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That day Colleage G (Gab) asked,"What do you think is a 好男人?"
Me : I think eh....its hard to define a 好男人 leh.. Women look at things in a "package" one..
Gab: Tio tio tio, last time my Sergeant tell me, gab.. women look at things hor in package one. Not like men so shallow look at looks only.
Me : LOL~ yah mah its true, its package one..XD

Just a few days ago, colleague K mentioned smth abt KTV during tea break..those with girls kind la..so he mentioned he was feeling quite disgusted about the environment and then
he said,"其实, 世界上是还有好男人的 ok..."
Me : *opened my eyes wide* Ahem, are you sure ..?!
K : Eh well..how about 这世界上是还有不错的男人的。。。
Me : Ehhhhhhhh....好男人hor, cannot define like that one..
*apparently i avoided answering the definition of a 好男人*
*Change topic quickly*

Thought about this topic again on my way home. Actually women apply the "package" idea to most stuff they do. For example on buying a pair of shoes, woman goes into shop and looks around. Sees a shoe that she thinks is quite nice and these thoughts will come into her mind:
- Does it match my clothes? If it doesn't match my clothes, I got to buy smth that matches it..
- Is the price alright?
- Is it worth buying?
...... many more factors..

If the woman has more time to spare, she will go from shop to shop to look around. If she has no time and must get that shoes asap, then the no. of factors considered drops drastically.

As such, the no. of factors to consider if a man is considered a 好男人 actually decreases with women's age.

Factors such as looks, height, $$, character, habits, growth potential, aspirations, etc.. some factors such as $, override the minus pts though -_-''

So 不出去混的男人不一定是个好男人, 但出去混confirm不是好男人 >.>

也有人说, 男人不坏, 女人不爱。 Women will probably like a 坏男人, but not consider seriously to marry one. 其实,是坏男人根本没结婚的念头吧 , 所以女人也没可能嫁个坏男人。


Blog is dead?

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No updates in the recent days cos I dun wanna use co. comp to login and well..i dun have a camera phone with me 24/7 anymore ! :'(

Let's update abt the week, there's nuttin spectacular though..zz I think w/o complains and saucy gossips/emails the blog is tat too dry eh..getting boring.

1.) Great beng ang seafood from Rong Guang @ Alexendra Village
5 dishes comprising of Stingray, Sotong, Kangkong, Crayfish, Lalat
Total dmg: $57. I tot Gq was picking up the tab, den duno why i tio arrow to pay bill...
ZZzzz~ I got so gd to scam ma??!!

The week passed by w/o much surprise..On friday went to Maple Sea's 2nd Anniversary event.

This thing is a piece of crap, wasting space, oxygen, resources. Games tt kindergarten/pri sch children wld play. Older abit , stand dere also xia suay..zz Dropped our lucky draw coupons and left.

Saturday went for some quality dim sum @ crystal jade. And bibi ordered this mango juice w/o ice. WTF..it costs $8!!! What fiaking golden mango did they use???

*** total dmg = $62 T_T I pay again la..

Went to jap market to find a machine tt makes jap pancakes, cannot find. Saw the dark pitted berries, but den..i hadn't planned to make any BIG black forrest such tt i require such a big can of berries. So i make orange cake instead ba.

Wanted to buy shoes, no time. So went to cut hair, and hmm bibi says theres no diff despite alot of hair FELL~

On the way back, saw nice scenery..bibi took this:

And I took this..zz i know his one nicer hmpf..

Sunday, went home for dinner..wee~ Papa cooks gd stuff, got fish got crab..YUMMY!

Made orange chiffon cake after dinner..but den it seems abit moist..and tt fiaking oven once again too small for my cakes tt have been rising to the top.

It means I must change my oven asap. :(

Thats all for the boring week. See you next week same time same channel.

*or maybe not cos i going genting ^^ *

Orientation Part 2 + Gathering

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Basically I have been MIA cos I slept thru my last weekend and during that week I was at orientation part 2.

I must say it was pretty fun and we had this personality test, which revealed I am a SOCIALISER. If u know me well enuff, sry I am not a socialiser. I blame it on the lack of breakfast and diarrhoea. But then again, when I took MBTI 10 yrs ago, it revealed I was a 20points extroverte and 10pts introverte.

A colleague said,"You must be an extroverte in your sub conscious!" -.-'
*"O RLY?"*

But the orientation was pretty fun becos of the FUN pple. And got to know a few more pple, if it was the previous me, I guess I won't be going up to pple to talk to them.

But anyway, orientation has ended and I was back to work this week. Some orientation friends added me to msger.

Yesterday smth funny + stupid happened. Here's how it goes, last friday I was asking ard about systems dept so a few pple gathered and gave their input on what they think of that dept.

This week I clean forgotten about it, until yesterday evening, a msn msg popped up.
XXX : "Hihi"
Me : "Hihi" *feverishly searches for that person on Pple Finder on intranet, cos i duno who it was -.-'*
*Ok, found it. Its the guy in my grp on last friday*
XXX : "That day you asked that qns abt that dept, the guy coming in is your bf ar?"
Me : "Haha Yeap."

-----------------------------End of conversation --------------------------------

The conversation ended. Yeap it did, just like that. =D

Ok back to last weekend, I was supposed to attend this sec sch BBQ @ a classmate's hse. BUT THEN, i told the organiser, "sry I am not free to attend."

So there they were celebrating their 11th yr of friendship, and me lazing around in front of the TV set at home totally bo chap. See what I mean, I am not an extroverte. I am uninterested in attending a BBQ with some pple I hardly know. Yes hardly, sorry its not the first time I mention this. I don't get along well with girls. I don't shop with girl cliques nor bitch ard with them.
So I didnt keep in contact with those pri and sec frens *i was in girls sch all the way until I went JC*

I am sorry if you are reading this and you jovially celebrated the 11th yr of frenship last saturday while I was at home. Just forget I am in the class k, nvm it doesn't really bother you and me, I know. =P

After the gathering, apparently there was some email to follow up on the pics and contact list. Oh I saw some malay classmates got married. Why's everyone talking about marrying and looking around for flats? Not that I am not pro marriage, but its not in the schedule at the moment @ this age, time, moment.

Mahjong Marathon

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Since bibi's parents are outta town, we organised another mj marathon. To join, u must be able to play from 2/6 evening to 3/6 evening ^^ And bring a substitute for urself, in case u get too drowsy in the nite.

1.) Bibi (host) & me(sub)
2.) Yeyi & Brenda(sub)
3.) Gh & Elaine(sub)
4.) GQ & no sub

We kept teasing GQ, everyone sub already why are you still here??? Being suaned everytime, until he himself repeated the same sentence..wahaha~

A good opportunity to have steam boat and try out some new recipes. Went to shop & save @ 10+am..lousy market, no hersey chocolate sauce, no salt..no this no that.. BAH~

We had crab sticks, pork slices, pork balls, sotong balls, big cabbage (lotsa them), prawns, chicken slices, CP wanton..smth like that. Soup was made with ikan bilis + yellow soya beans + pork ribs.

The steamboat for 4 person:

The portion bought proved to be too much for 4 persons..heng during midnight yeyi, brenda, and GQ finished some off. Else goodness knows for how long we have to continue eating those crab sticks/meat balls -_-'

Specially bought 2 mangoes and a box of strawberries to try out with the new crepe recipe. But the recipe is nt good enough..either its my pan or its smth zzz..its nt what i had expected like those in marche'

The mahjong marathon continues....as of this moment