HK Day 6,7 ( 7/11 - 8/11)

Friday, January 25, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:48 PM

Dad came to HK on 5th day night, and promised to take us to Macau next day..
Woke up at 8am+..went out to get tickets to Macau at about 11am..and **** the tickets were so out ! =( Next trip is 1pm+..wth! So no go lor..zzzzz~ So we went to The Peak, since K haven been there before.

Nice sky line~

At the Star Ferry Harbour, with dad~ Going to Central..

Famous buildings u see from HK movies..

Took a bus up the peak instead of the tram..scenary from window

This is what you call on Peak..and eek its a long and winding road to even get to the nearest convenience shop >_>'

Me outside of Peak Mall~

My pet lion -.- Handyplast on my thumb cos it got too dry and cracked..OUCH~

Look at the scenary behind us

Took a tram down The Peak and walked by this serene looking church..walkway.

Nice skyline again, look at old buildings with new modern ones..

Dinner with dad, such alot of stuff..One meal comes with a dish, soup and rice/porridge.

So ordered one bittergourd braised w roast pork+porridge+watercress soup, another set is fish claypot w nai bai veggie+porridge+watercress soup, and one beef horfun.

In the end, almost cannot

Bill is HK$ cheap >_<>

Last day, last minute shopping at mong kok but was quite frustrated zz~

Some snacks we had..this Siew Mai..duno what they put inside, looks like pork fat but doesnt taste like it. K suggests it may have been minced pork with prawn into a paste. K loves this dish..

And this is sharksfin soup, but no finny inside..starchy stuff..

To sum up my HK trip, all my expressions..which K made into his siggy.

1st one, is happy at the cafe during breakfast, 2nd is when my hair got messed up at The Peak, 3rd is while waiting for bus for 30min at Tai O, 4th when I was happily sipping my drink @ cat cafe, lastly act pitiful with puppy eyes on return flight cos bored la..act cute can?