PotLuck Gathering ( 08/12/07 )

Friday, February 08, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:51 PM

K organised this potluck gathering at his hse, and we were to present the following stuff:

* Basil Pesto (Bread dip)
* Walnut Pesto (Bread dip)
* Freshly baked Baguette
* Sesame dressing salad with roasted garlic,bacon bits

* White Wine Grape Jelly

In order to prepare these by noon on 8th Dec, we started working on white wine jelly on 7th Dec after work..zzz~

Ingredients are mainly one bottle of Chardonnay(white grape wine), several cans of soda water(non sweetened), gelatine and of course white grapes. We went to get cups and spoons specially for this "event" too..cups were so ex, about $2 each from NTUC..eeeeeeek!

Putting white grapes into the cups

After boiling Chardonnay, with some other ingredients* i forgot..cos it happened like 2 mths ago..zzz~*, pour into cups after cooled. We attempted to remove the skin off the grapes but it was a futile attempt..so left it as it was.

The process of pouring in the wine+soda water must be very very slow, so as to retain the bubbles inside. After cooled, put clear wrap over top of cup and refrigerate for at least 2hrs.

*8th Dec, came early to prepare some other stuffs..and K was rambling about this failed baguette he did yesterday..so we redo right on the very morning of the gathering..

Roasted garlic and bacon bits

Sesame salad dressing, after mixing al ingredients..remember to sieve it to remove sesame bits which can be quite disturbing to taste buds..

=> Smooth creamy mixture is obtained

K's walnut pesto, this pesto tastes alittle like TUNA. We first tried it in Pasta Brava and managed to remake something similar this time round~ Yummy..and we had a few queries from the guests on what it was.

Basil Pesto..green slimy lookin..but hey tastes great with bread!

Freshly baked baguette

The cuts on the bread was done using this razor blade, we imitated the design of
this and "developed" this..so much cheaper..as the blade was from pasar malam =D

Baguette is dusted with flour before baking..nice smelling bread served with pesto

There's K with my theory on greatest enjoyment of life is sitting around, sipping wine and enjoying some good bread. -_-''

Salad..tossed when lunch is about to start

Main course was Carbonara..nv take pic. OK now for desserts, closeup after it set/harden. Look at the bubbles inside..

I thought it was boiled so...no more alcohol content,and I ate one whole cup happily..suddenly my face turned so redd..like monkey's butt and I dozed off on the sofa right after lunch while everyone was lookin at tour pics..lol? Looks like I cannot drink.. =(