Mahjong Frenzy

Saturday, February 24, 2007 Posted by YY on 2:32 PM

Had wanted to play mj since first day of new year, unable to find any kakis..we finally got 2 on friday... And we started at 11+pm at my hse =)

My seat was damn lousy, cos i taken over from sis who lost 25bucks already when South wind finished (1st round)..damn so finally we finished North and i picked the GOOD seat..and ta 4am plus a ultra disgusting thing happened WAHAHAHA..

I had consecutively 咬三花 ,拿到猫, 蜈蚣,鸡,老鼠 within 2-3 turns..wahaha it makes 6 tai already. And all the money from 花贡..and I had to win with this disgusting mixed combi of pong and eat. Bibi was naturally disgusted being my upper leg..This round left guangquan and guohong(my kakis) sibey sian because I 自摸 七万.

Total : $6.40 x 3 *jackpot siren starts* wheeeel wheeel wheeeeel~~~

Bibi was having good cards too..he was waiting already and he asked me to take a pic of his cards to show tt he was waiting already and I won with stupid combi..>.>

At around 5am, we had hotcakes and big breakfast..and our final round started..oh man I lose 20bucks..cos i was falling asleep liao..>.< BLEAH~
Stupid guang guang win 40bucks~ BOOO!