Blog is dead?

Sunday, June 24, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:01 PM

No updates in the recent days cos I dun wanna use co. comp to login and well..i dun have a camera phone with me 24/7 anymore ! :'(

Let's update abt the week, there's nuttin spectacular though..zz I think w/o complains and saucy gossips/emails the blog is tat too dry eh..getting boring.

1.) Great beng ang seafood from Rong Guang @ Alexendra Village
5 dishes comprising of Stingray, Sotong, Kangkong, Crayfish, Lalat
Total dmg: $57. I tot Gq was picking up the tab, den duno why i tio arrow to pay bill...
ZZzzz~ I got so gd to scam ma??!!

The week passed by w/o much surprise..On friday went to Maple Sea's 2nd Anniversary event.

This thing is a piece of crap, wasting space, oxygen, resources. Games tt kindergarten/pri sch children wld play. Older abit , stand dere also xia suay..zz Dropped our lucky draw coupons and left.

Saturday went for some quality dim sum @ crystal jade. And bibi ordered this mango juice w/o ice. costs $8!!! What fiaking golden mango did they use???

*** total dmg = $62 T_T I pay again la..

Went to jap market to find a machine tt makes jap pancakes, cannot find. Saw the dark pitted berries, but den..i hadn't planned to make any BIG black forrest such tt i require such a big can of berries. So i make orange cake instead ba.

Wanted to buy shoes, no time. So went to cut hair, and hmm bibi says theres no diff despite alot of hair FELL~

On the way back, saw nice scenery..bibi took this:

And I took this..zz i know his one nicer hmpf..

Sunday, went home for dinner..wee~ Papa cooks gd stuff, got fish got crab..YUMMY!

Made orange chiffon cake after dinner..but den it seems abit moist..and tt fiaking oven once again too small for my cakes tt have been rising to the top.

It means I must change my oven asap. :(

Thats all for the boring week. See you next week same time same channel.

*or maybe not cos i going genting ^^ *