zakum anyway..

Reached there..and started to look for a party but no one wans a LOUSY lvl 109 firemage T.T
So i waited and waited and finally got a party...the frigging 2 pple left inside killing the zakum took another 2hr+++ to kill the darn monster

And my screen suddenly went black! Nervous i shaked bibi who's sleeping ..and we watched..YAY I GOT INSIDE the zakum alter..FYI only 30pple allowed inside.
Then we waited for pple to party me..but none wanted me..and there was this knight called JOSEPHCHUA, he kept chasing me around the map calling me "Firemage, u go out la..let priests come in..FIREMAGE!" I kept running around and finally i hid behind one afk character.

To cut the long story short, someone managed to throw the Fireball out and the zakum SPAWNED~~~

Tombs started to rained, and then..one by one logged out..leaving 3 of us and i quickly went out too. The last man standing inside, fought for another 10mins...

Meanwhile the rest of us stood at the portal spamming the button "UP" so we can enter later..
Finally i got in again..and this time i cldn't find a party too..wth!

And finally someone invited me, his nick was JOSEPHCHUA..LMAO
See la, in the end he had to invite me.
But things didnt go well, our cleric went off suddenly as she said she didnt have enuff pots..wth
Then that dumb josephchua disbanded the party and we were left to fend for ourselves..then more and more pple left..

I kept telling myself, HANG ON! Hang on..its dying..its dying..
Finally all the 8 arms were killed, and 1 dit died..during body 1. That was when i finally had a party..crap~ must someone die to gimme a place???

And we went on fighting body 1 and body 2...finally body 2 died..but 2 more pple perished.
Finally it was body 3, i had run out of pots due to the SAGA earlier on...spamming pots during that 5 arms had depleted my pots.

Finally we decided to opt out, i clicked the npc and i went out. I didnt die..but i felt like i run 24km..my eyes,head,arms,fingers,legs,spine,neck felt so PAIN!

I had spent 2.5hrs staring at the computer screen trying to locate my character on it..-.-'''

Overall, it was pretty exciting and we are going in AGAIN! Thats next wkend of course..how can i run the 24km again so soon...

No updates becos....

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haven been updating cos picasa doesnt work with blogger anymore..and posting pic function is down..crap!

Singapore VS China @ Singapore National Stadium

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Singapore VS China in the Asian Cup Qualifier Match.
Its the last match at National Stadium as its gonna be teared down and rebuilt.

Yesterday me and bibi got free tickets from johnson *thanks johnson* as he cldn't make it *hehe*

We went after school/work and marched straight from Kallang MRT..omg walking to National Stadium with heels is not fun..And i felt like a POST-IT pad when i reach there..really sticky!

And wow, there was a crowd there...We bought an ice cream each..see the stalls selling ice cream below :

Then we walked into the Singapore spectators' stand...and there were many lost souls like the one featured here..waving his newspaper and asking his friend on hp, "can u see me???"

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Then the national athems was about to begin..and they brought the flags out for China and Singapore. Can you SPOT THE DIFFERENCE?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Our flag was much much smaller as compared to the china flag. And then..china spectators had the sheltered gallery while we were exposed to the elements of weather -_- And we had didn't have any sound system on our side so we couldn't hear commentary/national athem/Anything! And the china side had it all..ok fine let's give our guests the better stuff =.=

Can you spot something? Look at the colors of the team..the RED one is NOT singapore team, singapore is wearing blue(on the right).I thought we are home team, therefore we shld be wearing red??? And the KAYU referee in the middle.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

At the 6th minute, something happened to China team's No.13. He rolled on the grass in extreme pain and the paramedics came over with a stretcher.

The referee reached into his pocket as if to pull out a yellow card..
The SG fans went BOOO!!!~

Then this dumb no.13 reached the sidelines and got off the stretcher and walked right into the field!

At every instant he touches the ball after this, all singapore fans went BOOOOOO~~!!!
And when the ball is kicked to SG team, fans go YAYYYY! It was so obvious~ lol

Below its the no.13 player *circled*

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

A few jokers from china came by our Singapore stand trying to be funny...one of them carried
中国必胜 !And we went BOOOO!

The other one, carried a China flag and went pointing his thumb towards the floor saying, china rox and singapore SUX! As usual the boos went on, but this guy was getting too cocky..some Ah beng in black apparently challenged him for a fight or smth..*LMAO*

The match went by with some rare chances..and it was DRAW 0-0.

We were lucky to draw the match ^^

My first cat toy

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Recently i visited this site http://videoforcats.com/cattoys.htm and saw that an old toilet paper roll cardboard can be used as a cat toy.

So i went and took one from home, cut it into 2. One for short tail, one for long tail.
Here's the videos on the cats playing..

At first short tail was eating, so it wasnt interested. Long tail was lazy..so i rolled the toy into its face..across it..then it started to paw it..

After 10mins of play, the small roll was killed by the cats >.>

Refer to links below for the video, and pls watch in small screen option as my K800i doesn't take fantastic videos >.>




Some interesting siggys to share~

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The Queen's Birthday

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Recently it was the Queen's birthday~
Of course as expected her trusted right hand and left hand man planned a "surprise" dinner celebration for her.

They bought a cheese cake that was already sliced into 16pcs from a secret cakeshop.

And then~ they sent invitations to a few "chosen ones" and NOT the whole team of subordinates. This is the wonderful part, some didn't even know about the celebration until someone spilled beans next day. *best~*

No wonder that evening, when i was about the head home at 6pm as usual...
神 stopped me and said " They never call u meh??"
Me: " No, call me for what?"
神: "Nvm nvm...u sure they nv call u?"
Me: "Yah.." *shrugs and rushes for my bus*

Next day during lunch, 神 said to us, "You all duno meh? Yesterday was the Queen's birthday. They got celebrate leh."
Most replies were "Issit?? Duno about it leh..Who org the celebration?"
神: "Those few lah.." and he continued to blah about some details of the "secret" celebration..

FAQs: *they = the left and right hand man*
1.) Why they did not invite the whole team?
2.) Why did they buy a cake that was already sliced into 16pcs?
3.) Why did they not invite some of their own subordinates?
4.) Why they wanna make the Queen look bad?

So these were the qns popping up during the after-lunch gossip..but frankly speaking it made the Queen look bad by not inviting everyone..Ok, so even if i was invited what happens? *Oh like i care*

It only proves you are 国王的人马. if u watched taiwanese drama before, 国王的人马 refers to a bunch of pple who SEEMS to have special powers because they are well acquainted to the ones holding real power in the office.

So next day, ASSUMING the Queen was paiseh..so she declared to the world that it was her birthday yesterday and she's treating all her subordinates to CREAM PUFFs.

O yes, thanks for that cream puff.Hope it did save you some face.

Freaking irritating kids with itchy hands/ adults and....

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Here i m in mac @ west coast...some freaking irritating kids with itchy hands must touch my table whenever they pass by, wtf is up with them..u mean u nid to touch something whenever u walk across...And stop standing beside me peeking openly at my screen..nv seen a laptop in ur life or what? *or maybe they really didnt*
Buzz off now before i give u those killer instinct stares~

Dam irritating and it shakes my laptop..and those adults..are u so clumsy that u must knock into my table whenever you walk past? Can't u glide(walk) across gracefully?

Its not that i was never a kid..but i never did such irritating acts like peeking into pple's computer screens *or maybe there's none in the 1980s*..neither did i run amok in a crowded restaurant like mac as if i m an untamed monkey

And u non money earning kids, stop spending your parent's hard earned money on stupid games like maple story buying those virtual games stuff, it doesnt get your anywhere..u wld be better off buying some good food to stuff your mouth with.
Or better still, fatten up your piggy bank.

If you already started earning money, pls do not spend on such virtual stuff too, pls wake up from your freaking bloody dream!

Recently, boon told me there is a mega phone(in game cash item tt broadcasts msg to everyone in the game) festival whereby everyone in the guild will post a well wishing msg and its sponsored by sasa.

Omg sasa, keep those money in ur bank..or spend it on your gf/wife/family/pets(real life ones not in maple)/ some strays/ the needy in any part of this world

I can guarantee you that the joy u derive from spending money wisely on the above will return you much satisfaction than in the virtual world.

Imagine the amount you spent on prepaid cards each month..save it up and buy your wife/gf smth nice like a pendant or a gd meal..u will find yourself in a lovey dovey mood again..why spend it on some damn virtual game??

If you got no life, then give money to the charity to do some gd deeds.

If you are a parent, pls check that your child has not starved himself to buy virtual items/ worse still took pocket money from you and buy in game money..
Imagine your parents are enduring attitudes from bosses at workplace and there you are..spending their hard earned money like water..I cry for your parents.

But if you say, ur parents are rich to the boot and u have all the money in the world then by all means spend all you like..what a bai jia zi~

When u are in meetings....

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Rule no. 1 when in meetings, PLS switch ur hp to slient mode.
Else its not only disturbing to the one presenting, it also disrupts flow of the meeting...

And there i was in this meeting with a middle age plump woman..and her hp went
*DING DING DING DING DING!* Her ringtone was this tune whereby there's this MTV where a frog sings..ding ding ding ding ding...ding ding ding ding ding ding ding~

OMG..her face doesnt match the ring tone and its so damn rude..

Needlessly to say, a bunch of us were trying very hard to contain our laughter..
I laughed so hard =.='