Cooking Expedition: Black Pepper Crab

Sunday, March 02, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:05 AM

Decided to try out this new recipe published in U Magazine on Black Pepper crab.

Went all the way to Shop and Save and bought two crabs...strong and ferocious when they were loaded into red pail with some water.
Now, to start killing the crab..stab it in the pointed flap shown below. Its expected to die in a jiffy.

But freak, this crab did not die after 10mins..neither did his friend who's dying together with him!!

Crab 1

Crab 2

After some freaking long time ..while I squirmed away when all these murderous acts were taking place..they finally died --!

Washing the insides..EWwww!

Mess of bodies, hands, legs..did someone say toes?

Can't be having only crabs, so we had Nai Bai as well on the menu

1. Start frying crabs, firstly put in butter..let it melt

2. Put in pre-cooked grounded black pepper + white pepper(takes long time to fry this thing, and it basically turns the whole hse smoky..pungent peppery stuff)

3. Dump the crabbies in

4. Fry for about 8mins or so..depending on size of your crabs

5. Viola~ Its done! Never knew how those chefs arrange the hands and legs so nicely..we have major problems reassembling their body parts -.-' Prolly I duno their anatomy that well

Nai Bai with garlic

Overall rating:

Taste: Too spicy to combine white pepper and black pepper.Abit undercook..maybe 8-10mins will be better -> 6.5/10