Sentosa Outing (20/01/08)

Monday, March 03, 2008 Posted by YY on 8:27 PM

One month ago, I logged on Staff Services and booked myself a staff pass for complimentary entry to Sentosa and discounts for rides.Woke up not really that bright and early lol~ and went to K's favourite chicken feet hor fun stall located @ Stirling Road area, enclosed by HDB blocks.

By the time I took this pic, i had taken slurps of the hor fun already XDD Its great stuff, there's ginseng roots inside the gravy! And most of all, the chicken feet is almost near to the melt in your mouth texture~ slurrp~

Went to Vivo after the satisfying lunch, free entry WEE~

Dropped off at Siloso Beach Station, and we started queueing for this thing called LUGE. Something like go karting but its not so far la..So to take the luge ride, you have to go take this sky ride to the top of the hill, from there you chiong down.

Took sky ride + luge combo for $5 per person, yay staff discount ROX!!

Overview of the Sky Ride

Going up up and away~

O wow, the sky is getting dark >.<

Woot! This far from the ground..i imagine falling down and smack right into the tarmac floor..>.>''

Nearing the peak of the ride

See the 2 black things hanging on the chair? Thats the luge we are riding later..ingenious idea of having tourists go uphill, at the same time bring the luges up.

After we got down, and took our helmets, and starting queueing AGAIN~ -_- See the luges arriving..

LUGE!! Over in less than 10mins from top of hill to bottom..eeee~

Wanted to go home liaoz, cos there's nuttin to see in Sentosa. Then this K wanted to visit we walked a LONG LONG LONG way with lotsa 冤枉路 and finally arrived expensive -_-' $16 per person.

Dam bored to take this..and worse is..I have motion sickness!! Wanted to puke after that..

Just like this merlion..puke...-_-

Posing for a 'monster' pic..passing by tourists must have of us as Chinese Nationals -.-'

After this it started drizzling, and we headed back to Vivocity. Just two tourists attraction visited..K was ranting its not enough, but but but..there's nothing to see!