Ambushed by QA pple

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 Posted by YY on 1:56 PM

I wish i can struggle the two QAs in charge of taking screenshots for my module.
BLAH DEE HELL, they nv even start on it..5days before deadline say:"OH NO, we NO TIME..can u do it?" Then boss starts asking my team leader if i m available to do..


My own stuff haven done, u come and ask me to do this job which is not mine in the first place.
yes i know this project is T.E.A.M work..although i never saw a TEAM working on it -_-'

And some contradictory emails from boss's boss and boss's boss's boss.
Smaller boss says, please take all ur leave allocated for saturday's public hols.
Big Boss says, NO ONE allowed to take leave cos we are behind schedule.

This moustachy big boss only know KPKB, he know whats going on anot.
I really wish to tell hai ge wtf is going on in this 塞里死 , i bet he doesnt know that programmer analysts have become QAs too.. And where's my part of pay for doing their job???? ANSWER ME!

And today we got pwned by QA as usual, someone came up and told us there is SOME changes to be made to the documents..o fuck why did i OT yesterday only to redo the stuff today AGAIN?

Why dun they wait till testing day is tmr, then they come tell everyone to change smth? And everyone stays till wee hrs to make some changes to every single document out there.
CRAZY FOOLS..must u change smth that affects EVERYONE..
Really LJL..