2nd Cake : Corn Fudge Cake

Sunday, April 29, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:24 PM

Above pic: After the corn cake got out of oven. Upon removal from mould(below)

Decoration tools like the coloring was jelly like, provided by chef. The yellow cream was put into a pipe and the chef demonstrated a sample design of 2 strawberries and some random patterns on the cake then we were given freehand to design with the same set of materials.

Gh started with the chocopaste to draw smth..but he started halfway and said,"Hmm~ what design to draw?" 0_0 So i took over, and tot for 1min..ok i draw a flower..its SIMPLE..yes i know LOL~

Then i was pondering on what to fill up for the centre of the flower and den~ gh suggested putting the cherry we had extra (w/o stalk). WOOT~ 起了画龙点睛的作用

Here's the end result..I know the 2 strawberries are disturbing..but den..where else can we put them? Maybe at the leaves? But put already got depression on the cream..forget it..let's live with it XD

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