26/5 Puffs Lesson

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My 2nd lesson in this month is about Choux Puff Pastry. Its supposed to be pronounced as 'shoe' Puff not chokes puff..XD *i used to pronounce as chokes =.=' *

The lesson today includes Durian Puffs, Chocolate Eclairs, Taiwan Polo Puff, Churros, Swan Puff.
Churros was demonstrated by the chef though. Its fried and coated with cinnamon and sugar after that. Tastes pretty good.

Swan puff challenged our hands, because we were supposed to pipe its neck. If its too short, it looks like a duck, if not curve enuff it looks like a geese -_-'''

As there was more than 30pple, we had to take in 3 pple a team. Heng no one joined us, so we worked in pair. Yippee~ *yah call me anti social now* I spotted this girl in the opposite team, she's from my uni course but i duno her.

As we were supposed to make durian puff and swan together, we quickly got down to work.
Something was in extreme shortage this time round, again~ Its the thermometer, its said that at 45 degrees celcius, the mixture absorbs the most eggs => thus being the most opportune moment to add eggs. But there were only 2 thermometers circulating in the class of 36 pple..zzz

So while we got the thermometer a few times, but it was not 'the moment' yet when we tested..we resorted to argaration. Argaration is by far the best mthd *time saving*, although i DO NOT know what 45 degrees celcius feels like .. =.='

We decided not to wait anymore, and Just Do it *nike* Added the eggs, blah blah blah..and fiak! Now oven shortage of space, zzzzzzz queue again...blah dee hell

While waiting we decided to attempt the eclairs, halfway through I wondered where's the materials for the taiwan polo puff..so i asked Chef Yoke *assistant to Judy*, she said one table supposed to make one and share btwn everyone.

So I asked this girl at the opposite table, but she said we each do our own. Then her partner said, "O i started making le, we will do for u all"

Lalala..so me and gh eng eng cheng cheng slowly do our 2 different types of puff pastry.
Suddenly, one of them came up to me and said,"Sorry we do the taiwan polo puff mixture too watery already. U all may want to use your remaining pastry to make the taiwanese puff instead." I replied,"O ok~"

Zzzz..I was like HUH? U all grab and do, in the end screw it up..make me short of 4 puffs. In the end, I nid to take my durian puff mixture to make taiwanese polo puff. U say pathetic anot la..
Really Mo Dwin Dwin *无端端* tio this trouble..zzzzzzzz

After cutting someone's Q *nt me la..its Gh..doing his job as a MAN* which is to go push those kiasu blah dee ah sohs aside and snatch a place..Wait thats me...I am violent and rough if u oppress me too much..U know rubberband, ah ya I make sure it rebounds and hit u real hard. Hurmph!

But no la, GH is gentleman one, he managed to cut Q in an orderly and polite manner >.>

The first batch of puffs which includes the swans' body and durian puff and taiwanese polo puff.
Heng Judy said our puffs *durian one* was well done, at least got improvement hehe~
*Who doesn't love praises* -_-'

But its the 3rd time i am making puffs already, so I had higher expectations. Actually I thought that the puffs should be staying in the oven for another minute or two..but well, no space leh..what to do~

The overview after adding chocolate to the Eclair, Head to the swans, and filling the puffs with cream.

The two swans, filled with Jam+ Non dairy cream

Chocolate Eclair, I tell you this product is OVERBAKED. Nuff' said. -.-

Beng says my swan looks like a duck. Dam u! -_-' My first time piping a swany head la.. But later u see the Chef's one den u know le..haha~

My all time favourite DURIAN PUFFS!

Additional jam + non dairy cream, piped into these small leftover puffs.

The taiwanese polo puffs, only abt 2 turn out well. The rest..was like..the polo bit on the puff didnt break up. The one below did, this is how its supposed to look.

Finale ~ The chef's swan. Zzz I know my ugly duckling will turn into a swan like this ONE FINE DAY..yes one day.. >.>

Story from Judy:

I first attempted choux pastry at 14yrs old. The 2nd time when I did again was 17yrs old. I wanted to make it for my bf's mum *yes again* and imagine I would be taking two items to impress her, one cake in a hand another hand with puffs and say,"Auntie, I made all these for u ^^"

So off I went to make the puffs, however I was running late for appointment already and my puffs was not even baked yet. So garang garbo~ while taking the pot of hot mixture, she scalded her wrist. Till today the scar remains and it reminds her of the stupid bf who didn't marry her in the end. LOL~

19/5: Donut Lesson

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Finally managed to get my sis to abandon her ECA and go baking lesson with me. $80 per person, isn't exactly cheap for that YH *YH is my 2nd sis* , who has owed me $ ..always -.-'

Got there at 12noon, and queued for this Curry Rice, eee~ $4.70 for 2 meat one veggie..luckily we two shared a plate.But it was fulfiling and great tasting =)

Located at near Tiong Bahru Mkt opposite. There's always a Q, so I guess it won't be hard to spot.

Went into the class and was told today its 3 person to a team. Zzzzz i dun want to team with others. Duno why today overflow..got 40pple in total, it used to be 30 pple a class.

Luckily someone-not-so-auntie joined us. There were a few more at the counter who wanted to join the class *on waiting list* but was told there's no one cancelling today. I hate it when its a full class, u know why? Those KIASU AUNTIES always snatch stuff, more abt it later~

Basically making the donut dough is very simple, dump everything in , mix until a certain stage whereby its stretchy dough and WAIT! Yes literally wait..wait..until it raises on its own -_-'
Ding dong~ ding dong half an hour went by...

We were supposed to bring back 10 different flavours of donuts back..which makes 20pcs cos me and sis bring bck 10 each omg~

Red bean fillings..and chocolate

During the half hour, Judy demonstrated how to decorate the donuts..zzz so much information at one go..i felt sleepy =.=

The chef's finish products, looks colorful eh and PROFESSIONAL~

And mine..gives a whole new meaning to the word 天壤之别? Or shld i say NOOB?

Plain with chocolate and colorful choco rice

Apple crumble fillings inside, so made it to look like an apple

Eh another plain donut, with cour cream and blue berry jam in the middle. The ribbon in pink is there becos..I duno what to pipe --

Chocolate with nuts and mint flavouring.

Was damn disgusted with those AUNTIES, there was supposed to be Bonito flakes *those u put on takopachi* for all to decorate their wasabi cream donut. However, those kiasu biatches took a big chunk and left none for the rest. Its damn irritating u know, we pay the fees too. Its the last straw and I am sending my email to complain abt it. *Talk abt singaporeans being complain queens/kings*

And if you took more than 2mins to use the cutter to cut diff shapes from donuts, those aunties get so impatient that they say, QUICK pass to me la. Den give u the stare that says u irritating woman, give it to me now. And ends off with a zerk! sound before storming away. Stupid fools..wait a few mins will die?

So much donuts that we bought 2 cake boxes from the counter in the sch.YH placed it on the table, and 1 pc went missing. She got so irritated that she went roaring,"Which idiot took my paper box????!!!" ** paper box also wanna steal, 50cts only. Stupid pple..

5mins later, YH came back with another box. I asked her,"U went to complain to Uncle abt someone steal ur box right? Den he give u foc another one?" YH replied,"Yah, i told him some idiot stole my box" Lol, i laughed at her for her tatic to sa jiao to get a new box.

I suspect its the guy in front of us who stole the box though..RAWR!

Lesson took so long, from 1pm to 7pm..I was bushed. Ok allow me to "flaunt" the donuts one last time, *pls forget what decorations the professional chef made*

Happy Mama Day~ *belated post*

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Baked a pandan chiffon for mum and family last wkend. Luckily it didnt fail like my prev two attempts *up till now i suspect i forgot the baking powder*

Happy Mother's Day to mama!

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The final saga: The last salary payout

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U must have realised that I ceased posting about the fiaking company
/boss recently. Yes, I changed my job.

After the 1st week of work, I must say i enjoy this job much more than

the previous one, be it culture of the workplace or benefits..etc

The salary saga

20/3 : Tendered resignation
11/4 : Got letter stating that I would be getting bonus and increment
w.e.f of 1st April
20/4 : Last day in that co.
27/4 : Saw that salary payout not correct. It was my old pay!
2/5 : Called HR and guy D said he would check with payroll for me
7/5 : Didnt receive any calls whilst overseas so I called again


D : I will check with them again. Get back to you again
Me: Ok

Hours passed..no reply..

Me: Hi, is there is reply on the discrepency?
D : Oh, my colleague was supposed to call you..she didn't? Oh she's nt
ard now..get back to you later.

Another few hours passed..

Me: Hi D, I have not received any call from your colleague.
D : Oh I checked with your supevisor he said you have tendered
resignation so you are not eligible for bonus. *I tot his colleague was supposed to be the one relating the news*
Me: The letter i received was dated on 1/4/07, I tendered on 20/3/07.
D : Oh, then I check with him and get back to you again.


Called again..

Me: Hi, so may I know whats the outcome?
D : Your supervisor was supposed to call you to discuss about it.
Me: No, I didnt receive any call
D : If he doesnt call you by tmr, please give me a call again.


Me: *Sends email to MOM enquiring on the salary issue, then calls D
D : Ah? He haven call you ar, whats that J doing..ok, nvm I give him a
call first and get back to you.

Hours passed..

Me: Yah how is it? Is he in office?
D : Yah maybe you can call him at this extension
Me: *Call call call..no one pick up...*

Minutes passed..

Me: I called he's not in office
D : Eh I think he's moving ard. I called his hp just now but its
sensitive information so I cannot give it to you.
Me: Fine, then give him my hp so he can call me. Thanks.

Hours flew by..

Me: *Phone rings*
J : Hi, i have something to discuss with you on the bonus issue.
Me: Yes
J : May I know when you joined the company?
Me: Apr 06
J : Then I think you are eligible for the bonus as its for until dec 06
but not the increment as its for if you stayed on in the company.
Me: Yah your letter states w.e.f of 1st April, I tendered earlier than
this date.
J : But the letter was printed much earlier than the date printed
there. So the increment was for if you stayed on
Me: But your letter states black and white, w.e.f of 1st April, unless
you are telling me that the letterhead on the letter does not represent the company
J : How much increment is there from the previous salary?
Me: $xxx
J : So you are expecting that we backpay you the increment??!! Come on,
its a small amount.
Me: Thats not what I meant, but your letter states black and white that I have a increment and bonus.
J : Ok, since you insist on that, I will get the HR to honour their letter.
Me: Thank u
J : Bye
Me: Bye

10/5/07 9am plus

J : Hi, may I know which date did you do clearance?
Me: 20/4
J : Ok, thanks.Bye
Me: Bye

I suspect an evil plot is hatching, they must be tryin to find some
sorta evidence to disallow my claim for bonus. Really~

It was such a lame attempt by the HR..what fiak they play all the hide and seek game. There was once I even called until the line became engaged..I suspect he hung up the phone or smth. Yes, I was that free that day, that i kept calling and calling lalala~
I cannot see any sincerity in resolving the issue, why make it difficult for everyone..they had god dam lot of time to retract/reprint that so called printed much earlier letter from wherever it was after I tendered resignation. Its like 2-3 weeks?! Why should I be made to "suffer" (less 2k in my bank -.-) for the mistake in administration?

Like I care that your letter was printed earlier den 20/3.
Now they wanna sneak away from what states w.e.f of 1st April and not pay me the increment *J said during the call*. Although most might say that if i can get the bonus back then its gd enuff, but I don't care what matters is the black and white. You cld have not given me the letter in the 1st place, but you did and thats all that matters.

I will not give up this case as its a 4 figure sum, if its a few hundred..maybe bo kiam eng bah~

Genting 5/5

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Went down to KL at the cut throat price of 5 persons @ RM80..got so tired that we slacked at coffee beans and Ong suggested the best Dare i ever heard. He said to Beng who claimed he wld choose dare no matter what,"Beng, I dare you to flush your passport down the toilet bowl" =D

To cut the story short, becos i typed a whole essay and blogspot cldnt save it..*fiak*
Some shots of a claypot rice, which they claimed was nice but turned out so substandard that the one near my hse is much nicer -.-'

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Genting Trip 4/5

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It was extremely cold on this day..i gather it must have fell to 15 degress *shivers* Look at the misty surroundings..

I lost some money at the jackpot and was getting bored of facing those machines tt are eating my money away..so I complained to bibi. He slotted in the card..recovered some $ and made me felt gd again XD *call me a scrooge*

Afterwhich we all got pretty bored gambling and strolled outside..and saw roller coaster rides. Wee~ this roller coaster is interesting..

Some scenary *misty*

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Janice was excited and wanted to take the roller coaster..so we psycho beng to get on it..and bibi wanted to play too..I had some phobia about heights but bibi was always taunting me to get on a roller coaster..seeing this roller coaster will tilt us into the lying down position..I decided to give it a try. Ong chickened out and became the photographer. On the way to the roller coaster, beng said he didnt understand why he got scammed onto the roller coaster with us wahahah~

We got onto the "seats" standing up and holding the 2 metal handles. "BAM!" The lock secured and the "seats" tilted us into the "superman" flying position..

Mooowww...the engines started and we turned upwards vertically until it paused and WEE~ down we go..Yup i closed my eyes all the way until it slowed down and ended..LMAO~

Throughout the ride, they kept saying "shiok ar..waaa~ song ar..." while i was geng-ing my muscles before I suffered broken ribs from all the shaking..According to bibi and beng, they had their sides knocked..pain pain~ The roller coaster went upside down as well. Below are pics taken by Ong.

Before the ride: Forceful smiles? >.<

When we turn

In the air~ wee...luckily cannot see me closing my eyes shut

Finally back to the ground.Phew~

After the exhilarating experience, the nerves in my neck felt strained and painful. We saw the massage package in the mall..1hr for 120RM *read cut carrots price* incl. back and foot.

After the massage, i felt better but still suffering from side effects of motion sickness..zzz

Had dinner at some non halal restaurant and the wanton mee costs S$7 wtf? But it tastes ok..luckily nv waste $ -_-

After dinner, we went back to shower and get ready for our last round of gamble before leaving tmr.

Throughtout the night we had one funniest incident..we were in the non smoking area and we saw a banker with very good luck at the 21points table. She could wipe everyone on the table. Janice then told me, this banker vv ong one, cannot play cos she lost $ before to that banker. Then Ong came along, and wanted to sit down at that table. I pulled him aside and said,"Dun play, janice say this banker vv ong" Ong sat down, and announced at the table,"Janice 不要怕, 我帮你报仇!" Everyone look at him, as he placed his bets. Ong started losing every single game, and even when he split 2 Aces, he didn't get any Black Jack..that was suay enuff.

The expression of disbelief on Ong's face - Priceless. His eyeballs nearly popped out..disgusted, he stood up and left the table. He then went to the next table to try his luck at 三只公(smth like o'clock card game) He suddenly started a winning streak and "crowned" the TIN GONG KIA! For the first few games, he has 7 to 9 points..then janice saw Ong was winning money and so Janice went to bet with him..suddenly Ong started getting 3points and below after that*Ong was convinced that janice must be the suay kia* but the dealer was unlucky somehow..even if Ong has lousy cards like 3 point, the dealer had 2 points only. After recovering + additional profit, we went to mac for breakfast at 5am plus.

It was only during one of the breakfasts, I realised Ong and Beng has been eating 5 meals per day..WOW

Genting Trip 3/5 Part 2

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Time: 10am plus
Activity: Check In to room

Checking in to our rooms..oops the machine guns occupy the rooms next to beng and ong.
Janice, bibi and me shared the next room after Beng/Ong's. Although the room is FOC, the basic amenities are there but the WATER PIPE has some freaking stupid problems! If u turn on the tap too slowly, u will have a ultra screeching sound at your tap, and so will the rest of the occupants directly above and below you hear it.. yes we got awaken by it MANY TIMES -.- crap

Positions of the rooms are such that, if you open your windows you would be able to look into your direct neighbours rooms and see what they are doing -.-' And one more thing to add, there are no air cons in the room..only ceiling an..apparently its so cold that you can just open the windows slightly and turn on ceiling fan..woah~ it feels like air con already.

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Largest hotel..hmm interesting..but its sure dilapidated when you look out of the windows -_-'
We snoozed and snoozed from 3pm to around 7pm *we left the hotel rm cos the room service was not done yet..so we went to gamble :p * Ahh~ felt so refreshed after the nap..that beng and ong said i looked different from before i slept -.-''

Then we went to dinner at this food court that has Teppanyaki and some other fare..beng, bibi and me tried teppanyaki while janice and ong tried Ramen..o fiak..Let me reiterate once more "I HATE substandard food" >=0 the teppanyaki was expensive and pai jiak..Lousy~

In the end, I gave up on swallowing those half cooked and blan and bean sprouts and ordered a bowl of ramen. Although its on the salty side, its MUCH MUCH better -.-

So we went back to gamble *yet again* after dinner..it was pretty boring at the Jackpot until we won 8911 credits with the help of LADY LUCK - Janice *confetti falls..whistles blow* But it only sorta recovered our loss and helped us to break even ..eeee~

Stayed around and gambled till abt 5am plus, went back to room. Janice being in the jubilant mood went to call beng's room to disturb him. So she went on the mimic and ask if he wants "room service". According to beng who told us later after the incident that he went quite shock when he received the call..den he tot its quite weird..maybe its Janice making fun of him *beng must be thinkin HOSEH liao hoseh liao..got extra services* After that nite, they kept making fun of her with room service.

After all the calling, we went to snoozed till 1pm plus next day...zzzz

Genting Trip Day 3/5

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First thing was to check in. Since ong frequents Genting, he had some points accumulated on his card *get this card if u are planning to visit Genting often*. 10 points = 1 room at First World Hotel

Of course different grades/ hotels has different rates. First World being the lowest one in the hotels participating in this points exchange for room scheme. Look at the hotel lobby where people are waiting for the number to Check in, the counter staff gets to look down frm the mountain top and enjoy sunrise/sunset scenary everyday wow~

Depositing our luggage as we can only check in at 9am

First Meal of the day: Dim sum at some restaurant within walking distance..but heck its not nice to eat. I hate sub standard food =(
Walking back after a meal..time to start gambling and jackpot-ing wee~
Though I am never quite a gambler of any sort and I don't indulge in any gambling activities frequently but jackpots are pretty fun always hehe~

Cool misty weather outside~ Orange tall guy is ong, next is beng, janice den bibi

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