Boss VS YY Saga

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It all started with my mc of 1.5days on 16th, and the idiotic moronic tester, and my boss and the stupid program I am 'in charge' of...

Email 1 21/11/2006 from boss:

as I've mentioned before, please take ownership and follow-up on the defects on *ur process*. *teamlead* and I cannot be always bugging after you to solve the defects. I know *ur process* may be a big process, but I do not see you putting in the extra effort and initiative effort to get these done.I do not wish to have to 'force' you to do OT to get your work done, we are all professionals and should be doing our due diligence.

Have you also finished ALL your *another process* construction? *yet another process*?

I want to have a face-to-face meeting with you to discuss all these. I will come back some time this week to meet you.


* xxxx * is replaced to "protect" the identity of this shietty company..lmao
See the email liao, I SBDL..somemore I was using vpn to do some work when i was on MC..and she send me this SHIT! I TRIED to rationally draft a reply..
Sent to bibi...and den~

Email Reply Draft 1 from YY:

Perhaps we have got different working styles to start with.

It is unknown to me on the way things work here for defects is to update daily progress and to constantly bug collegues on their progress on defects, what I perceived was updating the status of defects by updating the pieces of papers passed around from time to time.

Thus I am now in the process of learning to be taking initiative in approaching fellow collegues for their defects updates.

The urgency and deadline of the defects was known to me after you called me on friday
17/11/2006 at around 7pm. Upon your request, I have used vpn to work on the defects through the weekend. My personal perspective of extra effort did not include OT, as on several occasions OTs have been wasted trying to resolve some errors which was due to other collegues making changes without informing the rest. My personal preference would be using vpn to work.

Major problems for *process name* defects faced is trying to get *collegue's name* to help in *technical terms* errors, as he is going in and out of office since
user test started. On my side, the main problem is catering for scenarios which has been just decided upon.

Due to having little knowledge about java and domain knowledge on this project, I rely alot on support from fellow collegues for methods and how-to-do thus I
do take much longer time on solving defects and implementing new stuff to cater for new scenarios.

Right now there is many new issues to resolve and I certainly require much time to understand and work around.

Thank you for your understanding.

As for the meeting, please let me know the time,venue and date.

A helpful collegue said my email was too confrontational and unlike a female he amended my approach and I sent the final copy below..sounds like a SICK LAMB i tell u...

Email 2 from YY to boss :

I apologise that I didnt update you on the defects progress frequently as you preferred, as all along I thought I just needed to update the pieces of paper being passed around. This is because I am not used to such a protocol as it is the first time I am working here. I will talk to *team lead name* about it and ensure I'm informed on how things are done. Therefore I am now in the process of learning to be taking initiative in approaching fellow collegues for their defects updates.

I am aware of the urgency of the defect solving upon your call last friday, but I apologise if I was slow to respond last weekend as I was feeling quite terrible and was on MC. I believe you have high expectations of everyone in *team name* and that I may not have done as much as some, but I have commitments at home, hence I try not to OT unless it is necessary. Normally I will do my work by VPN instead of staying in the office.

Regarding the *process name* progress, due to some new requirements,I am currently working on a new controller that has taken up most of my time for the past few days over other defects. I did not think it was important to update you on this as I have already told *team lead name* about it via phone calls.

The progress is not as fast as I want it to be. One reason is that I am not as proficient in the coding as I hope to be and need much support from other collegues on implementation issues, the other is because *another collegue's name* has some vital parts that needs to be resolved along with mine.

I hope you can understand my problems and the fact that I am keen on finishing my parts. Your advice and criticism is welcomed and I look forward to the meeting.

Thank you for your understanding.


Reply from Boss, Email 3 :

Hi *my name*,

I note and accept your explanation.

As I have mentioned during the interview, it is not going to be easy working in *the moronic project name*, simply because it is an over-run project, thus everything is crucial and urgent, and needs to be done almost immediately. Loads of extra time and effort will be expected to be put in. I have no issue with you working from home. In fact, it is not my style to make my people do OT for the sake of doing OT. I will go by deliverables. When things need to be done by a certain date, I expect each of us to put in the effort to make it happen. In cases when this cannot be done, I always advocate for staff to tell me early, so that we can find a solution together, and not wait till the 11th hour. So while you update *team lead name* and through the pieces of paper, I would also like you to come and talk to me. This is so that I know what is happening / progressing / not progressing.

Everyone of us has personal / family commitment out of office, I do not expect you to 'sell' yourself to *lousy company name* , so if you have any issues, please do come and discuss with me. We will work out a solution together. I cannot accept my staff 'disappearing' without informing me or updating me on the progress of tasks assigned. Take for example last Friday, we had a prior arrangement to meet, but you went on MC without telling me. You did not even reply to my sms. This is a behavior that I cannot accept. Even if you have informed *team lead name*, you should also let me know personally.

Moving forward, I've seen the updates from you these few days. This is good. Keep it up.

One more thing to add: Please try to mingle and talk (not only vis msn) to the team more often. Try to have more human interaction with people around you.

Zzzz what does she mean about human interaction? Bah? I got talk to them what..only when U (<- boss)are not around. I not like those HUA DAN x3 always know how to wayang ok...As for disappearance..o well..i know perfectly what to tell her..its the truth what I dun have her blah dee number..

From YY to boss , Email 4:

Hi *boss name*,

I think there is a need to clarify some matters regarding the 'disappearance' last thursday. I had arrived in office and felt very sick in the stomach, and was going in and out of the toilet since 8.30am. Therefore I missed the first meeting on that morning, and at the subsequent meeting at 11am plus, I left half way as my stomach was churning. While I was still in the toilet, I was informed by jonathan that the meeting had ended, feeling terrible I decided to visit the doctor straightaway to get an MC.

Upon returning to the office from the toilet, I realised the others had left for lunch except *team lead name*, so I informed her that I would be going to the doctor to get MC.
While I was at the doctor at 2pm plus, I got an sms from an unknown number, thinking it was from a collegue I decided to sms *team lead name* again to confirm that I am at the doctor in process of getting an MC. I apologise on the assumption that *team lead name* would have informed you about my whereabouts, and secondly I had lost most phone numbers after upgrading my handphone SIM card to 3G SIM card. But not to worry, I have gotten your number again from *team lead name*.

As for human interaction, personally I feel some coding queries are better communicated via MSN thus I use MSN frequently. Whereas some queries would be clarified easier with a face to face talk, I would take the initiative to do so. Lunching together has enabled me to gel better with fellow collegues too over the months.

Hopefully this email will prevent further misunderstanding.


End of email conversatino although she says she will meet me to talk, when she meet den I update i go feed kitty first

What do you live for?

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What do I live for?

I live to spend time with my loved ones, family, frens.
I live to enjoy what I love to do, which is definitely not 赛里死。

I live to enjoy the sunshine,
feel the wind,
enjoy delicious food,
feed kitty *although she is a proud cat, I can feel her closer to me everyday*

Suddenly one day, you realise you are going to be 30 yrs old but you have nothing to your name,
nothing to dream about, nothing to live for...

Everyday you come to the office, put on your fake smile, equip your highest defence armour *to prepare for backstabbing and arrows flying in your direction*, wear your highest attack weapon *emails shootout : outlook express*

Before you know it, on your death bed, you think about what have you done in your entire life..
You start to regret all the OTs you done, you think about what you own ...
And you quickly close your eyes, hoping for life to end sooner..because you never own anything,
you only owe....

Boo~ I dun want to be an employee all my life..I wanna do my own biz..I wanna earn my own money, it may not turn out to be a BIG business..but I can say I have enjoyed the process and outcome no matter how it turns out. I wouldn't wonder at my twilight light years, "what if i had..." "WHAT IF..." , at least I tried.

Some say they want to be an employee, get their pay cheques every mth..worry about nothing, isn't that good, they say? But have you ever heard of an employee getting richer than the employer? I am sure there isn't any, else the employee wld have ended up in ICAC liao.

怪弟弟 Part 2

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This morning I was feeling damn sian from the dumb s email last nite ...and missed the blah dee bus....was stoning when someone went "Meow!"

I turned and it was 怪弟弟, he said, "早啊!" I replied,"不早了, 八点半了". He must have sensed he hit a brick wall..and he remained slient..on the bus no.38 he sat down first, so I sat elsewhere..but within his sight.

Den we alighted and walked to office without much i was about to walk to my office staircase, he asked, "Can give me your number?"
Me: " nid bah..." >.>
怪弟弟: "Please, can i have your number?"
Me: "不用吧。。。。"
怪弟弟: "Den nvm lor.."
*Sprints up the stairs* there a bet going on behind those guys like who can get HER number first? Wee~ 2 pple asked my number I have lived on earth for 24yrs..only 2 pple T_T
Damn saddening~


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Wee~ Heard from collegues that boss's boss who sits less than 3m away from me is marking me.

O yes jon i got your msg, ok zip now?

As for why he mark me, I cant find any reasons as to why he wont do so..because:

  1. I leave work at 6pm on the dot everyday unless..i thrice a mth at most
  2. I disappear from my desk twice a day..for abt 20mins but hey add up total 40mins isn't that same as going to the loo at regular intervals?
  3. I haven finished my work, yes I know I haven finish my work
  4. He walks past and sees me surfing non work related sites, msn..o yes..but i dun have rear mirrors on the back of my head
  5. I DO NOT chat/talk to him. Whats there to say? How's ur fishes today? Lame shit!
How can u be so bo chap u say? Eh..but i m like that?

Ok, right now I am doing my work, i am not surfing non work related webbies except jobstreet and jobsDB.

On MC and that bitch had to ruin my day!

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If you find my posts getting angrier..oh yes I am!

Had stomach upset when i reached office on thursday morning...but went to work anyway cos i was supposed to go give my statement on the stupid lost wallet *which i got back already on wednesday*

Was in the loo trying to do my business when Jon smsed me.."U in office? We having meeting in audi, come now." I replied,"Just leave me in the loo, i stomache."
When i went back after sometime..they were still in the meeting and Jon smsed,"You made the right choice not to come, they go on and on like we are pri sch kids."

At 10am plus, there was yet ANOTHER boring meeting for our team..And boss stopped me along the way and told me later got meeting for YOU and LX.

The sitting arrangement during meeting was hilarious...Her pets seated beside her like her left and right hand she announced her pets' tasks for the testing period tt's upcoming...

Halfway in the meeting for our team, my stomach started churning i went off to the loo and never came back ^^

Den i decided i should go give my statement and head home to see doctor..feeling very uncomfortable..and FIAK! The policeman fly my kite...he told me lunch time come but he's on night shift..waste time~

Took a cab to police station, $3.50..take cab home $14..zzzzzzz!

Rested for 1hr, soon it was shld be opened..and i went is MISSING..he's late...-.- And first thing he came..he went to check on his fishes and fish tank lamp.. =.=

So i went to on to tell doc whassup and he gave me 2 days MC..*WOOT~* Den, boss sms me, "Where are you? We are having a meeting." Apparently, I didnt tell her i went home for half day MC LMAO~ I only told my team leader..expecting her to tell boss..SO i went to sms my team leader to ask her help me tell boss i m on half day mc. Not I XL or what la..but i just dun feel like replying her.

Friday evening..was relaxing..and waiting for dinner when an unfamiliar number called, picked up AND IT WAS boss...

Boss: "yy, a number of severity 1 defects were raised today. I need you to come back during the weekend to OT and clear the defects as the blah blah blah had to be completed by next week."

Me: *WTF i m on MC and u call me to ask me OT!!!* "I should be using VPN to work on it"

Conversation goes on for 30secs *i forgot what she said..i was boiling over*

Rest of the day, mood RUINED! This incl. the current moment...the defects raised, I cant solve becos i duno how to..really, the pgrm aint written by me..its by some china tmp staff..and he didnt complete that section of code....

Later i logged on vpn and i saw an email from boss with subject - Where are you? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Monday is DND..i m glad we withdrew..i cant imagine sitting with those bitches..i rather forgo the $88 dinner.

Recommended : 1 litre of tears (J Drama)

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Recently just chiong finished this 11 episodes JDrama called "1 Litre of Tears".
Its a tear jerker, and supposed to be inspiration show.

You can find it on youtube by searching the show title.

Its based on a true story where a 15yr old girl get struck by a rare incurable disease which will slowly rob her of her abilities to walk, talk, write and eat.

In the drama, the girl has a bf whom was patient and stood by her.
Of course, the real life character did not encounter such a good guy..good patient guys that stand by sick partners are nearly extinct *i shant say there isnt any*
The real life character wished for love, that's why the director incl. a fictional bf inside the drama.

Heard from collegue that her guy fren cried from episode 3 to 4. And beng was saying..its such a sad show..~ Stupid beng say I cold blooded..and Ah girl asked if I was a reptile -___-''

But I didnt feel sad...until Episode 8,9,10..where 生离死别 was gonna take place.

Some memorable quotes:

"If you want to talk, no matter how slow I will listen to you. If you want to walk no matter how slow I will walk with you."

"What is my purpose for living?"

The most heard japanese words throughout the show : "Gomenasai" = Sorry.

Overall rating : 4 / 5 , abt 2-3 days can chiong finish. Last episode 11, was abit boring and abrupt though.

My New Penpal : Co. IR 4

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Just today i got a NEW penpal in office, we converse by MS Outlook.
The birth of Co. IR4 , he is strange..when i msn him..he doesn't reply..or gives something out of this world.

For example using MSN,
Me: "This process cannot create using basic data?"
Co. IR4: "Ok, I will look into it."

o.o??? I tot i was asking a question..he didnt reply me at all. Worst of all, even his emails take 5 days to process..but no reply until i shoot it to boss...blah dee hell~

So now i have given up on msn-ing him, I send emails directly to him and boss. Thats how we penpals -___-'''

Company Irritants No. 1, 2 , 3

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This week is a push the shit week...Company Irritants decided to try and act smart and push all their jobs to other pple so that they can go to the client's site to do testing.

Who was the unlucky chap? Ah jon lor...he got the most lousy written, lengthy module and fiak..that module has 16 errors waiting to be solved! I duno what that Co. IR1 is doing in office..apparently she cant solve or she duno or she purposely duang1 until now lor..That was for monday's shit..

Tuesday, Co. IR2 pushed one of his shit to Ah Jon..poor thing =.= Why i say poor thing? Cos this new shit has got a fatal error and is due for testing 2 weeks later..bwahahahah~

Co. IR1 even tried to push one of her shitty stuff to my grp member..TWICE!
Irritating biatch..she came and said, "Can so-and-so help do the xxx module?"
My grp leader:"No..she not proficient enuff to do..." *sua taiji...~~~*
den Co. IR1 backed off..the next day she tried again using MSN to push this shit to my grp mate again..zzzzzzzzz

As for why was Ah Jon targetted...he thinks maybe he ate too much lunch with those who ANTI the Co. IR(1,2,3)..afterall he used to jog with boss and Co. IR sometime earlier in the year.

These 3 Co. IR..duno what they do lor..after they push all their jobs away..they wanna go help testers to test the pgrm at client's site issit? What a way to slack hur..stupid pets..

Boss has stupid arrangements..incl. these 3 irritants, when the modules we are in charge of is tested, we programmers nid to go down to client's site too...den why do we nid those 3 morons?

Boss says,"You all just stand ard..when got tester nid help, u all go str8 away!"
Yeah rite..she must have never heard of this phrase, "Too many cooks will spoil the broth" ..what a waste of youth/time doing such stupid things!

Nice quotes to make ur girl MELT~

Monday, November 13, 2006 Posted by YY on 1:50 PM comments (1)

Quoted From :

Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears.
The woman came out of a man's rib.
Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior,
but from the side to be equal.
Under the arm to be protected,and next to the heart to be loved.

Despite the nice quote above, jerry said,"Women nowadays are made out of man's head. Cos they always wanna step all over them... >=0"
See jerry..i told i will tell everyone your MCP dare u say that about women ! Too bad i dun have high readership to bombard u :p

And a nice story :

My husband was an engineer. Since I met him, he was always an unflappable rock in my life. I knew he always had his feet firmly planted on the ground, and it seemed that no matter what else went crazy, he would be the one constant.

Three years of romance, and two years of marriage later, I got tired. He was the most unromantic man I know. He never bought me flowers, he never surprised me, and nothing changed in our marriage.

After some time, I finally found the courage to tell him that I wanted to leave him. He just sat there, speechless. My heart froze... what kind of man was I married to that didn't even know what to say to make me stay?

After a while, he spoke, "What can I do to change your mind?". "I will stay if you can give me a good answer to this question," I replied coldly. "If I asked for a flower that grew on a cliff, and you knew that getting it for me means certain death, would you get it for me?". His face grew troubled. "Can I give you an answer tomorrow morning?" he asked. Hearing that kind of answer, my heart died. I knew that I could never be happy with a man who couldn't even give me a answer straight away.

The next morning, when I woke up, he was missing. In the living room, under a warm glass of milk, was a note. My eyes grew misty as I read it... "Dear, I have my answer. I will never pick the flower for you if it meant certain death. But before you leave, I hope you can give me a chance to give you my reasons.... You will always sit in front of the computer and type about for the whole day, but everytime you will end up in tears cause your formating will always go all over the place... I need my fingers, to do the formating for you, so your tears will become smiles. You like to travel, but would always get lost... I need my eyes, so that I can bring you to the nicest places on earth. Everytime you leave the house, you would always forget your keys... I need my legs, so that I can run home to open the door for you. You never knew how to take care of yourself... I need my hands to help you get rid of the pesky white hair you hate so much when you grow old, to trim your nails, to feed you.

So you see, that's why I can't pick the flower for you. Until I find someone who loves you more than I do, I will need my body to take care of you. If you accept my reasons, then open the door, where I will be waiting with your favourite muffin." With tears streaming from my eyes, I opened the door, and there he stood, with a extremely worried look on his face. He still had nothing to say, but just stood there waving the packet he had in his hand in front of me. And then I knew for a fact that I will never find another man who will ever love me as much as he does.

Smth strange...

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I was walking to office this morning in a bad mood cos its monday and regd the damn sms yesterday...

When suddenly someone say "hey!"..looked to my left..oo its the malay guy tt i see when i feed cats. He starts talking abt some stuff...* i m glad he didnt say that aye its a nice weather today -.- *

Went to our respective offices, at 9am i went to feed kitty..kitty was hungry today, i guess she recovered from her "fever" last week.

Then the malay guy came out from the backdoor..and smiled at me..
I got uneasy when he talked to me last time about smth funny...

He talked talked talked..and ask about " U have a bf?"
o.0 "Eh yeah..." quickly exits back to office to hide...zzz

This morning..he was talking to his collegue and he saw my hp got m1 he asked," u also m1?" Me, "yah..."

Then he suddenly said," whats ur phone number?"..I nv answer and went inside to wash my hands..i was thinking m not giving him my number..for what???

So i went back to pat my cat..and he was still there..i tot he got my hint abt not answering his qns just now..apparently he didnt and he asked me the same qns ," Can i have ur phone number?" And I answered,"Ah for need bah..."

Embarassing man... one asked my number before ok? *shit* i know i m not popular.. *hurmph*

A suay week

Sunday, November 12, 2006 Posted by YY on 1:27 PM comments (0)

After my last movie with beng on 3rd Nov, i discovered his suayness has been passed to me!

As you read from this week's posts, I have several irritating encounters with boss..Just 5 minutes ago, she smsed me..RIGHT ON A SUNDAY NOON with this :

"Hi, loads of defects were raised yesterday. Pls work on them and give me an update. Thanks.
-xxx(Boss's name) "

Irritating piece of shit !!!

Ok back to this friday, beng, ks, wu, me went for movies at Vivocity again~ This time we decided to spend $9.50 each to secure a tkt for "The Prestige" and book online. Money is well spent this time, I rate this movie 4.5 / 5. Nice plot and all~

Before the movies, we went to Toa Payoh for dinner and had some fish and chips that beng recommended was GD...
$4.50 for one slice of fried fish, tasteless coleslaw, fries was sooo expensive!
The fish indeed taste pretty good, but heck its so ex~

After tt we went for dessert at this newly opened shop. $2.50 per dessert..hmm..nt vv cheap eh..and they serve little variety..ok maybe they are new la.
The lady boss came to talk to us ..she told us the rent there is 12k per she cannot afford give us discount >.>

Friday was really a suay day cos i lost my entire wallet..dun ask me why..cos i dropped it on the floor while changing seats at the hawker centre..and 5mins later i realised, someone said they saw an auntie took it away

U AUNTIE! U better mail me back the cards, they freaking cost alot to replace..fook!

I think I need this seriously, no joke. My sis bought this from Comic Connections at $ i grabbed it for a pic..hehe =)

Den wtf are u here for?

Thursday, November 09, 2006 Posted by YY on 8:47 AM comments (0)

From boss:

"yy, you need to constantly follow-up for those defects under your charge. This defect was raised since 16 Oct."

O yea? My charge? What u mean?
Den wtf are u here for? O wait, dun tell me I ain't interested to know..really~
Fyi, this boss knows who this defect has been assigned to, and she jolly well knows who the hell is in charge of doing that part of the program. Then why issit under my charge? Becos i m in charge of the process? Den why she is needed at all here in the first place? If I were to chase these people ard, what about my own stuff?

Den why's she here?
To go jogging with her pets after work?
Or is it to celebrate her birthday with her pets?
Or is it to WALI ? *WALI = walk ard and look important*
Or to play tennis/badminton with her boss after work?


And her pet aka Company Irritant No.1 , actually had the audacity to pass me the task assigned to her at first. I was supposed to clear HER SHIT..

And guess what I rarely even saw her name inside the list for the new tasks scheduled in sept (due in nov) fact no one knows what her pets' duties are inside the new tasks scheduled.

And my freaking name appeared 4 times! Brillant!
See the conspiracy ?

U may say I m sensitive over this issues, but i seriously do not think so.

Here's an article, which is so darn true~

PISSED to the MAX!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 Posted by YY on 9:35 AM comments (0)

This suayness has been surrounding me since friday upon meeting beng for movies..
Beng pls take back the suayness now~

Got damn pissed of eye-R-aye-ass and registry of companies..*** make me so mad!

Now another mail comes along to piss me off, this bloody tester called Yong Kwok Ming. *******
Notice the vugular language is now in ***, yah cos beng say my blog vugular wor.. *hurmph*
It wasnt mean to be kiddy friendly u know -.-

And anyway, this idiotic moron went to send an email to my boss, his boss, my team leader to say he faces MULTIPLE problems in testing, so my boss send me email ask me to WORK EXTRA HARD to solve his problems so he can continue testing.

*** lah, my boss duno is stupid or ignorant or what ****, she cannot see that the problems encountered by the tester is NOT UNDER ME meh? My boss knows what thing is under me, whats not..ask me work extra hard for ****. I also cannot solve it mah, must be those in charge den can help the stupid moronic idiot tester.

I hate this guy! I hate it when he comes here and talk talk talk..

I wanna leave this ****ing idiot place..away from these moron(s). Makes me sooooo mad!

Friday 03/11 at VivoCity

Sunday, November 05, 2006 Posted by YY on 12:35 AM comments (0)

Last friday, we decided to watch Prestige at GV located in VivoCity at Harbour Front.
Blur me forgot to bring the complimentary tickets out so I went to meet my sis to get it in orchard den went down to harbour front.

Wu reached earlier and i was supposed to contact him to meet and buy tkts it was abit strange..
As i was pondering about whether to call or i typed a sms..and went out of the MRT station..suddenly someone flashed past to get my attention, Oh~ It was wu..i no nid to sms liao..hehe

So we made our way up the shopping complex, and finally found the obscure cineplex..zzz it doesnt look like a cinema entrance..
Queued up and the counter girl said, 21:40 "The prestige" SOLD OUT!
Wtf? We reached at 7.15pm to buy tkt for 9.40pm show..sold out....bah!
So we asked if the compliementary tkts cld be used for 00:30 show..she said, "Eh can" Then this noob counter girl continued to scan the barcode repeatedly..finally she gave up..cos the computer doesnt accept it.

So she bothered her nearby collegues for help..and someone came over and told us the complimentary cant be used for midnight show..
URGH..~ waste of time..So our hopes for watching "The Prestige" went down the drain..

Bibi and beng were on the way when i called them..but 10mins later there was no signs of them...Yes, they got LOST in the huge shopping complex..Lmao~

So we decided to watch "The Guardian" instead since it starts at 23:45-->nt midnight yet
But heck, we got too much free time on hand now..from 8pm to we went for dinner at Queensway area..den shopped alittle at Queensway Shopping centre..but its only 9plus

Anyway it was charged at per entry parking, we decided to head back to VivoCity..So we took a stroll ard...
Outside vivocity, u can see sentosa..Me, bibi, yeyi, yueming(JC classmates) used to study at World Trade Mac/Kfc..but since it was tore down, we never returned..Ah~ now i see some familiar scenary

By the "sea" there's some benches..and this strange looking "pond" with a circular thingy made up of shells only..interesting~ The water is supposed to go thru down the hole in the circular shell structure.

After awhile, we decided to go back to the aircon area..and we saw a series of shops selling those cute stuff.. (Mu-eem, Action City, Mini Toons)

Went into one of the shops, saw Candy long time since i saw it..hmm where's the price tag, i i went to enquire and to my surprise..wee its S$1.50/100grams..thats' cheap compared to cold storage u know..$2/100grams

And it comes with such cute plastic bag..hehe~

The stuff we chose, sour apple, coke, marshmallows, coke gummy..etc~

Then we went past Swensens..this swensens looked terms of deco, we decided to have some dessert..Earth Quake..8 flavours of icecream with toppings.

The interior design of the odd looking swensens...

We encountered another noob at Swensens, the waiter was a trainee..and he looked so..blur and a daze while we tried to tell him the 8 flavours..nonetheless the earth quake arrived.

With my shaky hands, i tried to take pictures..and they had to wait for about 2mins before they cld charge in to eat.
Flavours : Thin mint, mocha chocolate fudge(i think), rum raisin, blue berry, mango, yam
Chocolate chip, strawberry.

It costs me $ T_T..ok fine i know i have been a free loader for a long time, its time to repay >.>
After a fulfilling dessert, we went to the sky garden on lvl3. This is the playground with interesting colors. The slides and tunnels...but no longer in they have soft ground for kids =)

From sky garden, we went one more lvl "ponds" and some breath taking scenary..

Beng could not resist the temptation to dip his feet into the pond...we attempted to kick his slipper down..he protested saying his slippers would become heavy after soaking up water.. >.>

Another side of the garden...

There was a gallery, guess its for performances..and there's some pple resting under the night sky

Soon it was 23:40, we went down to lvl2 cineplex to discover..7-11 is closed! I thought its 24 hrs store..zzz

So we bought the LOUSY hotdog bread..its really lousy..dun buy GV's snacks.

The Guardian : 3.5/5 , cos the hero had to die..shit! But the movie had a nice pace, and some nice lookin guys..ok 4/5 den.

I don't like heros to die..they shld learn from Jacky Chan..he's the hero and he nv

Stalker that i will always remember : C.K

Friday, November 03, 2006 Posted by YY on 10:43 AM comments (1)

The story starts like this since yr 2001..

This guy suddenly appeared one day when i was queueing up for smth with a course mate then he ask if we want the model answers for xx module.

So me and my fren say we wan, the guy aka ck ask us for email then we give him lor..*who suspect so much* He really did send us the answer .

One fine day, that ck say hi to me at bus stop..i blur blur duno who say hi to me >. >
He added me on icq and he always ask me out, ask me wanna go msia with him anot. -.-' alone with him so i always rejected with "ahh no la..." *btw he's from msia but is PR liao*

Fast fwd>>>>>i see him around in school often and went town with him b4..until when IA (industrial attachment during yr3)started, i dun see him ard of course..btw he's retained so he's having a 1 week holiday in march and was very free. So much so...that suddenly one fine day he say he got car, ask me wanna get a lift anot since he returning rented car on the way to go my IA company.

DAY 1 (March 2004)

Thats when the adventure 7.30am from west area (my hse)

He was supposed to drive me from my hse to go to my IA co. at chinatown...HOWEVER..
He took a BIG BIG BIG round, on the xpressway..when i saw that i asked him why and he replied, " I wanna be with you longer and look at you" *Eeeekk*

Shit! I am in a moving vehicle and I cant run..should I jump car..these thoughts kept running thru my mind..
Nvm...i bid my time and i told him.."u drive me to my place sooner, then we can have kopi also what."
Ck : *slams forehead* "Yah hor, why i so stupid..."
Me : bah~

Then our car was at this woodlands area, we were stopping at the traffic light. At that time we were at the first row of cars stopping. Then he saw no cars moving in the other direction and HE DASHED across the road! *we at red light, other junction green but no cars moving across*

So we were stationary at the red lgith, behind the lines when he suddenly released braked and sped fwd..
WTF? My life was in great danger..imagine if there's suddenly cars from the green light path..we would crash and I will never make it to work that morning, not to mention blog abt this incident -___-'''

After that, I was convinced he must be crazy..omgomgomg~ and I cant run I tried to stay calm
then he drive until AYE area..we route route route around chinatown...and cannot find the way to the IA co. cos yy < -.-''' Issit...? At this point of time, we were wandering around chinatown maze....and this ck did smth so dumb..he actually went to horn at the driver beside us while we were stopping at traffic light, asked the driver to wind down his windows and asked," Hey, u know how to go Maxwell Food centre?" Yah and the other driver must be thinking he's nuts or what..and all reply this direction, that direction... Finally thru a illegal right turn, I reached the IA company nearly 10am!! And ck said he will wait for me during lunchtime..not wanting to be a BAD FREN..i say ok den. Upon arrival, Zzzzzz I sheephisly greeted all, and told me IA sup--> Shawn about what happened.
Until about was lunch and i went to eat with him and quickly went back to office..before I left he said he will come and look for me during lunch tmr and I said, " Tmr i m lunching in, my collegues buy for me"
*I said this to reject his KIND offer*

Den he replied,"Nvm I buy for you nice food."
With that, i returned to office.

DAY 2 (March 2004)

At 12 noon, I smsed my collegues who went for lunch..,"Is there a guy downstairs?"
They replied," yah..duno what's he doing there."

Feeling scared, I didnt wanna go down to claim "my lunch" at i hid in the office...yes literally HIDE..
Den my IA supervisor, shawn went out to the corridoor for a puff.
He suddenly came back within minutes in a hurry and said, "杀到来了! 杀到来了!。。。"
Me: " ???"
Shawn: " Your stalker is here le..I was outside smoking alone when someone suddenly tapped my shoulder and gave me a shock. He wanted to borrow light from me, den he ask me yy is inside issit? I told him you are in meeting with boss..."
Me: "SHAWN! You should have said u DUNO ME..why u say i inside???!!!??"
So both of us hid in the office..feeling freaked out..with this persistent guy...I was waiting..waiting for him to go away..give up and leave..

But after 1pm plus, i asked my collegues who came back from lunch, is there still a guy downstairs? They said yes..and he's sleeping at the dirty staircase...omgomgomg

Shit! He's still ar? I asked shawn, and he said dun so many guys at most later he accompany me down at 6pm if ck is still there.

So meanwhile, I tried seeking help from my ICQ/MSN list to no avail....and that bibi DUN WAN to come and fetch me and fend off this stalker..zzz

In the end, bibi came at 6pm but he dun wan to go my IA co which is 5minutes walk from the MRT station..he say he wait at mrt for me..BAH! But u know why he came eventually? Cos guohong went to 烦 him repeatedly on my behalf after my plea on ICQ.

So at 6pm, I went down the dark stairs at my workplace with my supervisor, Shawn.
Ck was still there and he followed behind us.
I didnt dare to look at ck, i just walked straight ahead briskly w/o lookin too scared...
Suddenly Shawn turned and said angrily to ck," Who are you? Why are you following her? "
I was quite shocked for the sudden outburst and I tried to look away from ck..
Ck: " I...I am her friend, I am having dinner with her...right yy? "
Me: *Feeling so .....awkward..i wanna hide in a hole...*
Me: " Eh..i m meeting my fren at the MRT station he's here already.."
*Walks quickly to the main case the lunatic does smth silly*
Ck: *Hands me "my lunch" that he bought earlier on* "I was here since 11.30am till now.."
Ck turns and leave..
I took a look at the wanton mee he bought..and dumped it into the bin beside me..
*There goes his 爱心便当*

Den i walked with shawn to MRT station and saw bibi..*zzzz*
Before you think that ck is right now depressed and hates me to the core...he smsed me later in the nite..saying sorry........SORRY for what? I really pei fu him for having the courage to sms me after all that saga..Really~

Btw, ck has seen bibi in school before and shook hands with him before. So, dun ask me why he's still trying to be funny and does he know i m attached?

And I found out last year that ck almost asks all girls out..he will try and befriend them..and ask them if they wanna go tour msia with him..wanna go out with him..wanna do this do that...
zzz i thought i had a 痴心的 stalker...*hurmph* minus his points for this...

And just in 2005 Valentine's, he gave me a rose outside the lecture hall..O gosh so many pple there..and i conveniently pushed the rose to Jonathan who was nearby..HEHE..
ck: " Vday rose for you.."
Me: " No nid la, u give your gf"
ck: " I give le, this one for u"
Me: *wth* " Eh i dun wan.." *pushes to jonathan*
Me: " Hey jon, u take and give xxx la..."
*Runs off quickly with jonathan trailing behind me*

So in the end, jon had no chance but to keep the rose from ck..and i ran away.

Sequel After 怪叔叔 :怪弟弟

Thursday, November 02, 2006 Posted by YY on 5:17 PM comments (0)

It was a light blue wednesday, feeling so stoned from sleeping at 2am plus yesterday nite.
Went to the dou hua stall, saw this guy sitting at the table having breakfast...thought to myself.."Isnt that the guy whom i see sometimes while feeding cats.." Nvm dismisses the thoughts...

Bought my dou hua, waits for bus..somehow i feel he might come and talk to me..since he attempted to in the last 3 times i "saw" him. So i loitered around bus no.38 and strolled towards no. 608 so he wont see me..

But alas, he did see me and tapped me on the shoulder and said," Hey! You don't remember me ar?"

Me: " Yah i remember...." -.-
Him: " Orh i thought u dun.."
Me: *Smile awkwardly*
Him: " You dun rear cats at home?"
Me: " Eh nope, parents dun allow...blah blah blah" *Freak..he asked me this qns everytime he sees me*
Him: " Eh u from Nanyang Poly ar? " *Points to my ezlink card*
Me: " No la..issued by NTU one.. So u are poly batch one or? No nid to do NS?"
Him: "O, me contract worker under xxx japan company, finished ITE and den done NS and come work here lor as driver den promote to Engr"
Me: "Oooo >.>"
Him: " Where u live?"
Me: " BB lor.."
Him: " Wah so far ar...blah blah blah"
Me: *wishes for bus 38 to come ASAP!*

Bus finally came, he sat down beside me.... =.= And continue to blah blah blah~ I was feeling weird..cos i only met him like thrice and he's at close proximity.

Finally we reached! And he asked, "Usually u lunch alone?"
Me: " Eh~ no eat with collegues at xxxx"
Him: " Oo..wanna join me and collegues for lunch? we have van, drive out eat"
Me: " Ahh no nid la..schedule tight think nid to lunch in often lo..."
*Zzzz i duno him well..want me sit in car and go lunch..eeee*
*Marches quickly to office...*

Me: " K i reach office le..cya~"

Feeling scary, cos he reminds me of CK!!! Eeeeeeeee....if u duno who's ck..wait till i got time i tell u what happen..zzzz

Wkend Dinner at Marriott Hotel 万豪轩

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It was 3rd sis's bdae, since we had $100 vouchers for Marriott Hotel, we decided to try out this restaurant inside Marriott, called 万豪轩.

The entrance looks zen eh? lol..

One of the first dishes, 碳烧烧肉. All after this were not taken, cos they ate it before i cld take pictures..=.='

The soft lighting and ambience was pretty good...

But! The food had too much msg, the bill was freaking S$220..after voucher set off..= $120..eek
And it was salty..and gave me a tummy ache after tt..==> 3/5, 3 pts for making full use of MSG.
Lousy chef..won't visit if there's no voucher. Bah

After that, we went for a stroll at Taka area. It has been 10+ yrs since we walked as a family down orchard road. Mum said she used to bring us to CK Tang to buy new yr clothes when we were young..but i cant rem XD , i only rem marine parade's arcade, outram 's OG Toy's Dept.. hehe ~

At Taka basement foodcourt , saw this Four Season's Durian stall, $1.50 for this durian pancake. Its YUMMY! Quite ok price la..though nt say cheap. The pancake is crispy..the la..but its real durian meat according to them.

Just when i thought its gonna be a boring week...

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Just when i though this week is gonna be boring..5pm+ came this ridiculous email from the overall in charge, nicknamed moustachy.

He fwded all of us this email with an excel file with everyone's card tapping time on the entrance sensor. He said we are ALWAYS LATE for work!
Wtf? Not everyone taps their cards when they come into office, cos the door might be already opened by someone else. And they actually used this as a rubbish gauge..

What makes me pissed u say? Earlier on they actually had an email saying for easy headcount during emergency incidents (think terrorist attack -.-), we should all tap our cards when we come to office to indicate we are present in office.

No that's not purpose, they actually used this timing to gauge if we are on time for work..

The email tt moustachy fwded had a HR dept email attached to it..makes my blood boil further -.-

Quote moustachy:
"I hope we do not have persistent latecomers as I do not wish to solicit reasons from you all when I see the Nov 06 report."

Quote frm HR:
The attached file lists the people in your dept who have been reporting for work later than 8:30am. ......... The persistent latecomers would become fairly obvious with the reports that we will be sending you on a regular basis. We wish to emphasize that this matter has to be handled with care and discretion as we do not want to affect staff morale. "

AH HA! Discreation...but moustachy fwd the entire msg to all of discrete is this?

Being pissed off with these idiots, we 3 decided to withdraw from DND..i dun wanna see these bloody pple appearing in front of me with their fake smiles and all.

Fiak off~