End of Year 2006 - Learning to be a woman

Sunday, December 31, 2006 Posted by YY on 1:33 AM

During the past few days, I had attempted to learn how to be a woman.

Beng and Wu obviously think there is something wrong when a female does not own many pairs of shoes, according to them, women love going into shoe shops and coming out with at least a pair of shoes in their shopping trips..

Well, honestly speaking I own 2 heels and 1 flip flop. Flip flop..used to go everywhere during weekends and fridays unless I m wearing a short skirt. If I match flip flop with short skirt, it makes me look short.. -.-' Heels, for work and special occasions.. thats all.

My shoes are boring..yes I know, I wanna get some lovely shoes too but den~ I m darn choosy when it comes to shoes, first design, second color,den price. Most shoes usually don't go past the first stage =_='

Upon hearing there was some cheap shoes for sale, i marched to beauty world on a friday early noon, hoping to catch some worms..yikes~ the shop hasn't opened..zzz so I waited till 1pm, while waiting, I saw this: cute moosey >.>

And there, these are what I bought. But shiet, one of the pair in white(3rd from left) is for my sis, cos there aint my size BOO HOO~ All four pairs of shoes costs $45 in total..wee~