Cute cats and dogs i met in the past 3 mths (Dec 07 to Feb 08)

Sunday, February 17, 2008 Posted by YY on 5:25 PM

This post is dedicated to the cuties I have encountered recently... =D
This kitty is from Stirling Road area, at K's granny's hse..nice prints

Next, the brown kitty..very thin and it was sick during the dec monsoon season, kept sneezing and had watery eyes. We tried putting plastic sheets around it to give it more warmth..i was thinking we may suffocate it accidentally.. >_>''

X'mas gathering with ex colleagues, a colleague brought her fren along and each of them had a dog..kawaii Toy Poodle! I always thought it was a fake dog when I saw it in msn display pic..until one day I saw a pic of the dog snifing a sunflower..omg its real~

Do you know what this breed is? Its a chihuahua, never seen anything so pretty >.<

A tired dog, curled into a ball ball.

Looks on ernestly, shaking its tail~

We call this the Marsiling kitty, cos on a rainy day this cat appeared in the Marsiling mrt station.

So cute when it started rubba the pole dance..

This cat was spotted @ marsiling neighbourhood sleeping peacefully on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

This cat below is a killer..makes us super super "yoke-gan"..simply want to squeeze it! Suspected to be a maine coon, this breed is known to be big sized cats. Was on my way home to dinner, saw this kitty sleeping on its back..when I went over, it opened its eyes..saw no threat and continued sleeping >.<

Don't you feel contented lookin at them sometimes?