3rd Cake : Black Forest Cake

Sunday, April 29, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:28 PM

Gh's hands after applying cream, berry jam, chocolate paste to the 2 layers of the cake. (ABOVE)

Was damn pissed because of chocolate shavings tt we were supposed to put around the cake and on top was FINISHED BY KIASU singaporeans.. KNN~ u give school fees only, i never give issit? Why u all snatch all the shavings ma chiam your cake damn big need so much.. in the end, the chef's assistant took out some chocolate rice..DAMN~ chocolate rice DEGRADES my black forest..incidentally speaking, black forest is my fav cake..so i wanted something perfect..and sheesh~ these kiasu aunties snapped them all up before I got my hands on any..and so did the whipped cream..we had to scrap the sides of the pot to "generate" enuff cream to cover 2 cakes..ZZZ~

Not enough chocolate rice/shavings(we had to use what others had left boo!) and so I came up with the design of heart <3 instead of circle which most pple did. Had fun piping the whip cream that the berries are resting on.

Cross sectional view of the black forest

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