Ended up in Eski Bar

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So we ended up in eski bar~and went off at abt 2am++ and sat by the UOB plaza to eat by the river..

Took some pics across the river..if u see smth that doesnt belong to the human world..don't tell me

Last pic, we went to fullerton to borrow the loo, but the guard told us its CLOSED!

Saturday MIA

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Finally i can post >.<>=0

Anyway, these are some pics from clarke quay

We were supposed to go to this pub called M.I.A (made in anfield) to watch soccer match on a saturday nite..and when we got there, it was really MIA(missing in action)..the whole pub vanished..including its retail shop.

Ha~ and we nearly applied for its yearly membership at 130sgd per annum..*heng ar*
If you have a membership with them, pls go CASE now.

If u are a male....

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Recently something happened in cyber space or rather thru a MMORPG ...
Story goes like this:

Boonie had a maple fren who gave him stuff like scrolls(expensive stuff) , and some cash items (in game stuff which u use sgd to buy).

This maple fren was getting irritating one night and he dared boonie to delete him from buddylist if boonie found him irritating..So boonie deleted this cad. Then now that cad is demanding that boonie returns him all the stuff he has given him last time..so on and so forth..

Just yesterday that cad flooded boonie's tag board with some stuff like..
boonie is a scammer..he scammed me of those items and deleted me from buddylist
AND he keeps on ranting and trying to shoot everyone that asks him to buzz off..

Come on lah, u call urself a working male at age 27 and u behave like a primary school kid..
Better hide urself in a hole..at age 27 still say a sec school kid scammed you..brainless

And this cad even claimed he himself is a child..yah he's a child trapped in an adult's body lmao

And whilst he's trying to waste time wrecking havoc on boonie's blog..

I m reminded of smth..if u are a male,
IF u break up with your gf, pls pls pls DO NOT ask for the presents to be given back..
like what diamond rings,bags,..those stuff..pls do not say.."now we have break up pls return me all those stuff i once given you"..it makes you look CHEAP..downright bastard k..

But if she owes you money, please do hound her..lol~

From boss

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Since we moved office last week and had a bbq on the same day~
Although many vanished in btwn the bbq.. Let's see what boss says via email

Email 1:

I would like to thank all staff who were involved one way or another in the move on ******. The team work should be applauded, and everthing was carried out like clockwork. We were able to complete the entire re-location way ahead of the planned schedule. Please keep up the goodwork and the spirit of co-operation for our next major milestone. I have no doubt that with the teamwork displayed last ****, we should be able to overcome any hurdles.

Lets move forward as one team to resolve any issues that may come our way, please do not suffer in silence, do bring up any issues that you are facing to your Leads or myself.

Wow i didnt know moving the few bags of papers and my barang accumulated over the few mths i work here will display TEAM WORK..
WEE~ However we had great fun shredding all those papers, right jonathon?

Email 2:

Total expenditure was $13xx.
The receipts are with me. You are welcome to have a look at the prices if you're keen to engage the same operator for your own function.

WOW so ex for that bbq and some pple fell sick and even LS after that..LS=laosai

Listen to the kitten

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If you want to listen to the kitten's growls when
1. We pat it while it ate cat food
2. When its gan ma tried to snatch its food.

Please msn me for the wav file.

According to dot(maple fren), her aussie domestic cat heard the wav file and he looked curious. Then he ran and hid behind a column, then went meow meow~
However after endless playing of the file, it had no reaction XD

**Note its NOT moaning k..its a kitten growling

A collage when there were 2 kittens(one has been ran over)

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More kitty pics from yesterday(21/8) Taken with N73

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MORE kitty pics (21-08-06 part 2)

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Eventful Saturday

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Decided to get my new hp sony K800i as there is a M1 roadshow going on.
Reached the event hall on lvl3 and hmm it was quite organised as compared to PC shows..i dun see any rowdy crowds.

A pretty sales promoter came to show me K800i..hmm camera is not bad..clear images when tested with words..And we decided to pop over to the nokia area..

Saw N73..seems to be targetting K800i as it has similar functionalities..
Disappointed when we tested the camera..it was fuzzy and its unclear..i cant see the words on the promotor's tee shirt back -.-

So i bought K800i, queued up , paid. And the cashier gave me 2 lucky draw coupons..Filled them up and drop them straight into the box..

yay buy le, we went to eat lunch at Bugis. The restaurant at opposite Bossini offers $11.80 to $13.80 set meals which includes
-Soup of the Day
-Dessert- 1 scoop ice cream

We had stir fry noodles($13.80 set) and roast chicken with spag ($11.80 Set), it all added up to about $15 per person..very worth it considering the quality of food was good..like swensens and we even changed to drink and top up and extra of $2, cos i wanted to drink the BIG milkshake.
Trust me it was really BIG~ and dessert was 1 scoop of haagen daaz *how to spell*

Overall: 8/10

I forget the restaurant's name..it has something like Tea Rosa in its name..anyway just look for one offering ALL-DAY set meals, its worth it for talks over lunch, bf-gf dinners.
Cheap and good.

Then we walked to Bugis Village to buy a crystal casing for my phone. Saw the first stall selling at $6..
I asked auntie, " Can cheaper?"
Auntie:" We sell alot of this one leh..okok la $5"
Me :"No lower?"
Auntie :"Cannot la~"
Me :"Ok lor"

Just then the phone rang,
Caller:"May i speak to Miss xxx?"
Caller:"You won the hourly lucky draw for a free 3G handphone, may i know if you are still around bugis area?"
Me:"Eh?? Eh yah..do i have to pay for the prize?"
Caller:"No, its a lucky draw and u won it"
Me:"Oo ok coming right now~"

Me and bibi looked at each other o.0 wee~ my K800i is free when we sell the prize
Believe it anot i had a premonition that i will win a prize in the lucky draw XD

Kitty tries cat food this morning (21/08/06)

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Munch munch~

Short tail feasts on her share..and went to disturb kitty when she finished hers..kitty gave out growling noises o.0 nv heard that sound before.

Picky cats left the sotong behind as it was too chewy

Long tail doesnt eat..duno why..it was near to snooze mode

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Kitty licking itself -->bathing after meal

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Kitten continues its meal..however smth strange happened

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Look even its nose was in the food *lol*

Strangely short tail went over to lick the kitten like it was its own! And long tail simply bo chap~

Strange licking process..normally short tail doesnt touch the kittens..or long tail will stare at her..unless short tail became the kitten's kai ma *god mother* over the wkend..

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Kitty Batch 1 (Part 10)

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Kitty Batch1 (part 9)

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Kitty Batch1 (Part 8)

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