Beng Birthday Part 2 : Liquid Kitchen

Monday, April 23, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:18 AM

Since ong was joining us for drinks, and there was some big matches coming up. We decided to head somewhere near=> bukit timah liquid kitchen.

This time we are watching ANOTHER liverpool match once AGAIN~
Duno why everytime go pub with beng to watch match its always liverpool..

As usual, i had orange juice. Costs $5.90 T_T

The guys had Corona while playing da dee
I was looking fwd to beng ordering the drink called Blow Job so I can video the whole process down with my cam and post on you tube. But geez.. he not sporting one *hurmph* there goes one hot post on my blogspot.

Den bibi ordered Screw Driver - Vodka with orange juice. Surprisingly it tastes GOOD! No bitter alcohol taste..but it tasted like orange -.-

Ended the nite at 1plus and watched last moments of Man Utd drawing 1-1 with middlesbrough YAY~