4th Lesson : Sponge Cake

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Certificate of Accomplishment Wee~ Nice golden stamp there. Some students got the teacher to autograph the cert and some took pics with her..she must have felt like a celebrity hehe~

The 3 cakes for today, look pro mah? Finally recovered abit from swiss roll trauma... -_-''

Chef shared some stories as usual..one of them was about the amt of gelatine added to a cake she was demonstrating was too much, so the cake has this topping that tasted and stretched like chewing gum. So she took another cake out and told the class, "As the cake is baking in the oven I will give you all another cake to try."

One student stood up and said she wanted the cake baking in the oven to bring home as sample. S the teacher gave her. Next lesson, the female student stood up during class and said,"Ur cake I brought last week..you know i throw to my dog, MY DOG ALSO DON'T WANT TO EAT"

The chef was so embarassed, and goose pimples still pop up whenever she talks about it. It turns out that the student is another baker from elsewhere attending her class. But chef says as you get older, your skin gets thicker. So these things don't bother her anymore.

Another thing she talked about was the meaning of happiness. She said she spent a long time trying to find out whats happiness. In the end, she felt happiness is feeling contented with what you have. Like each mixer we are using in the class is different, some are more powerful some are not. If you can't even adapt to a machine, how can you adapt to life? So learn to adapt and make do with what you have.

3rd Cake : Black Forest Cake

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Gh's hands after applying cream, berry jam, chocolate paste to the 2 layers of the cake. (ABOVE)

Was damn pissed because of chocolate shavings tt we were supposed to put around the cake and on top was FINISHED BY KIASU singaporeans.. KNN~ u give school fees only, i never give issit? Why u all snatch all the shavings ma chiam your cake damn big need so much.. in the end, the chef's assistant took out some chocolate rice..DAMN~ chocolate rice DEGRADES my black forest..incidentally speaking, black forest is my fav cake..so i wanted something perfect..and sheesh~ these kiasu aunties snapped them all up before I got my hands on any..and so did the whipped cream..we had to scrap the sides of the pot to "generate" enuff cream to cover 2 cakes..ZZZ~

Not enough chocolate rice/shavings(we had to use what others had left boo!) and so I came up with the design of heart <3 instead of circle which most pple did. Had fun piping the whip cream that the berries are resting on.

Cross sectional view of the black forest

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2nd Cake : Corn Fudge Cake

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Above pic: After the corn cake got out of oven. Upon removal from mould(below)

Decoration tools like the coloring was jelly like, provided by chef. The yellow cream was put into a pipe and the chef demonstrated a sample design of 2 strawberries and some random patterns on the cake then we were given freehand to design with the same set of materials.

Gh started with the chocopaste to draw smth..but he started halfway and said,"Hmm~ what design to draw?" 0_0 So i took over, and tot for 1min..ok i draw a flower..its SIMPLE..yes i know LOL~

Then i was pondering on what to fill up for the centre of the flower and den~ gh suggested putting the cherry we had extra (w/o stalk). WOOT~ 起了画龙点睛的作用

Here's the end result..I know the 2 strawberries are disturbing..but den..where else can we put them? Maybe at the leaves? But put already got depression on the cream..forget it..let's live with it XD

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1st Cake - Pandan Kaya Cake

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This is our pandan cake, when cut in half(below) and when just cooked(above)

In order to make the checkered design in the cross sectional area, we had to cut the middle and put kaya..and blah blah blah~ so much kaya in there..eee~ me and gh dun like kaya -.-

U are now looking at the base of the cake~

Remains of the kaya in the pot, it washed off like agar agar o.O

The look of the cake after its inverted, looks jelly like eh?
Cross sectional area...chef says the checkered designs can only be seen when cut at another angle..o.O?

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So sorry for the UGLY pic above..that's GQ's beard ..saw him in NTU during the exam period and OH GOSH~ his "beard" looks dam disgusting man...below is bibi..for once, his beard is shorter den GQ's..BUT exams are over for them

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Baking Lesson 3 : Swiss Roll Cake

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Baking lesson 3 is on swiss rolls..I never knew swiss rolls were this hard to make. I felt like a headless fly -.-

Fiak we were the last to finish today..i wonder whats wrong with our limbs..slow reaction? Or are the others dam fast?

This is the chocolate cake..I think we are doing something wrong somewhere cos the tracing and the cake..is not supposed to produce this pattern -> streaks

This is the rainbow swiss roll..its over baked zzzzzzz~ Regarding the pink big patch there at the lower corner, its becos the pink batter leaked the moment GH cut the opening at the end..-_- So 0 pts for creativity as we were supposed to do slanted rows of different colors

This is the feather roll..the designs is made by the chocolate paste drawn across the cake, den use smth sharp and run down and up the tin.

Overbaked = cracking of the swiss roll.. so u see here is a failure pdt. In the backgrd is gh's hands trying to roll the swiss roll..XD

The chocolate piece was supposed to be rolled with this TIGER SKIN, tiger skin was over baked once again => it cracked too -_-' I duno WHY man.. This one gotta ask gh cos i put top rack in the oven, even i myself cannot see the tin. LOL~ I know i m a shortie -.-

After its rolled with the chocolate cake..hmm~ its edible when spread with cream + choco paste inside the swiss roll. Except the cake is abit chewy..=>overmixed

Failed pdts aww~ and wenger ask me to stick to making muffins RAWR~

There was this irritating AUNTIE in the team in front of us..she commented smth abt the design of our rainbow roll and told us ,"I THINK u all took TOO MUCH JAM"

Wtf? Shut ur trap u idiot, u mind ur cake, I mind my cake..*** Bibi says next time she opens her mouth we shld just look at each other and ask,"Which dog barking ar? So noisy!"

As usual the chef shared smth from her past experiences..she said there was once she was demostrating Banana Boat in her class. The cake is supposed to be banana mix with a cake base. She baked the cake base and was boasting abt how nice the cake was..when she took it out it sunk, sunk, shrunk into a flat pancake..she wondered why and then she saw a packet of flour that was untouched..OOPS~

She forgotten to put in flour into the cake, so it became a flourless cake! This trauma took weeks to recover and till now mentioning banana boat still results in goosebumps.

Beng Birthday Part 2 : Liquid Kitchen

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Since ong was joining us for drinks, and there was some big matches coming up. We decided to head somewhere near=> bukit timah liquid kitchen.

This time we are watching ANOTHER liverpool match once AGAIN~
Duno why everytime go pub with beng to watch match its always liverpool..

As usual, i had orange juice. Costs $5.90 T_T

The guys had Corona while playing da dee
I was looking fwd to beng ordering the drink called Blow Job so I can video the whole process down with my cam and post on you tube. But geez.. he not sporting one *hurmph* there goes one hot post on my blogspot.

Den bibi ordered Screw Driver - Vodka with orange juice. Surprisingly it tastes GOOD! No bitter alcohol taste..but it tasted like orange -.-

Ended the nite at 1plus and watched last moments of Man Utd drawing 1-1 with middlesbrough YAY~

Beng Birthday Celebration at Sakura Part 1

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This is Sakura Restaurant on Clementi Hill, its located on the hill top. We had to walk all the way up -_- after taking 10bucks of cab..wth -_-'''

This is wu and beng walking up..obviously I am behind cos i have short legs..cannot catch up

Ah I finally reached the top..now looking down..eek we walked so far for a buffet. Is this a ploy to get us all hungry before arriving?

After we got in, some waitress told us to go to the top to PAY first. ZZZ~
When we got to the top *3rd storey*, the counter staff said,"U nid to wait for abt 1 hr for seats unless you dun mind al fresco dining.."

HUH??? We never reserve seats ..so we have to wait 1 hr..and now the mosquitoes are having buffet before us, we are feeding them FAT..esp Beng..lol~

So we were getting impatient after 30mins, and beng said,"*** wait so long and feed moquitoes.. we will call this Sakura branch and book table for 10 person every weekend, see how they react.." Muahahah! Then bibi said,"Ok, den use my dad's number private one..they cannot track" XD

Suddenly the staff said there are seats for us at the 2nd storey, and they led the way there. So we were thinking if the malays actually understood chinese, so they quickly relented before receiving garbage reservations from us every wkend.

Sabotage ideas never fails to excite us~

Waited and waited for them to refill the sashimi..finally beng went to camp there and brought back 5/6 of the newly replenished batch...wahahaha..

Heng no one seat beside our table, else they must be thinking KNN, these pple take all the sashimi den we eat what?!

Heavenly durian puffs..it tastes like soft bread texture. Totally different from mine :X

Me and beng supposedly ate abt 20pcs of durian puffs.. ^^ its our fav. food

Another nice dessert is coco mochi. Mochi skin with fresh cream inside. And then rolled on grated coconut

Damn..~ Premature shisamo babies.. we had to use 2 out of 4 clips to get 2 pcs of PATHETIC shisamo

Overall the food is about 7/10 , because the international part of the buffet spread tastes like crap. And no nice prawns..cold unagi. Only consolation was the teppanyaki dory, sashimi, durian puffs, coco mochi.

Ambience: 6/10. Nice 3 storey building with the payment counter at 3rd storey, jap buffet at 2nd storey, international buffet at the 1st storey. Bloody hell climb up hill top + 3 storeys to pay and up down 1st and 2nd storey to get food.

Price wise $26 nett we had eaten to the value we paid for=> pretty ok. LOL~

My farewell + No. 33

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After so many farewells, its finally my turn to leave this dam place..my fare well at Fish & Co.

Can u see the diff btwn this dish and the next?

This is new york fish and chips and the above is BEST fish and chips

We cldn't tell the diff so we asked the waiter and hey he promptly identified which is which. And we finally knew WHY! Its the flag..eek the only diff is the flag.

Recently No. 33 has been the hottest number ard due to the shoot out in the Virginia University.
We shall see why I mention the no. 33 today..in the morning, we were talking abt no. 33 becos of this incident..and then...

Our table number is NUMBER 33! AND~ the total bill was $103.30 , another 33 o_O?

Eek talk abt coincidence -.-

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猫山王 Durian Puffs 20/4

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I know there's not much selling point in the looks department as we had no piping bags and nozzle to pipe in the durian so we resorted to butter knife..lol

Improvement in this batch: 7.5 / 10

Thanks to family members for always supporting my new "edible" creations.

Birthday muffins NOT for beng

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Come let's see the muffins i originally made for beng, BUT he went home becos got pple drive him home after exams, still say at nite den get from me. Ah forget it~ SO the cakes, I gave to bibi's aunt family to eat le.

Its a little overbaked or maybe I shld have tweaked the oven temp or upper/lower fires abit, cos afterall mine's not a commercial oven.

Cldn't find unsalted butter, so use salted SCS butter -> dun add salt in recipe.

End Result: