Recommended : 1 litre of tears (J Drama)

Thursday, November 16, 2006 Posted by YY on 11:57 PM

Recently just chiong finished this 11 episodes JDrama called "1 Litre of Tears".
Its a tear jerker, and supposed to be inspiration show.

You can find it on youtube by searching the show title.

Its based on a true story where a 15yr old girl get struck by a rare incurable disease which will slowly rob her of her abilities to walk, talk, write and eat.

In the drama, the girl has a bf whom was patient and stood by her.
Of course, the real life character did not encounter such a good guy..good patient guys that stand by sick partners are nearly extinct *i shant say there isnt any*
The real life character wished for love, that's why the director incl. a fictional bf inside the drama.

Heard from collegue that her guy fren cried from episode 3 to 4. And beng was saying..its such a sad show..~ Stupid beng say I cold blooded..and Ah girl asked if I was a reptile -___-''

But I didnt feel sad...until Episode 8,9,10..where 生离死别 was gonna take place.

Some memorable quotes:

"If you want to talk, no matter how slow I will listen to you. If you want to walk no matter how slow I will walk with you."

"What is my purpose for living?"

The most heard japanese words throughout the show : "Gomenasai" = Sorry.

Overall rating : 4 / 5 , abt 2-3 days can chiong finish. Last episode 11, was abit boring and abrupt though.