New Year Countdown Party @ my hse

Sunday, February 17, 2008 Posted by YY on 6:55 PM

Last day of Year 2007, my 3rd sis decided to org some gathering for count down *read cow dung* in our house. So K and I decided to contribute Beef Rendang.

Ingredients are:
* Coconut milk
* A1 Instant Curry Paste (Ok fine, we used INSTANT this time -_-)
* Beef (tell the seller, u want to cook rendang and they will know what to sell u)
* Onion
* Blue Ginger
* A can of tomato paste
* One tomato
* Ginger
* Galangal
* Fresh tumeric
* Shallots
* Lemon grass
* Kaffir lime leaves

Blend these stuff together

A1 BEST ONE..ah yes its very good, tasty~

1. Fry the blended stuff till fragrant
2. Then add A1 paste...fry a while

3. Add beef
4. Add water and half the amt of coconut milk

5. Simmer for 2 hours...then add remaining coconut milk and tomatoes and tomato paste

6. simmer for 30 more min

Turns out that the beef seems quite ok after 2.5hrs simmering, but got leftovers still -_-