Saturday / Sunday : 2 baking attempts

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Pics first, words later...

Friday's Special : Fried Black CuttleFish

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Since wednesday 21/2, the ah neh pissed me off badly again.
Fiak care what bonus, and upcoming leave amendments..besides the HR replied me saying the bonus is subjected to the decision of my ah neh sup...*** that means I have to lick his boots during my 1 month's notice in order to get my

So I went to meet bibi, and I pondered over the decision whether to ignore the bonus and just quit before I become a racist -_-'''

Heaven showed me 3 signs
So when I went home in his car, I said aloud, "Heaven pls help me decide whether to tender tmr, if I should tender tmr, please let the first junction we meet to be red light."

Omg it really turned red when we stopped...I didnt believe it..and I said again,"If I should tender tmr, show me another sign..let the traffic light at jurong kechil be red as well"

When we turned into the turn left lane, the traffic light was red..but as we came to a halt, the lights turned green..I turned and looked at does this mean red or green? He shrugged his shoulders -.-'

So I said aloud once again,"If I should tender tmr, LET THE TRAFFIC LIGHT OUTSIDE MY HSE BE red!"
And it was really RED!

"OK, I shall tender tmr den~" With that, I decided to type my resignation letter at work tmr morning.

Thursday : 1st Attempt at tendering resignation

It is interesting to note that all schools teach resume letters but not resignation letters..why not man? Sometimes you need to learn how to POP THE QNS gracefully as well u know~

So I went to and got myself a resignation letter template..typed printed and signed..
But our dept had scheduled a communication meeting at 9.30am..It doesnt seem right to tender early in the morning, so I decided to wait till the meeting end..

It was a funny sight in the meeting, all the ah nehs sat on one side of the table and we all 3 only chinese sat on the other.. -.-' Talk abt racial harmony

Anyway, the meeting was pretty fruitful unlike those at my ex-dept where they only played blame games. It was interesting to see the ah nehs had some issues here and there with the customers..learnt smth useful..

So back to the tendering of resignation letter..dam it..I just cannot open my mouth and said,"xxx, Here's my resignation letter.." So I decided to boost my courage during lunch, and tender after tt..

With that, I smsed that sup of mine during lunch saying,"Please be in the office after lunch as I have something for you" *hint*

After lunch I came back, and he was at his desk. So I went over and said,"xxx, here's my resignation letter." I duno if he's pretending to look surprise or he expected it..
But anyway he asked how long I worked here, and why not wait for the bonus..
I replied saying its too far here and I am moving to somewhere inaccessible *white lie* And that regding bonus yea I know about it..its ok.

So he asked if I got another offer or still waiting?? I replied yea trying out another IT field..
So with that, he said.."Why dun you address the letter to ABC he's the dept head afterall."
What fuck..I said so much liao den he come and tell me to tender to another person..

So I reprinted the letter, and waited and waited ..zzz ABC nv came back to office..

Friday: Fried Black Cuttlefish

So on Friday, xxx came and ask if ABC had returned yesterday.. i said no, and xxx ask me to submit to him in this case then.

So I tendered my resignation once again *wasted 6 pcs of papers printing resignation letters -_-' * And den send a copy to HR.. VIOLA~ I have quit this idiotic company!

And I learnt from my ex-dept pple tt the company is having a new flexi benefit thingy, but its total crap, it makes me feel I AM GLAD to quit this co.


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These ah nehs make me mad! Whats fiaking wrong with their brains?
Must come and call me to discuss just 1min before lunchtime, before 6pm off work?

Show u dedicated or what fiak? Ask me why cannot..I tell u liao, u dun believe.
Duno how it works dun ghey kiang la..after 20mins, both like gao4 limp back to seats ******

Make me wanna throw pork on them :X sounds cek ark eh.. RAWR!!!!

Mahjong Mahjong - Revenge of the YY

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Last saturday, we had mj session again. This time it started earlier at about 7.30pm. Guang guang aka GQ said, "The other 2 times 砍了你, 今天再来砍..."

If you do not already know, I have lost much in the previous 2 mj sessions..the prev time, I got cleaned out of my $40 bucks chips over 3 rounds..BOO!

So gq was expecting a great win on his side again...BUT! 风水轮流转 XD

This time i cleaned him out, total winnings after 3 rounds : $56 muahaha~

Let's see one of the more exciting and me were both playing 对对碰 it was a race to see who can win first..

I had 2 flowers of mine and 1 animal = 3 tai

Den gq threw a one circle, i pong and threw smth..and he ponged den he threw 2 wan and i ponged..den I threw smth and he pong this went on for awhile..bibi and gh became spectators in the game =.='

After i ponged 8 circles, I was waiting excitedly for the tile either 6 wan or 7 bamboos. GQ was getting frustrated becos I had zi mo some 5 tai/4 tai earlier on..and actually I wanted to go home after 2 rounds / supper..-->he cannot recuperate his losses

Den I zi mo 6 wan..WOOT~ come everyone pay $6.40 ^^

After 2 rounds, GQ lost almost all his chips..he was left with $1.80 from the original amount of $40. So he refused to let me go home after supper, he insist I come back to play one more round so he can win back. But no? He didnt recover and he still default payment, dun wanna pay up at the end..wanna kick me some more for winning so much -_-''

Bleah :p So many things to learn , he dun wan to learn..he learn from The Wongs. The Wongs are my other grp of mj time den update again bah.

Revenge was sweet! ~

Another weekend flew past

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Tmr is monday again, my wkend has ended ! on friday I took a mc *i cant be taking leave every friday zzz but its darn obvious to be absent at work for 3 consecutive fridays u know~* to sign myself to a new job.

The new job ain't exactly well paid or anything like that, but den~ I felt I had to leave this current co. somehow or rather..despite missing my kitty :'(


Went out at 1415..scared I would be late so I took a cab there..dunk~ It costs $8.20 T_T

Walked for 10mins to that lobby 1450, and waited and waited and waited till 1540..

*** one of the pple attending the briefing as well, went to call the HR personel in charge and eeee they say coming down now coming now..until 1540 den come lor -.-

Went up to the HR dept, and there were only 2 computers allowed for filling up the clearance form *all gabbermen co. requires this form*, there were 3 of us..

SO I WAS THE LAST and i waited and waited till the guy finished and i took over..and after tt those 2 go home sleep liao..I am still there waiting for the HR personel in charge of my contract to emerge..

FINALLY she came, and explain the contract and answer my queries..when I was done its 1750 LIAO! *** so much for efficiency -.-

Went to watch 300 at THE CATHAY with bibi,wu and beng, after all the DELAY SAGA at my new co. , so I arrived at 6+ and went to grab a bite at 满家乐 . Eek $3.80 for the instant noodles with seaweed and miso soup base..its ok la..wld have been better if its $3 -.-

And had 鸳鸯, which means coffee mix with milk tea

First time in Cinema 1, the couple seats come at normal price ^^ , beautiful deco and show starts right on time

My brain is still swirling..when shld I tender such that I can qualify for bonus if they do give me in the first place?


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I decided to take up the offer..So far no one has worked with that dept one knows the pple there..but instead of hearing pple say "I heard tt xxx gabbermen company is fiaked up..blah blah blah"..Why not try it out myself?

Now the tricky business is tendering resignation to tender? Its very hard to look at the person and tell him , "Look i wanna get my ass out of this place in a mth's time, here's the letter" -.-''' How to put it across?

Thinkin to study baking on wkends, and business management part time course..suddenly I rediscover my actual interest is still selling stuff..这才是我的老本行
So maybe I shld take up some courses to see how I can manage a biz or smth.. Any schools to recommend?

At the age of 25, I suddenly felt if I didnt try all those fashion that I like now, I prolly wld not get another chance soon.. Heard of this? Women starts to expire at 27 yrs old -.-!
I am expiring in 2 yrs omg omg omg...

Eh so at 25, I wanna look like I just stepped out of a MV (mtv) ...My new addiction: ordering TW fashion from TW Yahoo!..hoping to make the best while I can :'(

Tiring Friday

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Yesterday I just got another half day leave to "salvage" my career path again..but den~ it was not what I wanted to do..hmm and besides last week that govt. co. called me up to offer me a mind's in chaos...

The only reason I wanted to stay in tt crap place is ??:

Before u say its a cat, and a non pure breed nor pretty one..its my kitty tt I known for near a year..and it follows me around whenever I go to visit it at the backdoor..I wish to bring it home or at least house it at a shelter so it won't be exposed to the elements of weather but its a stray that has enjoyed freedom since it was can I restrict its movements becos i love might just jump down from my 14th storey flat if I keep it at home--〉 爱你变成害你 birds to see, no other cats ard~ So kitty will stay and I shall retain my memories of her from the tonnes of videos and pics i taken :(

Another reason is prolly..cos I duno if the other gabbermen co. sux like the current one or worse -.-' , as we all know gabbermen co. got alot of crap..

I have up till monday to reply to the HR *sigh*

After my interview, I went in search for the cooking school..and damn it..i can get lost in SG..
I took a bus to that area..hmm didnt see it, went opposite the road take the same down wrong stop..took another bus..went to mrt station..walked thru spooky old SGH..hey where the hell is the cooking school..FINALLY i gave up and took a cab..i was wearing ultra high heels..shiet!

Got there..hmm looks pretty ok..but when i was about to pay $2600/- for the first step towards the dream of opening a cafe.. I stopped myself..

It seems impulsive that I have not tried enpugh recipes and I am taking a professional baking course. So I took a seat at their cafe next door, and looked thru the brochure..I shall hold my horses and wait till I think I am qualified enough to wear the chef's jacket.. *its a requirement to buy your own chef's jacket for the course* and must wear the chef's hat, apron which is included in course i think i will look damn hilarious in it..really~ no kidding a kid doning a chef's attire aint convincing u know~

So I left and set off to suntec to the IT show. On the way to the IT show, I bought a new pair of slippers becos..I CLDN'T walk any more! My feet is sore from wearing those heels whole i wasted 30bucks at URS :(

Dad wanted portable HDD and I wanted to look at camcorders * as I wanna take more motion sickness from trying to focus..yay*
Bought a total of 2 thumbdrives and 1 portable HDD..i feel like i was printing money for a moment..lmao -.-'''

Went to Esplanade to eat...

Wondering whats with this chao kway tiao stall?? Why are they all wearing straw hats?? Whats with the hat..part of the uniform?

Dinner for 4..there's some that we cannot squeeze into the camera..XD

U are now looking at Hokkien Prawn Noodles and BBQ Chicken wings..fantastic wings..!

BlackListed Dim Sum Buffet: Miramar Hotel

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Went to take leave on Friday to salvage my career path..before that, went to Miramar Hotel to have dim sum buffet...

I am blacklisting this damn place for as long as I can remember..
Firstly, we nearly wondered if we were invisible to the waiters/waitresses..none came to take orders for our dim sum ..all were attending to the tourist groups, mainly japanese.
We nearly wanted to ask.."Can we change place? So we can sit amongst the tourists and have more prompt service?"

Den came this ridiculous thing :

Huh? They have new kind of dumplings INSIDE got plastic bag remains one ar??

Apparently some chef managed to throw in this plastic bag freebie into my dumpling..luckily I never eat it down..saw it when i took one bite ..about 6cm long by 5cm wide CRAP!

When we highlighted when we asked for bill, the manager who looked like a small fry came along and took the plate away when we told him, "pls ask ur kitchen to pay more attention" and pointed to the dumpling.

And he came back in a soft voice saying, "Give you all a discount ok?" And he left hastily..

We opened the "book" and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...he give us $1 ++ discount...

*** $1 u might as well dun discount... @!*@^@%!$!

Forever in my blacklist now, and I will go around telling everyone ur bad stuff. Lousy dim sum buffet at Miramar hotel!

Personality Test from 东风卫视

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Let's start with a question to test : How much seriousness does your other half treat your words with?

Question: If you have a balding problem, which of the following remedy will you choose?

A. Using ALOT of needles to prick your head
B. Apply chilli oil to your head
C. Sleep upside down

Scroll down to see answer

Now place your mouse after this line, and highlight the text to see the answers:

A: Your other half treat your words as PI HUA --> 屁话
B: Your other half treat your words as imperial verdict --> 圣旨
C. Your other half treat your words with moderate consideration.
O crap i chosen choice A...dam bibi treat my words as 屁话 and he chose choice B..i treat his words as 圣旨!!!