End Of Year 2006 - Last movie for this year

Sunday, December 31, 2006 Posted by YY on 1:50 AM

Met up with wu, beng as usual, along with ks to watch "A night at the museum" at The Cathay cinema on friday. Its the first time we are going there though it has been renovated sometime ago.

They had futuristic looking lift..does it remind you of The Matrix?

The couch area, hmm the design with something protruding in the middle..seems..hmm~

You can oversee the entire city view from this area.

Out of date xmas tree in pink, its already 29th Dec, the tree is still here.. Nice pink tree~

Movie goodies, food at The Cathay taste MUCH MUCH better den those at GV i tell you..

Jumbo Hotdog with bread at $4.80 abit steep but it taste GD. Popcorn + softdrink (lover's combo) at 5bucks ++.

Movie: Night at the museum -- 4/5

I love the part on the cowboy, putting the roman "to death" and the museum in charge didnt find it amusing at all... Go watch it if you haven!