HK Day 6,7 ( 7/11 - 8/11)

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Dad came to HK on 5th day night, and promised to take us to Macau next day..
Woke up at 8am+..went out to get tickets to Macau at about 11am..and **** the tickets were so out ! =( Next trip is 1pm+..wth! So no go lor..zzzzz~ So we went to The Peak, since K haven been there before.

Nice sky line~

At the Star Ferry Harbour, with dad~ Going to Central..

Famous buildings u see from HK movies..

Took a bus up the peak instead of the tram..scenary from window

This is what you call on Peak..and eek its a long and winding road to even get to the nearest convenience shop >_>'

Me outside of Peak Mall~

My pet lion -.- Handyplast on my thumb cos it got too dry and cracked..OUCH~

Look at the scenary behind us

Took a tram down The Peak and walked by this serene looking church..walkway.

Nice skyline again, look at old buildings with new modern ones..

Dinner with dad, such alot of stuff..One meal comes with a dish, soup and rice/porridge.

So ordered one bittergourd braised w roast pork+porridge+watercress soup, another set is fish claypot w nai bai veggie+porridge+watercress soup, and one beef horfun.

In the end, almost cannot

Bill is HK$ cheap >_<>

Last day, last minute shopping at mong kok but was quite frustrated zz~

Some snacks we had..this Siew Mai..duno what they put inside, looks like pork fat but doesnt taste like it. K suggests it may have been minced pork with prawn into a paste. K loves this dish..

And this is sharksfin soup, but no finny inside..starchy stuff..

To sum up my HK trip, all my expressions..which K made into his siggy.

1st one, is happy at the cafe during breakfast, 2nd is when my hair got messed up at The Peak, 3rd is while waiting for bus for 30min at Tai O, 4th when I was happily sipping my drink @ cat cafe, lastly act pitiful with puppy eyes on return flight cos bored la..act cute can?

HK Day 5 (6/11) - Shopping day~

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After the long day yesterday, today is dedicated to shopping..what's HK w/o shopping?

Breakfast is simple today: Milk tea with pineapple bun with butter (菠萝油>>like melon pan with butter slice inside)and cheong fun.

Taipo Train Station..this transport service is called KCR, different co. from the MTR.

Went to Shanghai street with high hopes of finding some cheap baking stuffs, but was disappointed =( Nonetheless, we walked and walked to look for lunch..turned into a corner and saw this cafe with tv, showing "Kindred Spirit"..O wow..old show~ We decided to rest our feet and order lunch. K ordered 牛杂面, and I ordered maggie mee + porkchop+ hotdog with egg in satay sauce.

Close up on the Beef Noodles, it tastes fantastic~ gd!

Lemon coke, look at the slices of lemon inside.

Satay sauce was not the same kind here in Singapore, its not peanutty..and tastes dam gd with instant noodles. If you think thats all..look at the next pic..*big portion*

2 sausages, 1 egg(3/4 cooked..slurp!), 1 pork chop(cooked to perfection), veggies + instant noodles. Ok i admit..i was slurping the noodles down and realised..SHIT..haben take pic zzz~ So i covered everything back and took the above, then the half eaten noodles below..=D

And the final bill = HKD47 => Less than S$10 for 2 persons.

Went to Tsim Sha Tsui -> Granville street and bought loads of stuff. But the one with all the goodies is K, he bought more than me =X ..How come ar???

Got so tired, i got kindda emo..and so Kristian *my other emo half* was out till..I had a dose of dessert @ 许留山。 My all time favourite is this 雪蛤膏, duno what issit called in English..BUT 许留山 is famous for Mango desserts, so K ordered this Mango dessert with coconut puree..


Mango ice cream, with mango pulp and coconut flesh..makes a wonderful dessert~

Was still feeling quite emo..until we ventured into the mall and saw 大快活 having steamboat sets for dinner and they opened till this late, with special offers after 9pm.Not much difference between sale/no sale price roughly HKD48 => Less than S$10

Background: Theres's the shopping bags and bought this figurine for K's fren..this KOF char called Mai, expensive girl which costs near S$100! O_O

The steamboat comes with soup (refillable ) we had chicken soup. This is the beef set, now let's focus on the ingredients.

Beef, veggies, fish cake, beancurd, tau kee, tau pok, chor bee hoon, mushroom, yellow pepper.

And it comes with a few sauces, up to u to decide how you want to mix this whole thingy to your own preference. Tell you, this is the first time I am eating steamboat in aircon restaurant area setting, and no shoving and pushing to fight for food.

Decided to make a bowl of chor been hoon, with beef and veggie..a pic of my own concoction

Closeup of the steamboat pot

We had 3 kinds of sauces, namely fried onion with chilli, plum sauce, soya sauce

More closeup on the bargain..

Pic below shows before eating~

Ate for about 1hr, went to take bus and saw some very nice flowers, they are REAL~ by the road @ Tsim Sha pretty!

Opposite the bus stop was this HUGE LV shop, with some HUGE u call this billboard?

Awesome~ feels like a huge LV box.