Orientation Part 2 + Gathering

Friday, June 15, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:16 AM

Basically I have been MIA cos I slept thru my last weekend and during that week I was at orientation part 2.

I must say it was pretty fun and we had this personality test, which revealed I am a SOCIALISER. If u know me well enuff, sry I am not a socialiser. I blame it on the lack of breakfast and diarrhoea. But then again, when I took MBTI 10 yrs ago, it revealed I was a 20points extroverte and 10pts introverte.

A colleague said,"You must be an extroverte in your sub conscious!" -.-'
*"O RLY?"*

But the orientation was pretty fun becos of the FUN pple. And got to know a few more pple, if it was the previous me, I guess I won't be going up to pple to talk to them.

But anyway, orientation has ended and I was back to work this week. Some orientation friends added me to msger.

Yesterday smth funny + stupid happened. Here's how it goes, last friday I was asking ard about systems dept so a few pple gathered and gave their input on what they think of that dept.

This week I clean forgotten about it, until yesterday evening, a msn msg popped up.
XXX : "Hihi"
Me : "Hihi" *feverishly searches for that person on Pple Finder on intranet, cos i duno who it was -.-'*
*Ok, found it. Its the guy in my grp on last friday*
XXX : "That day you asked that qns abt that dept, the guy coming in is your bf ar?"
Me : "Haha Yeap."

-----------------------------End of conversation --------------------------------

The conversation ended. Yeap it did, just like that. =D

Ok back to last weekend, I was supposed to attend this sec sch BBQ @ a classmate's hse. BUT THEN, i told the organiser, "sry I am not free to attend."

So there they were celebrating their 11th yr of friendship, and me lazing around in front of the TV set at home totally bo chap. See what I mean, I am not an extroverte. I am uninterested in attending a BBQ with some pple I hardly know. Yes hardly, sorry its not the first time I mention this. I don't get along well with girls. I don't shop with girl cliques nor bitch ard with them.
So I didnt keep in contact with those pri and sec frens *i was in girls sch all the way until I went JC*

I am sorry if you are reading this and you jovially celebrated the 11th yr of frenship last saturday while I was at home. Just forget I am in the class k, nvm it doesn't really bother you and me, I know. =P

After the gathering, apparently there was some email to follow up on the pics and contact list. Oh I saw some malay classmates got married. Why's everyone talking about marrying and looking around for flats? Not that I am not pro marriage, but its not in the schedule at the moment @ this age, time, moment.