4th Lesson : Sponge Cake

Monday, April 30, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:32 AM

Certificate of Accomplishment Wee~ Nice golden stamp there. Some students got the teacher to autograph the cert and some took pics with her..she must have felt like a celebrity hehe~

The 3 cakes for today, look pro mah? Finally recovered abit from swiss roll trauma... -_-''

Chef shared some stories as usual..one of them was about the amt of gelatine added to a cake she was demonstrating was too much, so the cake has this topping that tasted and stretched like chewing gum. So she took another cake out and told the class, "As the cake is baking in the oven I will give you all another cake to try."

One student stood up and said she wanted the cake baking in the oven to bring home as sample. S the teacher gave her. Next lesson, the female student stood up during class and said,"Ur cake I brought last week..you know i throw to my dog, MY DOG ALSO DON'T WANT TO EAT"

The chef was so embarassed, and goose pimples still pop up whenever she talks about it. It turns out that the student is another baker from elsewhere attending her class. But chef says as you get older, your skin gets thicker. So these things don't bother her anymore.

Another thing she talked about was the meaning of happiness. She said she spent a long time trying to find out whats happiness. In the end, she felt happiness is feeling contented with what you have. Like each mixer we are using in the class is different, some are more powerful some are not. If you can't even adapt to a machine, how can you adapt to life? So learn to adapt and make do with what you have.