Baking Lesson 3 : Swiss Roll Cake

Monday, April 23, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:35 AM

Baking lesson 3 is on swiss rolls..I never knew swiss rolls were this hard to make. I felt like a headless fly -.-

Fiak we were the last to finish today..i wonder whats wrong with our limbs..slow reaction? Or are the others dam fast?

This is the chocolate cake..I think we are doing something wrong somewhere cos the tracing and the not supposed to produce this pattern -> streaks

This is the rainbow swiss roll..its over baked zzzzzzz~ Regarding the pink big patch there at the lower corner, its becos the pink batter leaked the moment GH cut the opening at the end..-_- So 0 pts for creativity as we were supposed to do slanted rows of different colors

This is the feather roll..the designs is made by the chocolate paste drawn across the cake, den use smth sharp and run down and up the tin.

Overbaked = cracking of the swiss roll.. so u see here is a failure pdt. In the backgrd is gh's hands trying to roll the swiss roll..XD

The chocolate piece was supposed to be rolled with this TIGER SKIN, tiger skin was over baked once again => it cracked too -_-' I duno WHY man.. This one gotta ask gh cos i put top rack in the oven, even i myself cannot see the tin. LOL~ I know i m a shortie -.-

After its rolled with the chocolate cake..hmm~ its edible when spread with cream + choco paste inside the swiss roll. Except the cake is abit chewy..=>overmixed

Failed pdts aww~ and wenger ask me to stick to making muffins RAWR~

There was this irritating AUNTIE in the team in front of us..she commented smth abt the design of our rainbow roll and told us ,"I THINK u all took TOO MUCH JAM"

Wtf? Shut ur trap u idiot, u mind ur cake, I mind my cake..*** Bibi says next time she opens her mouth we shld just look at each other and ask,"Which dog barking ar? So noisy!"

As usual the chef shared smth from her past experiences..she said there was once she was demostrating Banana Boat in her class. The cake is supposed to be banana mix with a cake base. She baked the cake base and was boasting abt how nice the cake was..when she took it out it sunk, sunk, shrunk into a flat pancake..she wondered why and then she saw a packet of flour that was untouched..OOPS~

She forgotten to put in flour into the cake, so it became a flourless cake! This trauma took weeks to recover and till now mentioning banana boat still results in goosebumps.