Misc Food Review

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 Posted by YY on 10:04 AM

At AnchorPoint (Opposite IKEA), there's this new dessert shop, near Secret Recipe
We tried peanut paste (left) , and 炖鲜奶 each costs S$2.50.
Hmm i would give the fresh milk dessert, 7.5/10 cos the ones in HK tastes better lol..
Peanut paste..ok la..if its 2bucks it would be better..hehe

Our dessert after main course at Secret Recipe, mango delight cake.
Its not as nice as choco banana, i would give this 6/10 =(. And i think Angie Choice's is MUCH nicer.

One of the farewell lunches this month, we went to IchiBan Sushi at Parkway.
This restaurant, 6/10
1.) Lousy service (slow blur waiter/waitress)
2.) Took donkey yrs to reply
3.) Took the wrong order omg

Food wise, so so~ alot of MSG though. But it looks good eh? ^^