Flame of passion extinguished....

Thursday, December 14, 2006 Posted by YY on 11:34 AM

Recently I went on an interview..
The post applied for: Software Engr.

Seriously speaking, I had no intention of being a software Engineer or Engineer of any sort or so to speak..

I knew the company was a small enterprise looking for pple who have the passion and mind for solving problems..I knew I had none of them.

So he gave me a test..problem qns:
Given an array of size 99 , numbers 1 to 100 put into the array. 1 number will be missing from the array. How do u find the missing number?

I tried to find my way around the qns..but shit i got it wrong..with some variables..but heck, he asked how do u improve ur solution? That i totally had no answer for..

Actually what he wanted was : First sort the array, den compare element i with element i+1. When the difference is not 1, the number in the middle must be the missing number.

This is called problem solving..and he said,"Maybe your passion is not in coding..blah blah blah"
Okok, I know i should not have mentioned during the interview, my real interest in life was not being an IT engineer. But for once, I wanted to tell a future employer the TRUTH..

In my current job, during the interview boss(read bitch) asked me,"Where do u think u will be in 5 years time?"

So being taught to answer this qns..i answered,"I should be doing less coding and being involved in project management"

Ah fiak..this is not my intention in life. It has never been.

Before asking me why on earth did i take the Computer Engineering course in Uni..well, it has always been what I wanted to study since I was in secondary school when i first made my HTML webby for my idol (back then).

When in JC, i took the combi of physics, further mathematics C, mathematics C, Economics to qualify for entry to Computer Engineering course *though i dropped econs later cos it wasnt needed* .. All along the way, I never regretted taking Comp Engr..although it proved to be very mind taxing on the electronics/hardware module ..yes i have lousy physics knowledge..and i cant analyse circuits fast enuff in that 2.5hrs of exams.. Well I loved maths though. Industry attachement was enjoyable, and I thought..maybe being a web developer is pretty fun and challenging too =.=

Till I graduated..and ended up in this shietty project..my flame has been extinguished..
I no longer wanna be a comp engr....

I want to learn to make pastry, desserts and open my cafe.


Comment by Jerry on 7:50 AM

Regarding that array question, dun feel too sad, his answer also a bit stupid. Sorting takes quite a bit of processing power compared to addition. If it was me, I would just add all the numbers in the array together and subtract that from (1+100)*50. Then I know which number missing liao mah... His maths CMI la, still need code to solve this problem... =.="