My New Penpal : Co. IR 4

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 Posted by YY on 2:11 PM

Just today i got a NEW penpal in office, we converse by MS Outlook.
The birth of Co. IR4 , he is strange..when i msn him..he doesn't reply..or gives something out of this world.

For example using MSN,
Me: "This process cannot create using basic data?"
Co. IR4: "Ok, I will look into it."

o.o??? I tot i was asking a question..he didnt reply me at all. Worst of all, even his emails take 5 days to process..but no reply until i shoot it to boss...blah dee hell~

So now i have given up on msn-ing him, I send emails directly to him and boss. Thats how we penpals -___-'''