Beng Birthday Celebration at Sakura Part 1

Sunday, April 22, 2007 Posted by YY on 3:23 AM

This is Sakura Restaurant on Clementi Hill, its located on the hill top. We had to walk all the way up -_- after taking 10bucks of cab..wth -_-'''

This is wu and beng walking up..obviously I am behind cos i have short legs..cannot catch up

Ah I finally reached the looking down..eek we walked so far for a buffet. Is this a ploy to get us all hungry before arriving?

After we got in, some waitress told us to go to the top to PAY first. ZZZ~
When we got to the top *3rd storey*, the counter staff said,"U nid to wait for abt 1 hr for seats unless you dun mind al fresco dining.."

HUH??? We never reserve seats we have to wait 1 hr..and now the mosquitoes are having buffet before us, we are feeding them FAT..esp

So we were getting impatient after 30mins, and beng said,"*** wait so long and feed moquitoes.. we will call this Sakura branch and book table for 10 person every weekend, see how they react.." Muahahah! Then bibi said,"Ok, den use my dad's number private one..they cannot track" XD

Suddenly the staff said there are seats for us at the 2nd storey, and they led the way there. So we were thinking if the malays actually understood chinese, so they quickly relented before receiving garbage reservations from us every wkend.

Sabotage ideas never fails to excite us~

Waited and waited for them to refill the sashimi..finally beng went to camp there and brought back 5/6 of the newly replenished batch...wahahaha..

Heng no one seat beside our table, else they must be thinking KNN, these pple take all the sashimi den we eat what?!

Heavenly durian tastes like soft bread texture. Totally different from mine :X

Me and beng supposedly ate abt 20pcs of durian puffs.. ^^ its our fav. food

Another nice dessert is coco mochi. Mochi skin with fresh cream inside. And then rolled on grated coconut

Damn..~ Premature shisamo babies.. we had to use 2 out of 4 clips to get 2 pcs of PATHETIC shisamo

Overall the food is about 7/10 , because the international part of the buffet spread tastes like crap. And no nice prawns..cold unagi. Only consolation was the teppanyaki dory, sashimi, durian puffs, coco mochi.

Ambience: 6/10. Nice 3 storey building with the payment counter at 3rd storey, jap buffet at 2nd storey, international buffet at the 1st storey. Bloody hell climb up hill top + 3 storeys to pay and up down 1st and 2nd storey to get food.

Price wise $26 nett we had eaten to the value we paid for=> pretty ok. LOL~