Ranting again

Thursday, December 14, 2006 Posted by YY on 11:57 AM

Past weeks I had been at battle with this blah dee tester..but well, ceased fire I do not have the energy to post and bother abt him BAH!

Although he sat 1 seat away in the train yesterday evening, I swore if there was someone carrying soup or sharp object, I would have stretch my leg out and tripped that guy so he would have landed on that tester...HEHE~ *evil grin*

This coming saturday, I was planning to go dye my hair black with dark purple *think Sailor Mars's hairs* BUT FOOK...the management ask us to ALL GO DOWN ON A SATURDAY 2PM ONWARDS to go test something..*** waste one whole wkend lor

2pm onwards..minimum OT 3hrs..finish already 5pm ***

These pple need a get-a-life coupon, seriously!