Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year~

Sunday, December 24, 2006 Posted by YY on 1:25 AM

Xmas is here once again, I dun have the habit of celebrating xmas since I got into Uni or rather since I outgrown buying those cutesy stuff for my sisters or what not.

So if you didnt receive any xmas gifts from me, its definitely normal. I wld like to thank collegues for the gifts. Thank U!

Friday was a slack day, we had lunch till 2pm plus..hehe den a collegue bought mango, persimon*how to spell* and jack fruit, and mochi mochi *japanese muah chee with ice cream*

So earlier on in the noon we had pple from HR singing xmas carols in our office..zzz Being in HR is not easy nowadays u know~

At 4pm plus, I went to visit kitty and fed her. Cutie pie..but somehow I cant get an angle that can snap both of us -.-'

Since 2007 is coming soon, there's a need to evaluate the present and set goals for the future..

The present:

It has been a lousy year with lotsa LITTLE pple around..bah~ And I was suspecting my blood pressure has increased with those dumbo emails floating around my inbox..heng the health report came back saying "Keep up with your healthy lifestyle and diet"

Bwhahaha i haven exercised for long since there was no PE in JC when i was 18..oops it has been 6 yrs since i had regular exercise..=.='

New goals for yr 2007

  1. I will get a dumb bells of 1.5kg to tone my arms
  2. I will get my roller blades and start blading to tone my legs
  3. I will learn to cook/bake some new stuff
  4. I will try and be less explosive with my temper * this is challenging at work*
  5. I will try to carry kitty in my arms ^^ * I may nid to mask myself to prevent scratches from kitty*
  6. I will change my hairstyle *Jon keeps saying I have been sporting the same style zzz*
  7. I shall march nearer to my goal
  8. I shall save more $ so I can get to my goal/our 10k tour europe plan sooner
  9. I shall find myself a new job
  10. Hmm last goal..I all my family/bibi/frens more.