Mahjong Marathon

Sunday, June 03, 2007 Posted by YY on 2:39 PM

Since bibi's parents are outta town, we organised another mj marathon. To join, u must be able to play from 2/6 evening to 3/6 evening ^^ And bring a substitute for urself, in case u get too drowsy in the nite.

1.) Bibi (host) & me(sub)
2.) Yeyi & Brenda(sub)
3.) Gh & Elaine(sub)
4.) GQ & no sub

We kept teasing GQ, everyone sub already why are you still here??? Being suaned everytime, until he himself repeated the same sentence..wahaha~

A good opportunity to have steam boat and try out some new recipes. Went to shop & save @ 10+am..lousy market, no hersey chocolate sauce, no this no that.. BAH~

We had crab sticks, pork slices, pork balls, sotong balls, big cabbage (lotsa them), prawns, chicken slices, CP wanton..smth like that. Soup was made with ikan bilis + yellow soya beans + pork ribs.

The steamboat for 4 person:

The portion bought proved to be too much for 4 persons..heng during midnight yeyi, brenda, and GQ finished some off. Else goodness knows for how long we have to continue eating those crab sticks/meat balls -_-'

Specially bought 2 mangoes and a box of strawberries to try out with the new crepe recipe. But the recipe is nt good enough..either its my pan or its smth zzz..its nt what i had expected like those in marche'

The mahjong marathon of this moment