A short week with many holidays

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It has been a short week with 2 holidays leaving me 3 working days. On one of the off days i was at Raffles City waiting for bibi to finish his grp meetin which took forever >.> I was like an old man sitting in the park alone waiting for...duno what..

Meanwhile i took some pics while walkin around...

Starbucks seems to be hot location, nice ambience in that corner...

Ah! My shop! MIO~

Some nice afternoon tea cafe inside Raffles City

Another dam funny survey feecback (NTU lecturer)

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I didnt know everyone writes such interesting stuff for lecturers >.>
Must watch till the end!

Fantastic Long Thailand Advertisement

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Another MUST WATCH, this thailand facial foam advertisement is hilarious~

Part 1 :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgF-2DeTtc8

Part 2 :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdCkeK0eDKc

Part 3 :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iymb_2fIdOM

Part 4:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXrPszqfYDQ

Strange morons wasting oxygen on Earth

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I really wonder why the fiak there's so many morons working as heads in several depts here.

Maybe its not that easy to be a HEAD , u say? But can u at least show me some points to show that u r NOT A MORON that I thought u to be?

Stupid email, stupid comments..Bloody hell, i m not under your dept but yet I have to clear some of UR SHIT for you. And what fiaking mail u reply?

U say why is the content page table not updated? U freaking bloody bitch, just right click and select update entire table. U mean u duno? Or are ur clumsy fingers to weak to do it?

And u mentioned u DUNO which link to click in the screenshot becos the cursor wasnt captured? FIAK U!

First your QA SO LATE then come tell us the test specs changed. It was changed abt one mth ago, and u had to wait till our files was done and everything was typed nicely swee swee then u come and tell us. So much for TEAM WORK eh~

Secondly, hey u didnt mentioned u want the cursor in the freaking pictures k. How the fiak i know u want it? And how i know u so stupid, link also duno which one to click? There's only ONE in the entire picture LOR.

Thirdly, we are not QAs and we aren't trained and seriously shouldn't be clearing such shit with our own work UNDONE.

Stupid morons...i never met lan jiao langs like this until i work here. Now i know why my cousin after IA here, dun wan come back anymore. My blood pressure keep rising man~

Bibi say i shld email the QA head back and say " U r the QA HEAD LEH, u still need pple to SPOON FEED u???" Click the bloody table urself and update the content page, simple.


Liquid Kitchen

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Just went Liquid Kitchen last saturday, 16/10 to celebrate wu's birthday.

Wu's bibi's army fren, well I haven really talked to him in depth before.

Impression of him was a quiet person, but he's always sporting & onz whenever we jio him go outings. And most of all, I am a freeloader during such occasions. Once again, thanks to ong, beng, bibi, wu for splitting the bill w/o me :x

Some interesting offers at the bukit timah branch:
20% off before 9pm (Happy hr before 9pm)

A 30% discount for main courses, desserts, cocktails, finger foods and pizza whenever a GOAL! is scored.
This is one interesting offer u know, we nearly ordered finger food for every goal >.> except 2.

We ordered main course before 7pm as we tot a goal won't be scored that early.. -.- unfortunately it did score at 2mins starting =.=''

Our starter: Caesar Salad - Eh nuttin too fanciful but edible, free flow soft drinks incl.

Our main courses : Seafood pasta

Yet another pasta

My main course, some bread crust over curry chicken. Curry was thick, bread crust was nice. But not filling lol...

Our complimentary dessert, which was selling at $7.80 originally. Mango Cheese Cake.

Some goals came along and we ordered fruitti martini for all. Except ong being 'special' again, ordered white russian. Milk with whisky and smth else.

Birthday boy wu, with his peppermint martini.

Bibi focused on watching soccer with his kiwi martini.

My lychee martini, ebng ordered this too. After 2 mouths, i decided it was tad too..BLEAH~so bibi has 2 shares to finish.
Another GOAL~ Ong ordered chicken frank. Hmm i didnt know pple cut up hotdogs into this shape...

And a fondue which costs 11bucks after discount of 30%. Yummy~ i love marshmallows..^^

Some mexican wings and texas wings which was crispy but our tastebuds failed to detect the differences btwn them..so i only took 1 pic..lol

Ahh the interesting menu on cocktails :
I saw it and told beng, "Hey this cocktail suitable for u"
Ong looked hard at it and let out a soft note.."Blow..." LOL
Showed to wu and bibi.
All laughed and dared beng to order 'blow job' from the female waitress.
I said,"Wait wait..i on video first..then i video u ordering, and put on youtube and my blog and u become famous overnite"

Imagine a customer going :"Excuse, can i have a blow job?" while ordering..lolol -.-

And as usual cocktail, sex on the beach is on menu..ong asked beng to order this at first..hehe

After 2 matches, we decided to head home.
Liquid Kitchen worth 3.5/5 , Branch: bukit timah.

Ambushed by QA pple

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I wish i can struggle the two QAs in charge of taking screenshots for my module.
BLAH DEE HELL, they nv even start on it..5days before deadline say:"OH NO, we NO TIME..can u do it?" Then boss starts asking my team leader if i m available to do..


My own stuff haven done, u come and ask me to do this job which is not mine in the first place.
yes i know this project is T.E.A.M work..although i never saw a TEAM working on it -_-'

And some contradictory emails from boss's boss and boss's boss's boss.
Smaller boss says, please take all ur leave allocated for saturday's public hols.
Big Boss says, NO ONE allowed to take leave cos we are behind schedule.

This moustachy big boss only know KPKB, he know whats going on anot.
I really wish to tell hai ge wtf is going on in this 塞里死 , i bet he doesnt know that programmer analysts have become QAs too.. And where's my part of pay for doing their job???? ANSWER ME!

And today we got pwned by QA as usual, someone came up and told us there is SOME changes to be made to the documents..o fuck why did i OT yesterday only to redo the stuff today AGAIN?

Why dun they wait till testing day is tmr, then they come tell everyone to change smth? And everyone stays till wee hrs to make some changes to every single document out there.
CRAZY FOOLS..must u change smth that affects EVERYONE..
Really LJL..

Short video on short tail playing with my ID tag

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Off the sounds pls, unless u wanna hear me naggin my collegue to be careful in case of breaking the cat's claws.

This morning kitty was pawing this dead lizard on the road..EEK~ I could see the lizard's green and red insides BLEAH!

It was sniffing and pawing it..hoping for it to come alive to play with it.. :(

A short and intermittent video with my paws <--read hands.


Must watch

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This is a great episode from Jacky Wu's 齐天大圣.
Do not listen with speakers, do not listen with adults/parents around.

P.S : Its nt porn LOL

Here it is :

Gives a whole new meaning to hokkien vugular language.

I show it to my sisters, mum and dad. Mum kept laughing non stop, while dad is sayin "....."


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Wednesday morning, took my usual xpress bus to work..
Since there was no seats , I was standing near the door watching TV Mobile..and i suddenly turned left and saw someone looking at me eye to eye contact ..its an uncle...

I noticed at the corner of my eye that he kept lookin my my direction..suspicious i purposely sat diagonally behind him when there was seats available.

Being a sleepy head on trains/buses..i wanted to nap badly..but this 怪叔叔 continued to turn and look at me even though i was behind..wtf?

I wanted to take a picture of him, but it wld be too obvious..
I wanted to ask him..Ler Kua SIMI ????

Of course i succumbed to sleep demon, when i woke up he alighted.

See picture below for my seating position..its darn obvious when he turned and looked at me

Some suggestions from frens said :
1.) There maybe a casper, uncle is lookin at casper
2.) He just wants to temporarily imagine he's leading a different life
3.) He just likes to stalk pple

Reminds me of another incident whereby the bus was 90% empty, then this guy boarded and he sat beside me..
I was sleeping when he boarded..and was awaken by him.

I looked around, the bus was near to empty..
If i try to get out..what if he touches me..So i better stay put and continue my nap..lol
Ok i was lazy to move..

Jon suggested in getting this , stun gun. And stun these perverts in the balls, and they cant feel for the next few weeks..

Then i joked.."Next time if u walk behind me and i get scared and turn ard to stun u how?"
Jon: "Eh THANKS ar"

This is how a stun gun looks like : Heard tt you will go into spasm mode once someone tries it on u, in short DO NOT TRY w/o supervision..=.='

Sometime ago, i heard on radio abt this female caller saying every morning there is this guy that sits beside her even when the bus is pretty empty..

One day she mustered her courage and got out from the seat and sat elsewhere..
There after that guy didnt appear on the bus..

The DJ said :" He must be interested in u, but was too shy so he sat beside u..trying to think how to get to know u..And when u left the seat and sat elsewhere..he felt rejected. So he didnt take that bus anymore"

Woot ? This kind of logic also have -.- LAMER

An eventful monday

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Sorry for the late posts *who m i saying sorry to..there's no one reading my blog anyway*

On the blue monday, i opened my hse door and to my astonishment i saw this policeman loitering outside my house.

He was talking on his phone, and when he saw me he was relived and muttered to his phone "Oh ok, someone is out.."
Policeman : "Ur doorbell is spoilt eh?? I didn't knock on the door as its so early in the morning.."
Me : "Yah"
Policeman : "Is Mr xxx staying here?"
Me : " Eh yah why? what is it regarding?"
Policeman : "He is the owner of car xxxx?"
Me : "Yah y???"
Policeman : "His car windscreen has been smashed....... ...."
Me : " Smashed..by?????"
Policeman : "Unknown person, we need him to check what is stolen."
Me : -.-' Goes inside shakes dad to wake up..

Policeman has guai guai looks..lol..bibi told me, he might be a ns man..tt's y he look blur

As i made my way out for work, after the car theft saga, i apologised to the policeman as he waited so long...he smiled..guai kia looks >.>

Later on in the noon, i found out that it was a car theft involving more than 1 car..and my dad..dumbo.left cashcard inside his slot for all to see..tt's y his car was targetted.

BUT my dad's cashcard has LESS THAN $10 inside..-__-''' the thief stole a cashcard with less than $10 value inside LMAO~

Heng the windscreen costs are covered under insurance ..zzzz

*** Company DND

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Company DND is coming in Nov End, at Raffles Swissotel~ WEE and its FOC!!
I love freebies..no i m not cheapo..

Its every employee's mentality to take advantage of the company's resources be it internet bandwidth to DL smth, pens, paper..ETC..i wonder why..and finally when i start working I KNOW!

Becos they ill treat us , so we must get back what we "deserved" -.-'

Then my team leader overheard what Boss's boss said:"NO DND for THEM-->us, becos its first day of testing!"

We were like " WTF?", what do you call a COMPANY DND w/o allowing some of its dept employees to go.

Bibi suggest i write a email to Hai Ge and tell him that, the COMPANY dnd should be changed to Depts DND... -_-' But i thought it was a relatively good idea..LMAO..then bibi say if Hai ge disagrees, u can tender and make a Hoo Ha with Mr. Brown..let them advertise this MNC for free. I smile hearing this ^^

Mooncakes Galore~

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Ah girl this post is dedicated specially to you.
For the first time in my entire life, i ordered mooncakes via the staff offer of 25% discount for marriott hotel mooncakes..

This is for Ah girl's family : White Lotus Seed with single egg yolk

This is what my collegue ordered from Tung Lok, interesting packaging eh? Looks like imperial edict..LOL
The box cover has this fake string that cannot tie anything..wonder what its there for?

Boss decided to be a NICE person and treat us mooncakes, this is in short Chocolate with whisky cream in the centre:

My first order of mooncakes cost $100 T.T which many said was a splurge..where got..i bought 1 lotus paste for bibi's aunt family aka ah girl family, for bibi's family, for my family..How can i not buy for my own family -.-''

So order was: 1 lotus paste, 1 durian, 1 chocolate with whisky.
Each about 30++ bucks..bibi got to try durian and whisky cos we exchanged half so everyone can try abit of both AND this wenger called me insincere...ZZZZZZZZ

Some cat pics

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Last thurs, there was a Buy 5 get 1 FREE offer for whiskas cat food..so I took 12pcs, put in my basket..along came jon who thought it was a good offer too, and threw 6more into my basket..
TA DA~ We bought 18packets of cat food >.>

After a huge downpour, short tail was staring at me with my camera/handphone..she was resting on top of aircon to prevent getting wet. I know they aint the cutest cats around, but they are absolutely adorable when they rub against u.

Long tail aka short tail sis, tilting her ears cos she's trying to catch what the 2 girls are gossiping about beside her =.=