End of Year 2006 : Last Haircut for the year

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Went to Auntie Annie's to get a haircut with ks. We are both dyeing and cutting our hair.

Ks is dyeing hair for the first time..hehehehe
Before :

Yes that was me with chubby cheeks at 6pm in my office before going to meet ks for anniversary. Dot here's the pic u wanted to see, disappointing eh?!

In progress:

I tried to discreetly take a pic of myself hmm..its hard -.-

Final Product:

Ks complains he wants dark bronze but they don't have such color..hmm dye is not obvious on his black hair..my color was this ashy blonde, but i wanted it darker so I can find a new job w/o looking like a cao ah lian *lol*

End Of Year 2006 - Last movie for this year

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Met up with wu, beng as usual, along with ks to watch "A night at the museum" at The Cathay cinema on friday. Its the first time we are going there though it has been renovated sometime ago.

They had futuristic looking lift..does it remind you of The Matrix?

The couch area, hmm the design with something protruding in the middle..seems..hmm~

You can oversee the entire city view from this area.

Out of date xmas tree in pink, its already 29th Dec, the tree is still here.. Nice pink tree~

Movie goodies, food at The Cathay taste MUCH MUCH better den those at GV i tell you..

Jumbo Hotdog with bread at $4.80 abit steep but it taste GD. Popcorn + softdrink (lover's combo) at 5bucks ++.

Movie: Night at the museum -- 4/5

I love the part on the cowboy, putting the roman "to death" and the museum in charge didnt find it amusing at all... Go watch it if you haven!

End of Year 2006 - Learning to be a woman

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During the past few days, I had attempted to learn how to be a woman.

Beng and Wu obviously think there is something wrong when a female does not own many pairs of shoes, according to them, women love going into shoe shops and coming out with at least a pair of shoes in their shopping trips..

Well, honestly speaking I own 2 heels and 1 flip flop. Flip flop..used to go everywhere during weekends and fridays unless I m wearing a short skirt. If I match flip flop with short skirt, it makes me look short.. -.-' Heels, for work and special occasions.. thats all.

My shoes are boring..yes I know, I wanna get some lovely shoes too but den~ I m darn choosy when it comes to shoes, first design, second color,den price. Most shoes usually don't go past the first stage =_='

Upon hearing there was some cheap shoes for sale, i marched to beauty world on a friday early noon, hoping to catch some worms..yikes~ the shop hasn't opened..zzz so I waited till 1pm, while waiting, I saw this: cute moosey >.>

And there, these are what I bought. But shiet, one of the pair in white(3rd from left) is for my sis, cos there aint my size BOO HOO~ All four pairs of shoes costs $45 in total..wee~

Xmas Holidays : - Movie "marathon"

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During the wkend, wu, beng, ks and me went to watch sneak preview of Death Note 2 and The curse of the golden flower.

Thank you beng for getting the tickets for us.*Actually he lives near the mall..tt's y XD *

Death Note 2:

I had expected something else for the ending..o well its quite surprising o.0?
But i wished Kira killed that L instead. O yes i m for the evil forces.

If you have been reading my blog, you probably know i wished i had a death note too and i would write that bloody bitches/ testers etc into that book. But reassure, the righteous side is still in control. Even if i had death note, the book would be clean ok? So no danger for lives of those idiots zzzz -_-''

The curse of the golden flower:

The ending came unexpectedly..lmao...and the joke of the day was that prince on the far left..trying to revolt with 8 guards.. XD -.-'

I must say the deco of the palace with those colorful glass/plastic was very nice...

I hesitated watching this movie at first..as you already know most chinese movies arent worth the $8 to watch..BUT beng says...he wanna see BOOBS wor..ok lor, so we went to watch..hehehe

It was literally a sea of chrysanthemums and a sea of boobs in the movie.. =.=' i wonder how many corsets they bursted?? o.o

Rating: 3.8/5 , 0.2 marks minus for the strange untimely ending

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year~

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Xmas is here once again, I dun have the habit of celebrating xmas since I got into Uni or rather since I outgrown buying those cutesy stuff for my sisters or what not.

So if you didnt receive any xmas gifts from me, its definitely normal. I wld like to thank collegues for the gifts. Thank U!

Friday was a slack day, we had lunch till 2pm plus..hehe den a collegue bought mango, persimon*how to spell* and jack fruit, and mochi mochi *japanese muah chee with ice cream*

So earlier on in the noon we had pple from HR singing xmas carols in our office..zzz Being in HR is not easy nowadays u know~

At 4pm plus, I went to visit kitty and fed her. Cutie pie..but somehow I cant get an angle that can snap both of us -.-'

Since 2007 is coming soon, there's a need to evaluate the present and set goals for the future..

The present:

It has been a lousy year with lotsa LITTLE pple around..bah~ And I was suspecting my blood pressure has increased with those dumbo emails floating around my inbox..heng the health report came back saying "Keep up with your healthy lifestyle and diet"

Bwhahaha i haven exercised for long since there was no PE in JC when i was 18..oops it has been 6 yrs since i had regular exercise..=.='

New goals for yr 2007

  1. I will get a dumb bells of 1.5kg to tone my arms
  2. I will get my roller blades and start blading to tone my legs
  3. I will learn to cook/bake some new stuff
  4. I will try and be less explosive with my temper * this is challenging at work*
  5. I will try to carry kitty in my arms ^^ * I may nid to mask myself to prevent scratches from kitty*
  6. I will change my hairstyle *Jon keeps saying I have been sporting the same style zzz*
  7. I shall march nearer to my goal
  8. I shall save more $ so I can get to my goal/our 10k tour europe plan sooner
  9. I shall find myself a new job
  10. Hmm last goal..I shall...love all my family/bibi/frens more.

Co. IR 5

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There's this cheena guy in the office that irritates us badly..last friday, we had to virtually BEG him to provide us with a program that adds some days to a date ( we tot it was not available).

My team leader had to prepare a xmas gift for him, and this cheena man replied,"Oh actually the function is done already, but just haven release." With that, he happily got his gift leaving us feeling irritated..We had to bribed+beg him into providing us with smth that he was supposed to do.

Ranting again

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Past weeks I had been at battle with this blah dee tester..but well, ceased fire I do not have the energy to post and bother abt him BAH!

Although he sat 1 seat away in the train yesterday evening, I swore if there was someone carrying soup or sharp object, I would have stretch my leg out and tripped that guy so he would have landed on that tester...HEHE~ *evil grin*

This coming saturday, I was planning to go dye my hair black with dark purple *think Sailor Mars's hairs* BUT FOOK...the management ask us to ALL GO DOWN ON A SATURDAY 2PM ONWARDS to go test something..*** waste one whole wkend lor

2pm onwards..minimum OT 3hrs..finish already 5pm ***

These pple need a get-a-life coupon, seriously!

Flame of passion extinguished....

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Recently I went on an interview..
The post applied for: Software Engr.

Seriously speaking, I had no intention of being a software Engineer or Engineer of any sort or so to speak..

I knew the company was a small enterprise looking for pple who have the passion and mind for solving problems..I knew I had none of them.

So he gave me a test..problem qns:
Given an array of size 99 , numbers 1 to 100 put into the array. 1 number will be missing from the array. How do u find the missing number?

I tried to find my way around the qns..but shit i got it wrong..with some variables..but heck, he asked how do u improve ur solution? That i totally had no answer for..

Actually what he wanted was : First sort the array, den compare element i with element i+1. When the difference is not 1, the number in the middle must be the missing number.

This is called problem solving..and he said,"Maybe your passion is not in coding..blah blah blah"
Okok, I know i should not have mentioned during the interview, my real interest in life was not being an IT engineer. But for once, I wanted to tell a future employer the TRUTH..

In my current job, during the interview boss(read bitch) asked me,"Where do u think u will be in 5 years time?"

So being taught to answer this qns..i answered,"I should be doing less coding and being involved in project management"

Ah fiak..this is not my intention in life. It has never been.

Before asking me why on earth did i take the Computer Engineering course in Uni..well, it has always been what I wanted to study since I was in secondary school when i first made my HTML webby for my idol (back then).

When in JC, i took the combi of physics, further mathematics C, mathematics C, Economics to qualify for entry to Computer Engineering course *though i dropped econs later cos it wasnt needed* .. All along the way, I never regretted taking Comp Engr..although it proved to be very mind taxing on the electronics/hardware module ..yes i have lousy physics knowledge..and i cant analyse circuits fast enuff in that 2.5hrs of exams.. Well I loved maths though. Industry attachement was enjoyable, and I thought..maybe being a web developer is pretty fun and challenging too =.=

Till I graduated..and ended up in this shietty project..my flame has been extinguished..
I no longer wanna be a comp engr....

I want to learn to make pastry, desserts and open my cafe.

Anniversary At MoonFish Seafood Restaurant

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Had dinner at Marina Square's MoonFish Seafood Restaurant...

Starter: Seafood Platter . Not bad, calamari was nice

Ice cappaucino and italian sunset

Baked crayfish with cheese and pasta

Chicken and Lobster. Lobster is as small as crayfish =.=

My present : Mokozi from Action City. Most comfortable cushion I ever hugged. But wait..no i think bibi is the most comfortable cushion followed by mokozi.. XD

Next went to watch movies at CineLeisure..mood ruined by carpark slot searching..Sleepy and tired while watching Mo4 Gong1 by Andy Lau.


Movie was nice, food was nice, fresh. But price at MoonFish for the above fare was $67 i had a 10% discount for using UOB debit card..but its too pricey. I could have been eating something else with 67bucks man.

Happy 6th Anniversary ~

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Some kitty pics

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Kitty hides here in the morning when the cleaner is around...

Fish & Co.

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赛里死 is the only place whereby pple celebrate when they are leaving the company XD
Yesterday 6 of us went to celebrate a collegue's farewell at Marine Parade Branch of Fish & Co.

Nice Bar counter yea?

Nice furnishing, glass doors/windows

But aww we had no cushion seats..

Lunch time had this "Treat for 2" offer which was very good.
1 Appetiser (a list)
2 Drinks (only 3 choices -.-)
2 Main courses (a list)

Each person around 15 bucks or so.

We had "the best Fish & Chips" ,

And fish nuggests as appetizer..its pretty good.

Overall rating : 3.8 / 5