26/5 Puffs Lesson

Sunday, May 27, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:17 PM

My 2nd lesson in this month is about Choux Puff Pastry. Its supposed to be pronounced as 'shoe' Puff not chokes puff..XD *i used to pronounce as chokes =.=' *

The lesson today includes Durian Puffs, Chocolate Eclairs, Taiwan Polo Puff, Churros, Swan Puff.
Churros was demonstrated by the chef though. Its fried and coated with cinnamon and sugar after that. Tastes pretty good.

Swan puff challenged our hands, because we were supposed to pipe its neck. If its too short, it looks like a duck, if not curve enuff it looks like a geese -_-'''

As there was more than 30pple, we had to take in 3 pple a team. Heng no one joined us, so we worked in pair. Yippee~ *yah call me anti social now* I spotted this girl in the opposite team, she's from my uni course but i duno her.

As we were supposed to make durian puff and swan together, we quickly got down to work.
Something was in extreme shortage this time round, again~ Its the thermometer, its said that at 45 degrees celcius, the mixture absorbs the most eggs => thus being the most opportune moment to add eggs. But there were only 2 thermometers circulating in the class of 36 pple..zzz

So while we got the thermometer a few times, but it was not 'the moment' yet when we tested..we resorted to argaration. Argaration is by far the best mthd *time saving*, although i DO NOT know what 45 degrees celcius feels like .. =.='

We decided not to wait anymore, and Just Do it *nike* Added the eggs, blah blah blah..and fiak! Now oven shortage of space, zzzzzzz queue again...blah dee hell

While waiting we decided to attempt the eclairs, halfway through I wondered where's the materials for the taiwan polo puff..so i asked Chef Yoke *assistant to Judy*, she said one table supposed to make one and share btwn everyone.

So I asked this girl at the opposite table, but she said we each do our own. Then her partner said, "O i started making le, we will do for u all"

Lalala..so me and gh eng eng cheng cheng slowly do our 2 different types of puff pastry.
Suddenly, one of them came up to me and said,"Sorry we do the taiwan polo puff mixture too watery already. U all may want to use your remaining pastry to make the taiwanese puff instead." I replied,"O ok~"

Zzzz..I was like HUH? U all grab and do, in the end screw it up..make me short of 4 puffs. In the end, I nid to take my durian puff mixture to make taiwanese polo puff. U say pathetic anot la..
Really Mo Dwin Dwin *无端端* tio this trouble..zzzzzzzz

After cutting someone's Q *nt me la..its Gh..doing his job as a MAN* which is to go push those kiasu blah dee ah sohs aside and snatch a place..Wait thats me...I am violent and rough if u oppress me too much..U know rubberband, ah ya I make sure it rebounds and hit u real hard. Hurmph!

But no la, GH is gentleman one, he managed to cut Q in an orderly and polite manner >.>

The first batch of puffs which includes the swans' body and durian puff and taiwanese polo puff.
Heng Judy said our puffs *durian one* was well done, at least got improvement hehe~
*Who doesn't love praises* -_-'

But its the 3rd time i am making puffs already, so I had higher expectations. Actually I thought that the puffs should be staying in the oven for another minute or two..but well, no space leh..what to do~

The overview after adding chocolate to the Eclair, Head to the swans, and filling the puffs with cream.

The two swans, filled with Jam+ Non dairy cream

Chocolate Eclair, I tell you this product is OVERBAKED. Nuff' said. -.-

Beng says my swan looks like a duck. Dam u! -_-' My first time piping a swany head la.. But later u see the Chef's one den u know le..haha~

My all time favourite DURIAN PUFFS!

Additional jam + non dairy cream, piped into these small leftover puffs.

The taiwanese polo puffs, only abt 2 turn out well. The rest..was like..the polo bit on the puff didnt break up. The one below did, this is how its supposed to look.

Finale ~ The chef's swan. Zzz I know my ugly duckling will turn into a swan like this ONE FINE DAY..yes one day.. >.>

Story from Judy:

I first attempted choux pastry at 14yrs old. The 2nd time when I did again was 17yrs old. I wanted to make it for my bf's mum *yes again* and imagine I would be taking two items to impress her, one cake in a hand another hand with puffs and say,"Auntie, I made all these for u ^^"

So off I went to make the puffs, however I was running late for appointment already and my puffs was not even baked yet. So garang garbo~ while taking the pot of hot mixture, she scalded her wrist. Till today the scar remains and it reminds her of the stupid bf who didn't marry her in the end. LOL~