The radioactive warzone

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Just yesterday evening, I got a call from mum saying that,"Your sister caught chicken pox!"

O fiak ..omgomgomgomgomg~~~ All of us (sisters) never got this before.

Straight after work I went to the nearest clinic for vaccination. I was waiting outside and reading the posters on vaccination for Flu, Cervical cancer, Hep A, Hep B.. I suddenly just thought of getting all these vaccinations all at one go. Bring it on!

Waited and entered..saw this female doctor whose eyes was as big as goh li (marble).

She asked me,"What's wrong with you?"

Me: "I nid to be vaccinated against chicken pox"

Doc: "Have you been in contact with any chicken pox patient?"

Me: "My sis just had spots this morning...-______-''' "

Doc: "Then I cannot give you the vaccination! Because we had one patient who was hospitalised becos he went to take the vaccine w/o telling the doctor that his niece whom had chicken pox was in contact with him before that. "

Doc: "Then his chicken pox was HORRIBLE *open her goh li eyes wider* "
Doc: "EVERY inch of his skin was chicken pox and he was SCARRED FOR LIFE..and he kept blaming his nieces and newphews for the disease until we found out why.."
Me: *I dun want to be scarred for life T__T *
Me: " Ok, ok den I don't take the vaccine.."
Doc: *Keeps repeating the same old granny story >.< *
Doc: "Run away from your sis if you can!"
Me: "YES i m trying to >.>"

Exits from doctor room feeling dejected..i only wanna scold *** (fill in with b,c,f,k,n,t,p,w)
Nurse says no nid to pay wor, we bill your company WEE~

I think i would bettermove away from home man..i dun want to look like planet moon -.-' with craters all over me T_T

So i decided to move to bibi's hse and at 11+pm, we took a drive back to my house.
Danger is lurking everywhere and I felt that i needed a space suit to step into this radioactive zone ..=.='

So i bolted into the house covering my nose with my tee. "Hello papa.~" And dashes for my room..but to go to my room, i nid to pass by my sick sis's room..shiet! This disease is air borne..zzz~

Closed my room door and packed like I was going to "走楼" (in cantonese means runaway, escape). Stuffed my back with whatever I can find..shiet some stuff cannot find/nt dried yet cannot bring away.zzzzzzzzzzzzz~

Then I bolted out of the room, at the door i covered my nose with the tee and said,"Bye bye papa~" Dad being disgusted with me replied,"You got so scared mah???!!!"

Hehe~ and i locked the door and took the lift downstairs.

Right now, I have 2 weeks of life left for one knows what is gonna happen in the next 14 - 21 days.....NOOOooooo~~

The unreasonable fiaking bastard customer in Essential Brews

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Just today my sis met with an unreasonable customer. Yes I know Singapore service standard is already POOR..BUT..paying for an item DOES NOT make you a KING or anyone that can use harsh words to insult another individual.

This was what happened:

First he ordered 3 flavours of ice cream, tog with his wife/gf, den my sis was scooping it
but took quite long cos one of the flavours was quite soft, cannot make into a ball to put on cone.
So~ the customer got impatient, and before my sis cld ask him if he wanna change flavour
he SHOUTED so loud, everyone in the restaurant cld hear.
Bastard : "Why is it you are taking so long? Whats so hard about it!"

* Boss comes over attempted to ask whats going on *

Bastard: "DUN EXPLAIN, dun make me SCOLD ANOTHER ONE! I cannot STAND HER FACE....blah blah blah..."
Boss : " How about get another person to serve?"
Bastard: "NO! I want HER TO SERVE ME!"
*Sis quickly scoops and handover the ice cream*
Bastard: "Dun explain just say SORRY!"

Then he took over the ice cream, and told the whoever gf/wife to EAT!

This customer damn bastard..from this I derived a way...
"When pple are nasty to u, SMILE even more to make them DL "

SMILE, and you will be providing good service while he get dui for not being able to vent his anger on you ^^

Nirai - Kanai - 冲绳食堂

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Was supposed to give dad a treat *i forgot the reason..or maybe there wasn't any in the 1st place -_-* Tio scam..tio scam >.>

Colleague K recommended this restaurant that serves Okinawan Cuisine.
Here's the name card. If you notice, they open in the evening ONLY on weekdays (incl friday) and from Sunday to Thur they open for abt 5 hours in the evening only!

Dam slack leh.. >.> Please make reservations if you wanna dine there, as we arrived with reservation we got a table.

19, Tanglin Road
#04-05 Tanglin Shopping Centre

Its around the stretch btwn tanglin mall and forum shopping centre, before the manchester united shop.

We were "assigned" to sit in the main hall facing the main entrance, inside where you can see the chefs cookin noodles and stuff was occupied by Japs already.

Whats this? Chilli padi soaked in white liquid. Of cos the curious me tasted it. It tastes like cut chillis in soya sauce except this is white colored alcohol. Abit bitter, but definitely spicy. Quite nice to put with fish, noodles and grilled sotong.

Food was not taken becos their presentation was more of home style, nothing fanciful. A fish is just a fish on the plate. As time passes, the whole restaurant begun to fill quickly with japanese and only our table was singaporeans -_-' I was beginning to think I was in japan.

And most tables ordered beer, alcohol..ours was the most low budget table LOL~ One japanese even came with suitcases, like hejust came from changi airport >.<>

Of all stuff we ordered, most impressionable was the pork belly. Cos it melts in ur mouth *nt in ur hands of course* I actually ate the entire 3 layer of pork + fat ..YUMMY~

The fried Soba was not bad, but it didn't score very high points with dad either. Grilled sotong..I think i preferred chilli beng ang sotong, this version is purely grilled with brown sweet sauce.

Fried fish was Panfried Groupa in butter, $16.60 for 1 fish , quite big is worth it.

Fried rice was great too, unagi with egg fried rice is actually like our prawn fried rice, except its with unagi pieces and egg and its tasty!

I realised they counted one glass of orange juice lesser -> discount ^^

But i ordered prok belly noodles and it nv came...aww~

The Pisces Girl

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Was dabbling in Horoscopes again recently and found a detailed site. Pretty true for some aspects..

"Pisces are . . . is a difficult sentence to finish. There are so many kinds of Pisces. Strange statement? Yes, because Pisceans are the most malleable of the twelve signs. They possess a gentle, patient nature, but one that is in want of molding. They can be impressed by and completely absorbed into their environment. They are in need of a container which will shape them, guide them. Without this guiding form, this rudder, they tend to drift."

Oh yes i tend to drift around alot, when I look like I am staring hard at this point out of nowhere, travelling in brain goes wandering. Yes, I would really like to find someone who can mould me, point me to the way that I thought should be what I want.

"Pisceans are not practical people. They are too ephemeral for normal day to day living in the 9-5 "practical" world. They are sensitive and instinctual rather than intellectual or mechanical. They lack decisiveness and are easily diverted from their purposes. They are apt to live a shiftless sort of life, searching for some career or meaning in which to pour themselves."

I know I was never practical, like wanting to be a baker even though it means poor income o.0
I am living a shiftless sort of life, lookin for something I want. Not another 9 to 5 IT job..but society says w/o this job, I cannot find that dream I want. Indecisiveness is so true, I cannot seem to properly decide on smth w/o considering all the pros and cons..sometimes, decisions affects too many stuff >.< "Pisces is a spirit on a quest for Utopia, and Utopia does not exist on this earth. Pisces is easily misled because they want to believe."

Yes, my ideal dream of learning to be a baker, when I have neither youth nor funds is definitely pointless. My utopia.. I haven realised where and what is it. As for the point on misled..I think its more of self deceit -.-'

"Because of their versatility and plasticity, they often follow several vocations during their lifetime."

I know this is not my last job..? Zzz boss shall not hear this.

"When they feel rejected or lonely they may turn to drugs or alcohol for comfort."

This is quite true, I sometimes imagine the stick biscuit as a cigarette and water as alcohol. Of course, my head tells me to just imagine and not do anything silly -.-''

"The 'absent minded professor' is a classic Pisces character, such as Albert Einstein. They don't fare well in a controlled or fixed environment and generally rebel against convention. "

Wee~ einstein is a pisces. Yeap, i dun like control freaks, non monotonous makes me dam bored.

U can find out more about ur horoscope here:

Just a few mins ago, I took some of my baby/toddler pics to "preserve" them in digital format. Share some of 比较可以看的 pics here.

Courtesy of my K800i:

Now what happened in the 20yrs in btwn the prev and next photo..i didnt like to take pics nv have much photos -_-'''

Genting II cont'd...

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Went to play Big Small after the TURNOVER, but after betting on BIG on a few rows, we won some..and started to lose when the outcome starting changing into irregular patterns. In the end, lose RM200..eeee~ Go bck sleep lor, what to do..zzzz

Before I slept, I asked a qns,"Why those girls at the casino can wear 高跟鞋 and stand so long ar? I flat slippers already feel dam tired.."

Wu replied,"Those tt wear 高跟鞋 ones, are not here to gamble one. They here to look for 金龟婿..."
Me: "..............."

Next morning woke up to see hazy scenery..hmm i missed the bo liao tt i took a video of the fog..40seconds video -.-' Then they kept saying last nite i sleep so well, that i didnt know they went out to look for 高跟鞋 ..zzzzzzzzz~

After checkout we went to "Authentic Hawker Food" for lunch, this time we ordered CLAYPOT rice, wanton mee and wu had duck rice. Bo chap la, eat liao claypot and turnover still lose..might as well eat more claypot..

Went back to casino @ non smoking area to play abit, and bibi found this LUCKY auntie to follow, and won back we become neutral, no win no lose -___-'''

So that means the sequence is eat claypot ->eat turnover -> eat claypot again. Bibi says this means 咸鱼翻身 LOL~ Then a commotion started at the table. This uncle was playing 3 pictures at the same table as lucky auntie. Then 5 other aunties were putting chips onto the uncle's bet. The uncle had 6pts which means the amt paid is halved, but apparently everyone was grabbing their earnings that the claims exceeded the amount paid by banker.

Auntie:"This one correct rite, i bet this and i collect this amt mah!"
Uncle:"Noo..wait DUN SNATCH...waiittt.."
Auntie(s): grab grab grab..commotion...
Two floor managers came and tried to resolve the problem. So they called for THE CCTV..15mins later, it somehow was resolved but everyone was so amused at them and such bad luck to have commotion at the tables that the lucky auntie LEFT...zzz

So we even out liao, take the money and go home lor.. =(
On the way out to bus terminus, we saw these monkeys out at the ledge on a cold, foggy noon.Doing what? Helping him scratch his butt o.0

Go tour somehow must take one photo rite, this time nt so cold, yay sleeveless take pic on Genting..too bad there was no ice cream in my hands...

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On the way back to SG, jam jam jam..knn board @ 3.30pm, i 12 midnight den reach singapore soil. Zzz wasted 16hrs of my youth travelling up and down highlands.

Genting Part II

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Went genting during last wkend. This time its peak season, we decided to take a risk of bookin hotel when we reach there. So coach was with Five Stars Travel.

Set Off Time: 2130
Total Head count: 7

Got on coach, all's fine except some roaches crawling ard..-.-'
Reached customs, officer in msia says,"Pls change ur photo"
0.o? I tot two month ago no one said anything about changing photo..i grew old over 2 mths ar???

Got back on coach, suddenly driver zham brake..zzz i was too tired to care..
In the coach, I had a dream. I dreamt I was feeling like chillis was rubbed into my eye, so I took my contact lens out to wash. I was washing this lens what was as big as a pond -_-'

Suddenly I awoken to find that.. my left eye was burning cos the lens was out of place from me leaning on bibi's arm to sleep. Zzz talk about dreams are opposite from reality? eye was burning..its true. LOL~

After tt bo liao dream *waste of my brain juice*, I fell asleep..At 4am++, bibi said,"Wake up, we are reaching soon.."
Me : *dreamy eyes* How long more?
Bibi: 22km
Me: Orh...*slumps into seat again*

The next thing I knew, we arrived @ Genting at 6.18am

The other time we took coach at 12.30am, reached at 6.40am. This time took at 930pm, reach at I duno why this driver so slow..22km take 2hr?
Heard from those who were awake that the coach could hardly climb the height with that amount of weight.

And further more, this bus is NOT FROM Five Stars one lor. Give us lao ya stuff..rem DUN BOOK 5 STARS!

So we checked in lugagge and was informed that there are NO ROOMS left @ First world. Ok fine. Soon after, they went to gamble, while i snoop ard the non smoking area.

At 12noon plus, I was irritated by the fact that we have NO ROOM TO REST IN yet..So bibi took the sulky me along with wu to Genting Hotel.

Wee~ Nice view from hotel..costs RM 335, it somehow better be nice zzzz~
I love my K800i..

Inside the hotel room..I was hesitating to take pics..i scared smth blurry turns out in the pic how....? But they had bad common sense to put the mirror in front of the bed, seriously.

Room service is not here yet, so we went for lunch at this place called " AUTHENTIC HAWKER FOOD" Sounds vv corny eh.. =.='

And one plate of wanton mee costs Rm12++........ T_T Come Genting ar, make me feel carroty -.- But nvm, it tastes nice. ^^ *no more substandard dim sum @ hao you ji ..which i had at in the morning*

Since we were losing $, we decided to eat CLAYPOT, those pan dan pple feel claypot means lose all, so they dun eat. Since we already lose liao, we bo chap..order claypot mee!

Went back to hotel, bathed and snooze..omg its evening le. But ong and company MIA, cannot find them thru phone. As the Ong gang had no auto roaming, bibi lend ong his phone. We were speculating that ong must have pawned bibi's K800i. LOL~

Went to this place called Hainanese Kitchen or smth, supposed to be Hainanese stuff la.

*** so lousy, the rice NO TASTE! Later colleague K told me, it must be vietnam rice -.-'

Poor presentationg..blah blah blah. I m a dissatisfied customer =.='

Total bill is Rm62+ some more. Eat at authentic hawker only RM52..eeeeeee~

Went to gamble abit but as usual, lose leh..Tot eat claypot liao can revive..zzz~

So we went back and watch SG vs Aus at Astro Channel. After that, we went down to "The Bakery" to eat supper at 1am+

Night view taken from the cafe, we had our meal outside with natural aircon. Perhaps the boredom got into me, I suggested see who can stand outside longest in short sleeves/shirtless and prolly we shld all 3 (wu, bibi, me) get a ice cream cone and start eating it in the cold night while pedestrains stare at us. >.>

Night view from hotel room

While we were thinkin about what to eat, and wu was lookin for cheese cake..I saw this. YES! This is what we need, A TURNOVER! So i ask bibi to eat this while I get mexico bread, wu got danish pastry.

Al fresco dining in natural aircon rox!