26/2 Sky Dining

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Last friday(23/2) I informed bibi too late..so it was too late to book the dinner to celebrate my birthday.

So on saturday nite, he booked with me beside him via the online site.

What is sky dining? This is it : Taking cable car ride for 2hrs while having dinner in it.

This is a model of it on top of Mt Faber.

The model is made of LEGO o.0 !

6pm : Rushed from office, got on first bus..arrived at bedok mrt..and ran for MRT
6.30pm: Reached Harbour Front MRT..Calls bibi on hp. "Where u?" "Haven reach.."
6.45pm: Brisk walk to Harbour Front Tower 2 shows counter staff the printed receipt and takes cable car to Mt. Faber.
7pm: Got to Mt Faber and we were told to wait awhile for them to prepare dinner..so meanwhile I went around taking pics ^^

The ultra nature lookin toilet-->OPEN concept

Just came out from the toilet and bibi took a pic of me..The cleaner behind me actually pressed the tap for me..but sorry no tips >.>

Finally dinner was prepared, and we started taking pics on the ride..
Appetiser was great, tomoto soup with smoked salmon.

Was busy taking pics of the scenary ..and my hands kept shaking..

In cable car No. 15

It was raining earlier on, luckily it stopped when we got on cable car. Else we have to take plan B which is to eat in the restaurant Altivo itself.

And something happened!
I felt sick..oh no..i had motion sickness from trying too hard to focus to take pics..Shiet!
Heng I got motion sickness tablets which I got from doc last week when I had fever.
If you have read my past entries, I had motion sickness from cruise in typhoon weather..now I am on a romantic dinner in cable car having motion sickness too..damn..I dun want to "在十万尺的高空中" puke lor...So my second course dinner was not that enjoyable as the first as my gastric was churning..I had to get bibi to cut the chicken up for me :(

The chicken with some black pepper sauce

Dory fish and the sauce had wine in it....eeeek!

In our package, it was supposed to include 2 glasses of wine..but since we didnt drink, we had 2 orange juice instead. Notice the photos at the corner? A photographer took it for us before we started dinner, and ask us to ENJOY it during dinner..have u got the hint?

Dessert was so~so..brownie cake..not hot enough and there's no vanilla ice cream :(

The photos we were told to enjoy..costs $30 for a BIG picture + 2 wallet sized pics + 2 mini frames with photo..we didnt buy the BIG huge picture..its so..dim dey --> take up space..

So $20 buy the 4 pics.. >.> its still expensive.. -_-''

2 photos in mini frame

and 2 mini pics

Some random pics...this is the cable car system..quite dark

The scenary of Sentosa

Night Singapore

After the 2 hrs cable car ride ended, my feet touched the ground AGAIN..~! Wee..i almost instantly felt better -.-
It was quite an experience, although it was pricey. Food was good minus motion sickness.

Thank you to Bibi for this arrangement and the nice present ^^

Great for pple who are declaring their love / proposing / special occasions. Imagine the girl stuck with u on the cable car ride..u can take ur time to declare/ convince her of your love..
But why is this CK image coming into my mind -___-'''

Mahjong Frenzy

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Had wanted to play mj since first day of new year, unable to find any kakis..we finally got 2 on friday... And we started at 11+pm at my hse =)

My seat was damn lousy, cos i taken over from sis who lost 25bucks already when South wind finished (1st round)..damn so finally we finished North and i picked the GOOD seat..and ta da..at 4am plus a ultra disgusting thing happened WAHAHAHA..

I had consecutively 咬三花 ,拿到猫, 蜈蚣,鸡,老鼠 within 2-3 turns..wahaha it makes 6 tai already. And all the money from 花贡..and I had to win with this disgusting mixed combi of pong and eat. Bibi was naturally disgusted being my upper leg..This round left guangquan and guohong(my kakis) sibey sian because I 自摸 七万.

Total : $6.40 x 3 *jackpot siren starts* wheeeel wheeel wheeeeel~~~

Bibi was having good cards too..he was waiting already and he asked me to take a pic of his cards to show tt he was waiting already and I won with stupid combi..>.>

At around 5am, we had hotcakes and big breakfast..and our final round started..oh man I lose 20bucks..cos i was falling asleep liao..>.< BLEAH~
Stupid guang guang win 40bucks~ BOOO!

New Year 2nd Day

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Went to bibi's hse to bai nian, and gamble abit~ Not much luck in 21 and poker..zzz

Den went to granny hse, and 2nd uncle's hse to have dinner.

A busy day with lotsa driving, and my right thigh actually got muscle ache at night -.-

*I had muscle ache on my arms for making durian puffs w/o a mixer and to think me and my sis took turns to whisk and stir those mixture >.> *


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Bought this dress at some ulu shop..and matched with my grey boots..hopefully can pull off this style..^^
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First Attempt At Durian Puffs

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The photos of the puffs before we added durian into them.
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Reunion Dinner on 17/2/07

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This year we managed to order the 盆菜 from Crystal Jade..actually there's nuttin spectacular and it costs $198 @_@
But anyway it tastes nt bad..den prawns, and fish in the wok...still cookin..and Yu Shen from sakae..
YUMMY~ bloated now >.>

Valentine's Dinner Part 2

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On 14th, we went to serangoon block 205 to have chilli crabs along with 10 man tous.
Clockwise from above pic, 10man tou, chilli crab, sambal kangkong, 2x kong bao frogs.
Total bill came up to less than 60bucks..pretty cheap eh~
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Valentine's Day Dinner Part 1

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Went to swensen's on 13th Feb with bibi and his mum, the waitress recommended the Vday couple package as it has large servings..so we took it anyway...and..woah~ we cldn't finish it with 3 persons either! The main course spicy spaghetti was not taken cos I was bloated and the ice cream cake we tao bao home. But it tastes nice and worth the money provided u can finish it..only 69bucks @ swensens.
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One BAD Apple...

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Happy Valentine's Day to ALL~

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Some news to share, certainly heartening ones:



For the second link, its about 2 skeletons who were discovered. They lived 6000 years ago..and they were found hugging each other when discovered. So lomantic ~

I told a few pple on msn and they said they can arrange for me to lie in sand in hugging position too -_-'''

Blading session 10/2/07

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Went blading on saturday, it was such a cloudless hot afternoon.
I went for facial and went to take bus to meet bibi for dinner before blading.
While on bus, i saw someone WALKING HIS BABY! Normally pple walk their dogs, suddenly i see this parent with a LEASH on his baby.. LOL~

At East Coast Park, we got down at the cable ski bus stop as bibi wanted to see what was it all about. Omg it costs 30bucks /hr..how to play!? No wonder down there in the water are all ang mohs -.-

So we walked for 15mins -_- and i went to change into my blades while bibi carried my bag and his laptop(to use at macdonablds) . Thank u dear~

So i asked bibi to take a pic of me..Damn it! He took my fat ass, even fatter den it should be >=0
I scold him den he reply, "I am not professional photographer so the photos I take shows the ACTUAL thing =) "


Beng and frens joined us, but beng was blading slowly =.=' And thank you to beng's fren for giving us a lift to mrt.

My Last Last Last update on Ex team *probably not*

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Encountered this guai shopkeeper last last week when i went shopping at Bugis.
I went into this shop and there was a group of schoolgirls waiting for try on their clothes, then this shop keeper uncle came along and said, " 你们是学生不可以穿这么低, 这么短~~"
There I was in the changing room, trying my best not to burst out laughing. XD
Then one of the salesgirl was missing from the store because she went out to buy smth w/o telling the uncle. So this uncle went around the shop, niam niam niam~ “为什么她这个时候出去, 那么久还没有回来!。。。。”

The salesgirl finally returned and the uncle said out loud, "今天很多学生, 你们要小心! 她们是学生不可以穿这么低, 这么短。。。不要给他们try..."

One salesgirl was trying so hard to hold her laughter..muahahaha

This uncle really -_-'''


I suddenly recalled this incident that happened last wednesday. Its my last day in the shiet hole, so i went to secret recipes to get this favourite cake of mine : Chocolate Banana Cake. Its huge and costs $45 (last time its more expensive) for the entire cake. I was planning to treat everyone in my team except the 3 pets and that stupid boss.

So one cake is enough. Thank you to Michael for driving me there to collect the cake.
So we brought the cake back after lunch and we see no pets and boss around. At 1.45pm, we quickly cut the cake up into 12/13 pieces, everyone complained they were too full from lunch. But i stuffed it down their throat anyway XD

Some shared their cakes so there were leftovers. As Collegue F was helping me to pack the cake up into the box. The 3 pets returned from lunch and Pet No. 1 looked at me, *i was holding the niceee chocolate cake with cream over my lips* , I walked past her smiling and biting into the creamy cake *shiok i tell u* . Then I followed collegue F into the pantry to keep the remaining 1 slice of cake into the fridge.

I would rather smash the cake into the irritating tester Kwok Ming, than to give it to the pets actually. Anyway I actually wanted to wait till they come in and offer the cake to everyone except them. Or cut up the cake for everyone and leave the box there either empty or 1 slice there, show them that I am leaving 1 slice for the 4 of em' *them = pets + boss* Muahaha somethings shld be done obvious!

Anyway Jon say dun too obvious so we kept the cake in the fridge and the 3 of us went to munch it up at 4pm :P