Menotti @ CityHall (15/11/07)

Saturday, February 02, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:54 PM

Sidenote: Finally finished blogging on my HK Trip which i was dam lazy to to rush to finish all backlog..zzzzz~

Went to Menotti restaurant @ CityHall, its near the taxi stand at Raffles City.
Quiet place, with little crowd(weekdays..but heard its crowded for weekends) but not burning a hole in your pocket.

Squid Ink pasta, guarantee to turn your lips/tongue black w/o black lipstick, perfect for those who love gothic makeup..this won't fade as u eat, but gets darker as u eat =.='

I ordered crab meat pasta, not bad.

Ciabatta bread

Dessert..hmm~ I cant rem the name, cos its eons ago >_>'

This is the stalk of vanilla pod from the dessert, K used his tongue to tie it into a knot.

Can you do this?

Total dmg: About $53 incl svc charge, GST.