Company Irritants No. 1, 2 , 3

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 Posted by YY on 9:16 AM

This week is a push the shit week...Company Irritants decided to try and act smart and push all their jobs to other pple so that they can go to the client's site to do testing.

Who was the unlucky chap? Ah jon lor...he got the most lousy written, lengthy module and fiak..that module has 16 errors waiting to be solved! I duno what that Co. IR1 is doing in office..apparently she cant solve or she duno or she purposely duang1 until now lor..That was for monday's shit..

Tuesday, Co. IR2 pushed one of his shit to Ah Jon..poor thing =.= Why i say poor thing? Cos this new shit has got a fatal error and is due for testing 2 weeks later..bwahahahah~

Co. IR1 even tried to push one of her shitty stuff to my grp member..TWICE!
Irritating biatch..she came and said, "Can so-and-so help do the xxx module?"
My grp leader:"No..she not proficient enuff to do..." *sua taiji...~~~*
den Co. IR1 backed off..the next day she tried again using MSN to push this shit to my grp mate again..zzzzzzzzz

As for why was Ah Jon targetted...he thinks maybe he ate too much lunch with those who ANTI the Co. IR(1,2,3)..afterall he used to jog with boss and Co. IR sometime earlier in the year.

These 3 Co. IR..duno what they do lor..after they push all their jobs away..they wanna go help testers to test the pgrm at client's site issit? What a way to slack hur..stupid pets..

Boss has stupid arrangements..incl. these 3 irritants, when the modules we are in charge of is tested, we programmers nid to go down to client's site too...den why do we nid those 3 morons?

Boss says,"You all just stand ard..when got tester nid help, u all go str8 away!"
Yeah rite..she must have never heard of this phrase, "Too many cooks will spoil the broth" ..what a waste of youth/time doing such stupid things!