My farewell + No. 33

Sunday, April 22, 2007 Posted by YY on 3:17 AM

After so many farewells, its finally my turn to leave this dam fare well at Fish & Co.

Can u see the diff btwn this dish and the next?

This is new york fish and chips and the above is BEST fish and chips

We cldn't tell the diff so we asked the waiter and hey he promptly identified which is which. And we finally knew WHY! Its the flag..eek the only diff is the flag.

Recently No. 33 has been the hottest number ard due to the shoot out in the Virginia University.
We shall see why I mention the no. 33 the morning, we were talking abt no. 33 becos of this incident..and then...

Our table number is NUMBER 33! AND~ the total bill was $103.30 , another 33 o_O?

Eek talk abt coincidence -.-

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