Genting II cont'd...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:47 AM

Went to play Big Small after the TURNOVER, but after betting on BIG on a few rows, we won some..and started to lose when the outcome starting changing into irregular patterns. In the end, lose RM200..eeee~ Go bck sleep lor, what to do..zzzz

Before I slept, I asked a qns,"Why those girls at the casino can wear 高跟鞋 and stand so long ar? I flat slippers already feel dam tired.."

Wu replied,"Those tt wear 高跟鞋 ones, are not here to gamble one. They here to look for 金龟婿..."
Me: "..............."

Next morning woke up to see hazy scenery..hmm i missed the bo liao tt i took a video of the fog..40seconds video -.-' Then they kept saying last nite i sleep so well, that i didnt know they went out to look for 高跟鞋 ..zzzzzzzzz~

After checkout we went to "Authentic Hawker Food" for lunch, this time we ordered CLAYPOT rice, wanton mee and wu had duck rice. Bo chap la, eat liao claypot and turnover still lose..might as well eat more claypot..

Went back to casino @ non smoking area to play abit, and bibi found this LUCKY auntie to follow, and won back we become neutral, no win no lose -___-'''

So that means the sequence is eat claypot ->eat turnover -> eat claypot again. Bibi says this means 咸鱼翻身 LOL~ Then a commotion started at the table. This uncle was playing 3 pictures at the same table as lucky auntie. Then 5 other aunties were putting chips onto the uncle's bet. The uncle had 6pts which means the amt paid is halved, but apparently everyone was grabbing their earnings that the claims exceeded the amount paid by banker.

Auntie:"This one correct rite, i bet this and i collect this amt mah!"
Uncle:"Noo..wait DUN SNATCH...waiittt.."
Auntie(s): grab grab grab..commotion...
Two floor managers came and tried to resolve the problem. So they called for THE CCTV..15mins later, it somehow was resolved but everyone was so amused at them and such bad luck to have commotion at the tables that the lucky auntie LEFT...zzz

So we even out liao, take the money and go home lor.. =(
On the way out to bus terminus, we saw these monkeys out at the ledge on a cold, foggy noon.Doing what? Helping him scratch his butt o.0

Go tour somehow must take one photo rite, this time nt so cold, yay sleeveless take pic on Genting..too bad there was no ice cream in my hands...

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On the way back to SG, jam jam jam..knn board @ 3.30pm, i 12 midnight den reach singapore soil. Zzz wasted 16hrs of my youth travelling up and down highlands.